Monday, April 20, 2015

We will be back soon

Today the moving company will arrive to pack up all our stuff and tomorrow we will be on our way to Florida. We pick up the keys to our new house on Friday so we won't  have any internet for a few days (unless we can use it at the hotel) Please keep your paws crossed for the Dweeb and send him LOTS of calming vibes - he has never stayed at a hotel before and all this change is going to really freak him out.  Mom consulted with our vet and worked out a slightly higher dose of his "chill pills" to help him through this next week.  We think as soon as we are in our new house and he has his familiar things around him he will settle down again. As for me - I am an old paw at staying at hotels so they don't bother.  Dad has this week off so it will be like a mini vacation for all of us and it will give us a chance to explore our new surroundings and find out where everything is. We hope we will be able to share some photos of our adventures along the way but if not - we will catch up with everyone in a week or so.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One thing we wont miss!

Mom says there is one thing we wont miss about living in Arkansas and that is the GIANT Mosquitosaurus Rex'es  - truly those things are so big they can drain a pint of blood in 1.3 seconds flat! We were surprised when we went through the woods today that they are already out in full force and they even had us shaking our heads as they buzzed around our ears.

Now we have heard Mosquito's can be pretty bad in Florida too but we are hoping their sting doesn't hurt like the ones here do - Mom has a really bad reaction to them and always had to use so much bug spray just to go outside.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Denny

Today is the Den Den's 4th birthday - he is still our weird scared little dude but we love him so much and even though everything scares him he is also the sweetest and cuddliest little guy (but cat like - he only likes cuddles when he wants them). He's a doggie that lives by a routine and seems to have an inbuilt alarm clock - 6.00am on the dot is whinge whine for breakfast, 3.30 pm is whinge whine for dinner. 5.30 and 7.30pm  is whinge whine for Daddy cuddles and 9.00pm is whinge whine for bed time cookie. He doesn't like change and knows if something is even a few inches out of it's normal place. He is without a doubt our special little boy - Happy Birthday sweet little Denny Whenny :).

Friday, April 17, 2015

YOWIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 little Yowies
So there was Mom at the grocery store  - she had gone to buy some packing boxes and was waiting in line to check out when she happened to glance at the candy display (you know - the ones that always try to tempt you while you wait !!!!) Well Mom suddenly did a double take and couldn't believe her eyes - right there in front of her was a box of YOWIES.

Now you are probably thinking - what the dog is a Yowie? Well they are something Mom to use to buy all the time when she lived back home in Australia - they are kind of like a chocolate egg (or a Kinder Surprise) with a little collectable inside. Mom picked one up to check it really was a Yowie and before you could blink - she grabbed the entire box!!!

Now Mom is a great believer in 'signs'  those little clues in life that tell us we are on the right path and she took finding these as a sign. Not only did she find the Yowies - she also noticed they are distributed here in the USA by a company in St Augustine, Florida - a town Mom loves and it is only half an hour from where we will be living and if that wasn't enough - the first one she opened had a wombat inside it!!! (They contain endangered animals from all over the world).

Oh - we should explain about the Yowie  - it is one of several names given to a mythical hominid creature reputed to live in the Australian wilderness. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal mythology. 
No fun Mom - we can't eat these!
Cracking open the chocolate Yowie
What the DOG is that !
It's a wombat!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Mom says we only have a few more days here - the moving company will arrive on Monday and by Wednesday we will be on our way to Florida. We had been hoping to spend some quality time at MY parks but alas it has decided to rain most of this week. In between showers we have been able to sneak in some short walkies and I am leaving LOTS of pee mail with instructions for other doggies about how to look after MY parks.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Musing on Monday

We know some of you had trouble finding ME in the photo - so here I am. Mom says I gave her a scare when she turned around and couldn't see me but I always come when she calls and she laughed when  my head popped up from behind the little hill.

Many of you also asked about Mrs Goose and whether she gets hot up on that tin roof. We have noticed that every year she builds a nest up there while it is cool but her 'real nest' where she lays her eggs and hatches her babies is one a little island in the middle of the lake. Last year she had 5 little ones and Mr Goose does an excellent job of protecting them.

And finally we can share a picture of our new home in Florida. Mom loves the bright cheerful color and we love the big backyard - we can't wait to get there and check it out for ourselves. We are hoping to move the last week of April. And yes - it does have a pond behind it but there have never been any gators in it and it is actually a closed off pond so there is no way for gators to get in it. Dad says when he went to see the house that he did see some Geese on the pond - we will have no trouble telling them just who's pond it is when we get there :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can you find Reilly?

Can you find the Reilly in this picture :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

What a silly Goose

Every year for the past four years this lady goose has made her nest on the roof of this lookout but maybe she isn't such a silly Goose as look how well she blends in with the tree branches that has collected on it. Can you see her hiding in there?

