Monday, February 13, 2012

Mishmash Monday 1

We are playing along with Sara's Mishmash Monday where photo's that are not so great get to see the light of day. We have soooooo many of those! This one had not only our tug rope in the picture, but the camera cord as well. GaWoof looks like Mom is threatening to "hang us" if we don't co-operate and look at the flashy beast :) Now you know how Mom does eventually get us to look in her direction - we LOVE our tug rope and any time she picks it up - she has our attention. Come and join in and show us your pics that didn't quite work the way you wanted them too.


  1. That is a great picture. IT does kinda look like a noose though.

  2. I agree it does look like a noose there! Yes the photos that stink can be seen differently when you look at them weeks or months or even years later. I guess that is why I have a hard time deleting a photo unless it is blurry or someone is cut off.

  3. Oh I have plenty of those! (PIctures that didn't turn out right) It definitely looks like a noose!!

  4. Its kind of scary, but I like how you are trying to ignore her.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  5. Heee, hee, your mom got a little loopy with that photo!

    Thanks for playing mishmash Monday!

  6. Run, you guys!

    Come join me! My mom uses only treats to tell me to look at the flashy beast : )

    We'll take part in Mishsmash Monday next week, yeah!!!


  7. Even though you think that is not the best shot, it tells a story that is pretty great. Mommy usually gets my attention just by turning the flashy thing on. She does not even need a fish-eye effect. I like to get really close.

    Doggy Kisses,


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