Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The sock moster returns

Did you know that the sock monster had been on vacation? I think he went to the Isle of Sockaroo. Well it appears he is back because look what I found when I went outside this morning. Not only had he taken my favorite tug toy, but my Moozle bone, my twist bone and a pair of dads socks!!!!! If that wasn't bad enough - he left them outside ALL night long in the rain!!!! Mom says she is going to have serious words with the sock monster when she finds him...but at least he doesn't chew the socks - he just likes to take them outside. Personally I think he just can't stand the smell of Dad's stinky feet BOL In other news I must say I am enjoying this noice cold weather we are having - except for one thing and that is the wind. It is now blowing right in my doggie door so mom has had to put the lock on it to stop it from flapping which means I am back to having to ring the bell to go out again and WAITING for mom to come open the door. I don't think doggie doors should ever be locked, no matter how much the cold wind blows through them.


  1. What a shame that your bones got all wet, Reilly!
    We wish we had a doggie door like you do so we could go in and out as we please! It must be nice!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey Reilly - if the sock monster is responsible for taking all that stuff outside, how come you look so guilty in the photo? :)

  3. Hi Reilly
    We don't have a doggie door!! That sounds like such a cool idea - we agree the colder weather is much better for us dogs.
    Now this sock monster is hard to catch. We know he sometimes comes to Scotland and leaves our stuffies outside.
    Let us know if your mom catches him cos he should get a good telling off!!
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  4. hmmm...the sock monster must be somehow related to Katie cause she is always stealing her Dad's socks from the laundry room and hiding them in the living room!

    Hope your bones and stuff dry out, and that you catch that sock monster soon!

    It's very windy here this morning as well. Katie got freaked out by the garbage cans blowing around so we came back inside. I wish she had a doggie door too!

  5. We just had a Sock Monkey here for a while! But Jet took him out back and pulled all his stuffing out. :p But I think he was sneaky, too. What's it with the sock dudes?

    I like cool too, but not rain!


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