Monday, September 15, 2014 Review - Primal Lamb Lung Crisps

15 September 2014

Today thanks to we are reviewing Primal Lamb Lung Crisps Dry Roasted Dog Treats.Now Primal is a wonderful company - based here in the USA and using only USA or New Zealand products. They make a huge selection of flavors so there has to be something for every doggie (and kittie)

You can check outs Primal's Web Page to see their awesome variety of snackable treats and don't forget that has the best prices on them.

Here's the Basics

Primal Lamb Lung Crisps Dry Roasted Dog Treats, 1.5-oz bag - $6.50 (on special) at

The Primal Pet Foods treat line was created for dogs and cats with the goal of providing wholesome, human-grade snacks containing no preservatives, gluten or grain. All Primal Treats are produced using USDA meats, poultry and game raised in the United States and New Zealand without antibiotics or added hormones and are available in a variety of cooking styles, as well as protein sources including venison, buffalo, turkey and chicken. Primal Treats are produced using low-temperature, slow-cooking techniques such as freeze-drying and slow roasting, yielding high-density nutrition in a shelf-stable snack product. All Primal Treats are single-source proteins and offer a healthy choice for all pets, especially those with food allergies. Primal treats are recommended to be used as a snack alternative, as well as for training and obedience rewards.
Let me at them!
Enough with the posing!

Key Benefits
  • Lamb raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Single-source protein
  • Healthy treats for dogs
  • High-protein snack
  • No preservatives
  • Grain and gluten free
  • No added salt or sugar

Taste Test
  • What can we say - totally pawsome! Now we just happen to love Lamb and this is one crunchy, tasty yummy snack.
Seriously - this is torture you know!
I'll just try a little nibble first

    • Lamb Lung - that is it - just one simple ingredient and NOTHING else added

    Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
    • Not a one from us - these were totally perfect size as well as being crunchy and delicious

    Definitely an 8 out of 8 paw rating (yes - even the dweeb got to vote  because he loved them)

    Disclaimer : sent us a packet of  Primal Lamb Lung Crisps Dry Roasted Dog Treats in return for an honest review. We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way apart from the bag of treats to test and our opinion is purely our own.

    Sunday, September 14, 2014

    The Mystery Picnic - Part 3

    After all our exploring and investigative work we had worked up quite an appetite and Mom had a super duper surprise for us - she had made ME us a wonderful picnic lunch. Gosh - there was 2 slices of  Fresh Pet, Sea Jerky which is yummy chunks of fish skin and some cheese filled doggie cookies. We also had a bowl of spring water with some nice cold ice cubes in it. And check out  our beautiful picnic rug.

    Okay Mom - we have sat nicely long enough -  I going in - watch the slobber fly - FOOOOOOOD. Can you believe Dweeb didn't eat ANY! He is such a Dweeb he won't eat or drink when we are out. Mom packed his back up in the cooler and he had it later when we got home. Not me - I gobbled it down as fast I could - no way was my picnic going back in the cooler.

    Mom said we had to work off our lunch so after packing up we did a lap around the lake. Gosh - we had the most wonderful day and picnic :) Thanks Mom - you are the best.

    Saturday, September 13, 2014

    A Mystery Picnic - Part 2

    After checking out the Scott Family Cemetery we headed down a path through the woods that led to the Black River. It was here that the Scott Ferry originally crossed. Mom said the woods had a wonderful eerie feel to it - hmmmm we think it was just all the mosquitoes buzzing around and the cicadas making their almost deafening cicada sound. The shade was very welcome though as it was starting to get quite warm.

    On we went - the intrepid little explorers we are - until we came to the Black river - which actually looked rather green  :) We did some research and found the Black River was so named because of the black sand found along the banks ......I guess we must be color blind because it sure looked like good old ordinary mud colored to us ! Can you believe Mom tried getting us to put our feet in the water to cool off - "Not likely woman" we both said!

    After seeing the river we headed up into the archeological site. Now in past visits there had just been some signs on the grass to indicate where buildings once stood and you really had no visual concept of what they looked like. But now they have built the buildings frames to indicate the size and shape of them. They have used a special kind of iron which rusts to a lovely reddish brown color. So far they have done the post office and the court house. Mom was talking to the park ranger and she was saying they have plans to build some more. I liked the park ranger a lot - she gave me some pawsome ear scratches and said what a boooootiful boy I was. Dweeb of coarse was trying his best to be invisible behind Mom's legs. Come back tomorrow and see our awesome picnic - we were sure ready for it as we had worked up quite an appetite!

