Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh dog - a birthday surprise !!!

"HEY MOM - THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR !!!" Oh my dogness - it's the mail-lady and she bought me a present - she even gave me a pat on the head !

It's a VERY big box and it is from my buddies Maggie and Mitch. I wonder what is inside?

Come on Mom - hurry up and open it already! Okay what do we have here and why is "the honey badger" checking out MY pressies????? Let's see - a water bottle toy monkey. Can I get a drink from that Mom??? {Mom} "No Reilly, you put an empty water bottle inside so when you play with it make scrunchy noises - same as it does when you play with a water bottle - but much nicer". Okay - that will be fun, what else is there. I see treats - yum pumpkin and apple flavor. A bone - yum! and a bone toy {Mom} "that will be good for cleaning your teeth." What else is there, oh a big tough toy, yep we can put that to good use in the garden and look at the cute card my buddies sent me. Will you put that in my scrap book Mom, you know I like to keep my cards. {Mom} "Yes Reilly"

Okay - what is going on here - why does "the honey badger" have MY bone and MY toy? Give those back you little "THING" they are MY birthday presents !!!!!

{Mom} "here you go Reilly - try some of your cookies"
- Mmmmm these are good - keep them coming Mom.

I think I should have a birthday like this EVERY day. Thank you Maggie and Mitch. I LOVE everything and so does "THING - Denny" and "IT - Jackson". Last we saw of "IT" he had MY bone in his mouth and he was heading out the doggie door to his favorite hiding place - under the deck (he knows I won't fit under there - not fair) so we couldn't get a picture of him.

Mmmm these cookies are really good, really really good!


  1. What fun birthday presents! Even if you got an icky hotspot, the presents are nice!

  2. What a great b-day present. Sorry everyone stole your gifts.

  3. Aw, glad your birthday got a little better. Love those gifts!!

  4. Totally awesome presents Reilly! I hope your infection is better today!

  5. What fun presents, and so nice of you to share (although it seems as though you didnt have much choice!).

  6. YAY for Birthday Pressies!!! Hope you enjoy all that great stuff!

  7. We think you got the best part of this package, Reilly. Those bones and toys will be around a lot longer than the yummy treats:) Great package from two sweet furiends Maggie and Mitch.

    Happy Birthday again!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. That sure was nice of your furiends to send you something for your birthday. :)

  9. We are so happy that you enjoyed your birthday box, Reilly! Make sure that Denny and Jackson share YOUR toys with YOU!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. How fun!!! Bet you just loved your birthday box!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  11. I'd say !! That's more like it!!!

  12. Awww...that must have made you feel better about your birthday not being so fun, ey? Great presents! You're being nice to share some of them with your brothers.

  13. Those are some nice pressies you got!


  14. I love getting presents! New Toys! Treats!!! And you shared!

    Puppy Kisses,


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