Friday, April 10, 2015 Review - The FURminator Brush

10 th of April 2015

Today thanks to - the best and most well known online pet food, treats and goodies store we are reviewing the new FURminator dual sided brush

Here are the basics
A well groomed pet is a happy, healthy pet. But, there are many reasons that frequent visits to your pet stylist aren't always possible. With FURminator's new line of professional quality grooming tools, you can get near professional results at home. The FURminator is currently on sale at for $9.94

Key Benefits of the FURminator Brush
  • Helps remove mats, tangles and loose hair
  • Features a pin brush on one side and bristle brush on the other
  • Pin brush works on long coated dogs
  • Nylon bristle brush is an excellent all round brush that can be used on almost any coat type
  • Removes debris from short coated dogs
  • Finishes the coat and creates a natural shine for long coats
  • Designed to follow the natural contours of pet's head and body

Our Review - The Positives and Negatives
  • The handle was very good - it gave excellent ergonomic grip and control
  • Sadly we didn't find this particular brush very useful for our type of thick double coated long fur.
  • It didn't go through our coats
  • It didn't remove much hair
  • The cover was a very poor design and wouldn't click or stay together
  • Mr Reilly didn't like the feel of this brush at all

We will have to give this only a 1 paw rating for the ergonomic designed handle - it just didn't work for us.

Disclaimer sent us a  FURminator dual sided brush  in return for an honest review. We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is purely our own.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

All too real

The "For Sale" sign went up in our yard on Monday and the papers are all signed for the real estate agent to list our house - suddenly it became so very real - we are moving. Last night we even had our first showing! It is bitter sweet to say the least as this is the first house Mom has ever owned and it is a beautiful house but Mom says she doesn't want to ever own a house again as it is such a lot of work when you want to move.  Our other good news is we have a house to rent in Florida - Dad put in application on Monday and we found out today we got approved - it is only about a 12 minute drive from the beach and the 447 acres Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Time for adventuring to begin

It is getting warm enough that we can do some adventuring and the first coarse of action is to do my 'after winter' check on all MY parks. Today we headed off to my small walkway in the tree tops park. Even though this is a small park it has a wonderful trail through the woods and hardly anyone ever goes there so we can use our 'invisible' leashes. As you can see the trees are starting to get their green leaves and the grass is starting to turn green too - all of which makes Mom so happy. We are just happy that there are lots of wonderful smells. The fourth picture shows the look out - we have often climbed to the top to check out the view but there is not much to see except for rice paddies for miles and miles (we are in a big rice growing area and this area is home to Riceland rice)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blessings on Easter

Mom PROMISED we wouldn't have to wear any silly bunny ears - but she said photo shop didn't count - so not cool MOM! We wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Simpliefied Saturday

We have been very busy this past week getting ready for our move to Florida. Dogervising is such hard work - laying there watching while Mom cleans, vacuums, sweeps, washes and so on. Painting was the hardest though - we need a good chew bone to keep our energy up while Mom did that. Phew - a pups work is never done!!!!  And then just when we thought we would have the weekend to relax we had to dogervise while Mom and Dad loaded up MY van with more trash. So far we have taken TEN loads of trash to the landfill plus 3 loads to Goodwill. Mom keeps talking about the opportunity to 'downsize' and keeping only what we need - she even sold all her craft stuff and says the only thing she will be doing in the future is maybe painting occasionally.  Thankfully our mornings have been nice and sunny though so Mom has been taking us to the park to get some nice fresh air so we can be ready for more dogervising in the afternoon - here I am doing some relaxing deep breathing by the lake - breath in - breath out - breath in - breath out - relaaaaaaxxxxx.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thank you to the Scottie boys

We are sending a big thank you to Dui, Stewie and Ranger for the gifties we won on their birthday celebration. Dui's Mom sent us goodies all the way from Australia that included a bag of Crocodile bones, and a sugar glider possum toy plus she sent Mom some red frog candies and a chocolate Bilby. In Australia they celebrate with the Australian Bilby rather than a rabbit as rabbits were an introduced species that have caused massive amounts of ecological damage to the land. Thank you guys - you are the best.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Storms

April around our area tends to be a stormy time - we get the warm air coming from the south meeting up with cooler air from the north and they combine right over our State. For the past couple of days we have had warm sunny mornings in the 70's and then cloudy stormy afternoon with lots of rain, thunder and lightening. Yesterday we even had a hail storm which sadly pulverized all our pretty spring flowers. The good news is we only got dime/nickle sized hail - some parts of our state to the west of us got baseball sized hail!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring In MY Garden

Our garden is blooming with hyacinths and daffodils - the hyacinths smell wonderful in the warm sunshine.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

We can officially say Spring has spring around our area - the magnolias, the pink cherry trees and the Bradford pears are all in flower. The grass is starting to turn green and the other trees are covered in buds. The best part though is that we have 70 degree temps for the last couple of days and that means lots of walkies. Mom has just about finished with the packing and has been busy doing some patch up work and painting. We hope to be about to move within the next 4 weeks. Next week Dad is going to be looking at some houses and then it just a matter of getting the movers in and away we go.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

The Mom hasn't been sleeping to well this past week - she says her mind in constantly buzzing with all the things she needs to get done - but - there is one good thing about getting up so early and that is when you get to see  a beautiful sunrise. Not only that - but all the birdies are back - we haven't heard them all winter but now every morning their singing wakes us up to a wonderful dawn chorus.  Sadly just after we got back from our walk it started raining and it is going to rain for the rest of day.