Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I made mom very sad ;(

I went to see mom last night but that hospital place is VERY scary! I was only allowed just inside the front door which was a strange revolving thing - and it really scared me. I also didn't like the smells. When mom came out she was covered with blankets to keep her warm and I didn't recognize her. I barked at her and didn't want to have a pat. She didn't smell like my mom and I just wanted to stay near my dad. Mom said it was okay and that she understood but I could see she was very very sad. She told dad not to bring me again as it just upset me too much. We are getting another six inches of snow today so dad will be staying home with me today. We have had over thirty inches in total now and it makes driving really difficult because they don't have anywhere to put it all even when they do clean the roads. Hopefully we have some good news on friday


  1. We are so sorry Reilly - our mum says hospitals do smell funny - we hope your Dad has loads of cuddles for everybody - sending some to you and your mom.

    Martha & Bailey

  2. Oh Reilly,

    We're so sorry that your mommy is still in the hospital. We know you must be missing her terribly!

    We are praying as we speak that your mommy will feel better very soon and get to come home and cuddle up with her baby.

    Best you stay home with all that snow then that will be one less thing for her to worry about.

    Love to you and especially your mommy.

    Riley and Star.

  3. Sorry Reilly! You did your best - I'm sure it was very scary to go to the hospital and see your mom there. We are keeping our paws/fingers double crossed for good news on Friday. We want your mom home as much as you do but we want her to be well this time for sure so she doesn't have to go back ever! Hang in there!

  4. We're so sorry that this was stressful for you, Reilly! We pray that your mom can come home soon!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Oh Reilly! I'm sure your Mom was sad because you were so scared and she is always thinking of what is best for you. But at least you tried to cheer her up! Hospitals are no good for people or for dogs, that's for sure. I sure hope she gets to come home on Friday, but only if she is well enough. Meanwhile, stay warm and safe at home with your Dad, OK? We'll keep you and your Mom and Dad in our hearts...
    love, Katie and Dawn

  6. Reilly I'm so sorry for you! But hospitals are normaly very big and very scary. We hope that your Mom soon will be better so she can come home to you and your Dad. Hope your Dad will play with you in all the new snow so you for a minut can forget how much you miss your Mom :o)


    To Reilly's Mom: I hope you'll soon feel better!

  7. How much snow do you have now Reilly? I think you sent it our way as it is starting to snow now. I hope that when your Mom gets to come home the roads will be safe! I also hope she is having a good day today and that she gets to come home tomorrow!!

  8. It wasn't your fault! You were so looking forward to your visit, I bet you didn't sleep last night. Hospitals are scary places even for humans. My mom had to take my sister there yesterday (she'll be fine) and they both came home smelling funny. Your momma understand you better than you think. Keep talking to her on the phone for now. Okay? I'm looking forward to great news.

  9. Ah Reilly, Friday night, more snow and I'm guessing no Mom at home yet. Hugs to all of you!

  10. It's Saturday and we're hoping you got some good news yesterday? Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you!


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