Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did you know !!! Pet Meds Can Cost Less - Super Sluethe Reilly - on the job!

Okay - did you know that here in the USA - there is an RX card just for us furbabies? Mom has been grumbling a lot lately because all of our medications are costing nearly $350 a month when she buys them through our local pharmacy but the other day she was watching some info-mmercial that stated you can use all RX cards to buy pet medicines if they are also people medicines ....so of coarse Mom and I went researching and found out it is TRUE !!!!!

See.....The discount is given on the medicine - not on the person or furbaby taking it.  Anyway to get to the point - my Gabapentin normal costs $86 for a months supply at out local publix pharmacy (they don't accept discount cards though) so mom took the cards and had our prescriptions transferred to Walgreens and Mom got such a shock - today when she picked up my prescription - it was only $32.95 - that is a HUGE savings. And Denny's kidney medication dropped from $68 down to $30.

The card we chose is called Pet Drug card and this is their web address https://petdrugcard.com
There is no cost to use it, no joining or giving email address, you just enter your pets names and print out the card. We had no trouble using it at Walgreens. They list all the pharmacies you can use it at and what medications they cover. If they don't have your pharmacy or medication then check out some of the many other free RX cards as different ones offer different things. Remember - you must have a proper prescription from your Vet for the medicine - they can either print one out for you at the vets office or ours just sends it directly to the pharmacy.


  1. wow that is a super way to stay healthy for less moneeh... bravo that you found such a super site!!!

  2. Gosh if we lived in the USA that would be very useful information. Gail tells me that paying for medication for me (to date its been mostly antibiotics, but I have had a lot of them) really makes her appreciate our National Health Service!
    Hope you guys are doing OK.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie .

  3. Wow. We generally get our meds through the Vet. When we went to the Emergency Vet Dog Dad did fill it at CVS and it was remarkably cheaper as it was a generic vs the brand name which was considerably more expensive.

  4. It's so good to see you pups again! We missed you a lot! (Are you still going to the beach and watching the big ships go by?) Oh, and thank you for the medication information. Hope to see you guys again real soon.

  5. Smart Mommy! I have the Walgreen's version of this, but they have now stopped allowing it to be used for animals. If I need an Rx for the pups, I will shop for a different card. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Wow - that is quite a savings! You really are a super sleuth, Reilly!

  7. Wow that is good to know! Hazel takes Gabapentin. Right now we have a local pharmacy compound it into a chew and it is about $56 for two months which is pretty good. She takes another for her trachea that we get from the vet, we will have to see if it is a people drug too
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. yep...I blogged about it over a year ago (possibly on Cody's blog, not sure if I blogged about it on Dakota's.)

  9. That is good to know. Glad you found a way to save $ on something you need.

  10. Oh yes! And, did you knows that Walgreens has a prescription program for peeps too?? Ma saves TONS of green papers with it! Good tips boyz! Thanks for the info!
    Ruby ♥


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