    A little about Davidsonville - There is evidence that the site was occupied by French colonists prior to the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Archeologists have discovered evidence of Native American use of the site as early as 4,000 BC. The 1822 courthouse was apparently built on top of an Indian mound which was built before 1,100 AD. Davidsonville was founded in 1815 and rapidly became the most important town in northeast Arkansas Territory, but was abandoned by the 1830s. The community served as a river port town on the west bank of the Black River, near the confluence of the Spring River and Eleven Point River with the Black River. The town was on important stop on the Southwest Trail and featured several important frontier establishments. In 1817 the first post office of Arkansas Territory opened in the town, followed in 1820 by the first federal land office of the territory. In 1822, the first courthouse of Arkansas Territory was built in Davidsonville

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    A Mystery Picnic - Part 1

    We went to one of MY far away parks yesterday for a picnic and were surprised to see that MY staff have been making some changes. There are some nice new signs to point the way and to show your what is there. We decided to follow the Scott Cemetery Trail which of coarse comes out the Scott Family Cemetery. Now many many many years ago the Scott family settled the little town of Davidsonville (now why they didn't call it Scottsville we will never know!) Anyhoo - Davidsonville was built on the Black River and the Scotts family ran the one and only ferry across it. In another turn of events - no one really knows what happened to Davidsonville - it and the people that lived there just seemed to have disappeared one day. It is now an archeological site and they have found the foundations of the buildings and it was an extremely well set out little town. It was built with the town hall in the middle and all the other buildings were built in a perfect grid around it.

    Sadly, there are only a few graves stones in the cemetery - just flat rocks really and the writing has mostly worn off them but there is this one that remains. It is Mary (1846-1893) and Jon Coxs (1849-1895) (not sure why they are buried in the Scott cemetery - perhaps Mary was a Scott before she married Jon) and they share this one head stone - each buried on opposite sides of it. We must admit there was a something very sniff worthy around this headstone. The only other headstone we could read was this one of Bell Scott who sadly died at the age of of 20 (1908-1928). Mom said she was very proud of us for being respectful in the cemetery - we sniffed around a bit but didn't pee anywhere. Tomorrow we will show you the Black river and some of the new things they have done at the archeological site.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Never Forget 9/11

    None of us will EVER forget all the lives lost, the heroes during and after and the innocence lost

    By Maria Vassallo
    Bravest hearts of purest courage
    In the fear and in the flames
    Noble heroes to be honoured
    In our memories carve their names

    Who could run into such danger
    When life's sweet and love is true
    Who could die to save a stranger
    Who could live as heroes do?

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    Dog Days Of Summer

    Come join us on a walk through the tree tops - we are thinking of Greta who fought so hard but left for the rainbow bridge this morning - please visit her peeps and leave some love for them. You will be missed sweet little girl.

    Monday, September 8, 2014

    Simple photo tips

    We often get asked how Mom takes such nice photos so SHE is going to share some tips. We tried stopping this post as the last thing we want is our buddies suffering more flashy beast torture but alas Mom and the bribe of a bully stick each won out.  Now first off - NO we don't  have any fancy kind of camera - just a little Canon Elph 300 - the point and shoot kind. Mom loves it because it fits in her pocket and is super light.  Mom did buy a fancy camera last week - but it had a faulty on off switch so it is being returned and she didn't really like the quality of the photos.

    Oh coarse Mom used this post as an excuse to take even MORE photos. Now getting pictures of the Dweeb actually facing the camera is NEVER easy as he is constantly worrying and looking all around him .....convinced that there are monsters or scary things just waiting to get him. In this photo he was upset because the rope on a nearby flag pole was flapping and making strange noises. So here are Moms tips.

    1. Always get down at the dogs level to take the photo - taking photos standing above them tend to distort their size. Being at their eye level you also get them looking at you - not up to you
    2. I use 'special' words to get their attention not treats. Words they love like walkies, car ride, cookie and where's dad are their favorites - it always makes their ears perk up and their eyes sparkle. I found treats actually distracts them to much and Reilly slobbers when he sees treats - sssshhhh don't tell him I told you that :)
    3. Look at your background - nothing worse then taking a great photo only to find a trash can or electric wires in the background
    4. Take photos on bright sunny days but in the shade - the shade stops them from squinting and it is bright enough to get good color
    5. If you have it - set your camera to "continuous burst" where it takes multiple photos as long as you hold the button down. We often take 10 photos to get just 1 good one.

    6. Find 'props' to use, like a log, bench, rock etc - it puts the dogs at a different level and adds interest to your photos. 
    7. Stay calm and relaxed - dogs pick up on your vibes so chill and they will relax too.

    Sunday, September 7, 2014

    Seeing cowspots !

