Monday, December 20, 2010

I don't like IT

"She who is hardly seen" (dad's human daughter) recently moved in with us again. On Saturday Dad and she went grocery shopping but instead somehow ended up at the humane society and the next thing you know there is small furry thing wandering around MY home. His name is Jackson and he is a miniature wire haired dachshund of about 7 months of age. Mom was a bit upset as she had been wanting to get me a sheltie brother or sister and now she won't be able too, but at the same time she is glad that Jackson isn't in that bad place anymore. Dad said that although the people worked really hard there, it smelled bad and the cages were quite small. Anyway, this little thing has been following me around, stealing my cookies, running underneath me and I don't like IT. I have been growling at it and trying to get away from IT, but it just doesn't seem to take any notice. "She who is hardly seen" has gone to Tennessee for Christmas and took IT with her but when she gets back Mom will post some pictures. Mom is a little worried about me though, as I got myself very stressed out when IT was here and that upset my tummy and I got a bad case of the jelly poops. Hopefully I will get use to IT being here eventually - just so long as IT stays away from MY Dad.



  1. Well that is a big surprise - you got a mini dachshund brother instead of a Sheltie brother or sister. I bet you will grow to like Jackson and will have fun with him. I met a teeny dachshund at my training club the other day and I thought she was quite nice!

  2. We bet you'll get used to Jackson in no time at all, Reilly. He will be a friend for you to play with!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Wow?! From groceries to a dog? Wow. How little is IT? I didn't know there was such a thing as a mini dacshund...I thought they were already mini! Anyway, you should be able to tell Jackson what's up and what's what and who's the boss Reilly. And after'll have someone to play with and that was really the point...right?

  4. What a suprise. We can see why your Mom be upset. Mum would want to be involved and you really should have got to meet him first. I do hope IT grows on you. I bet he very cute.

  5. Hey Reilly, tell your Mum THANKS for the really cool presents! Read more about it over at my blog! And see pictures too! :)

  6. Oh noo... it's hard when another pup comes to visit, or even stay! I like when they do, but I like all pups. :)

  7. We wish you Happy Colliedays and a very Merry Essexmas.

    Essex, Deacon & dog Dad too

  8. Oh Reilly, let me tell you Martha was landed on me too!
    I thought that I would have time to get used to her but no - she arrived and that was that.
    A bit like Jackson she had been in kennels and it was not good.
    So she had to come quickly. I don't mind telling you that I wasn't ready to share anything......especially my humans.
    But you know, it is funny, cos I wouldn't be without her now but it did take me a little while and if the humans were going out they couldn't leave us in the same room!
    Seems funny looking back on it but that is how I can tell you it will work out - but it is a bit of a shock to the system.
    Much love
    Bailey xxxx


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