Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello everyone. I'm sorry it has been so long since I blogged but my Mom has been very sick, Dad was afraid she might not ever come home...but she did!!!! Mom just came home today from that bad hospital place that was keeping her from me. I hope to be able to tell you more in the next couple of days.

Thank you all for all the love you have been sending Mom's way. I know it made all the difference and that she will never leave me again.



  1. We think about you guys all the time! We are so glad your mom is home, Reilly! We pray that she stays home forever and ever!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hi Reilly! Thanks for the update and the good news that your mom finally came home from the hospital again! Tell her we think about her every day and send lots of positive and healing thoughts her way!

  3. Im so glad your mom is home. I hope she keeps getting better. Diana

  4. w00fs, oo that is wonderful news, hope she will b ok now..

    b safe,

  5. Yay I am glad your Mom came home and I hope she stays home this time for good!

  6. Reilly, we are struggling with our internet connection at the moment but we cannot tell you how happy we are to read your post!!!
    We have been thinking of your mom and indeed you and your dad for weeks now.
    Thank goodness your mom is home - please please take special care of her and make sure she gets better.
    All our love
    Martha, Bailey & Mum xxxxxxxxx

  7. Thanks for sharing the good news that your mom is home again! I hope she keeps getting better and is able to stay home with you and your dad.

  8. What good news Reilly. We hope she stays at home this time, and never has to go back.
    Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  9. Reilly, I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was to read this post. I was fearing the worst when I had not seen anymore posts for so long. I am very glad for all of you. I'm hoping that each day will be better and better for all of you. :)

  10. Oh Reilly! Such good news!!!!!!!!! Katie sends kisses to you and your Mom (and your Dad too!) We just know this time she will get to stay home and work on feeling stronger without being in that bad hospital place.

  11. Hi Reilly! We've been wondering how your Mom was getting on. Glad to hear she's home again. Sending lots of love and postitive thoughts your way!

    Fizz xxx

  12. Bowsers, we have been keeping our paws crossed. We hope your Mom stays healthy.

    We are having puter problems, but normally manage to get by.

    Essex & Deacon


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