    It's a cowspot miniature donkey - and Mom has fallen in love with him, she says it reminds of her some doggie - you can all ewwwww and aaaahhhh now. Look at him him kicking up his heels - that is one happy little guy. Mom has added it to her "one day if I had a farm" list :) Yeah - I could see myself chasing that little dude around :) :)

    Saturday, September 6, 2014

    Benny's Hugs & Kisses Pawty

    September 6 is  the second annual Hugs and Kisses Pawty in memory of Benny.  Now we are not big huggers  - in fact Mom usually has to get us in a death lock to get us close (as you can see from the pics) but for Benny we endured this torture. Now many of you remark how nice our photos are but today we also included some weren't so great :) PPPssssss we also got revenge on Mom - over the last few month the hair at her temples has turned white - she will look like us in no time!
    The Death Hug of Love - This is Torture Mom !
    Take 1 -  Smoochies for Mom from Denny
    Take 2 - We can see the treats over there Mom !!!!

    Friday, September 5, 2014

    Ring Ding A Ling!

    I have been teaching Mom a new trick - to come when I ring the a bell and give me treats :) I am also making her do some exercise now by hiding the bell - then I go and find it (so she has to move it again) I ring it and she gives me another treat. And she thinks she is training ME !!!!

    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Getting in Mom's Face

    Mom's are always pushing those flashy beast boxes in our faces but today we turned the tables on ours and decided to get in her face!

    Now you might not of noticed this but we don't often stand in our photos (I do this this to annoy Mom - the moment she says 'wait' I nearly always lay down bbbawaaahh) but today with those pesky ducks lurking in the background we were ready to give chase at a moments notice.

    So YES - we stood there nicely for a whole 1.3 seconds, then I stealthily moved in on Mom  which forced her to bunny hop backwards because my nose was almost on the lens..........then Dweeb moved in forcing her to bunny hop backwards again only this time she lost her balance and ended up flat on her butt - dang I wish I had a doggie cam - it was priceless. Revenge is sweet - oh did we mention the grass was really wet too bawwaaahhhh :) :)

    Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    The Dieter's Garden

    We are not sure what happened this year - our veggies plants all grew so well but we just didn't seem to get any veggies. Mom says it is a dieter's veggies garden - the kind you can't over eat from. Here is our one and only cantaloupe - it grew to this size in just a couple of days and has now stopped growing. Now of coarse our apples and blueberries did okay and we did get some nice cabbages - but literally overnight the bugs ate right through them so we only got to try one.

    Next we have MY strawberries - we have plants growing everywhere and this is our crop - 4 strawberries! That is not going to make the strawberry shortcake Dad loves so much! And our green beans - there is 2 of them - how darn sad is that!

    Lastly - MY beefsteak tomato - we had one HUGE tomato on it back in May and then nothing until yesterday when picked all these little tiny tomatoes off the same plant - Mom is calling them lilliputian beefsteak tomatoes. Now before you asked, yes the plants got lots of organic fertilizer (which we must say stinks wonderfully), water, sunshine etc - we can only think it was the cooler than normal summer that worked against us. Slim pickins indeed in our garden this year!

    Monday, September 1, 2014

    When the mist rolls in

    We had the most pawsome walk yesterday morning. We were up at 5.30 am which is a perfect time for a walk (not so good for taking photos as sunrise isn't until 6.37 am) and got to see the twin fawns again, the beavers and the biggest EVER ginger cat which we are pretty sure is half tiger - dawg that thing was HUGE - but not that big that we didn't risk life and limb and chase him straight up a tree bbaaawwaahhh!

    Here are the twinsies - Babette and Bambi as Mom has named them (that woman names every thing!) - they have grown a bit since we last saw them  - they are in the middle of the photo and you might have to click on it to see it bigger. And here we are being photo bombed by the beaver - you can just see his ripple over my back.

    Next we wanted to show you Mr Tuxedo Duck and his babies. Mr Tuxedo has been a regular at MY park for 3 years but this is the first year we have seen him breed. What is unusual is the beautiful grey - yes soft mottled grey babies he had. They have his beautiful black heads and white necks like their dad. Mrs Tuxedo is also very pretty - she is new this year and is a soft mottled brown.

    Of coarse Mom made us wait up by the picnic bench while she fed the ducks MY bread. I was NOT happy about that and woofed so loudly it kept echoing around the lake which only made me woof more because I thought another dog was talking to me !!!

    After our walk we sat down at our favorite bench and were totally amazed - because all of a sudden we noticed the fog appear over the trees on the other side of the lake, it billowed and flowed over and through the trees and then across the lake in all of about 10 minutes. We got up and started walking while Mom tried to capture it but is was so overcast the pics came out a little dark. Mom said she felt like she walking though some mystical mist and that she would come out the other side in some magical kingdom - errmmmmm Mom - what is is that tea you are drinking???? Shhheeesh - the things we have to put up!