Friday, November 4, 2011

Nose shoves and paw swipes

As much as I hate to admit it - the Wuzster is one smart little dude - not as smart as me but pretty close. Mom has been trying some different interactive toys with him as well as his normal training and recently bought this puzzle game for him. Now she got this from Beauditious Paws for $12.99 and saw the same thing on Amazon for $44.00 so do your homework before buying such things as there is a HUGE price difference. This is Denny's first attempt and he had it figured out in just a few minutes. It is funny to see what "style" each doggy uses to get the treats. Denny is a shove with his nose and swipe with his paws kind of guy. We have seen other dogs who will take hold of the pegs and in their mouth and pull them out, and one doggy who figured out it is easy to just tip the game upside down!

We give this a four paw rating - it is a great toy. For Denny though, being the little kleptomaniac that he is - Mom has to remember to pick up all the pegs or they will find themselves outside amongst his other "lost and found" items.



  1. Look at that problem solving, genius!! What a smart boy!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. Wow, you got a great deal on that toy!

  3. Quick learning!! I think Finn would start munching on the wooden pegs too!

  4. Weilly
    That little Denny is a quick leawnew..I guess not just good looks but smawts wun in the family
    smoochie kisses

  5. You have that toy mastered, Denny! You are one smart boy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Bah! I hate those things. So much work. They make me mad for sure, especially since when I see it come out it means no outside fun. Phooey.


  7. Very smart Denny! And treats too? How cool!

  8. Awesome toy! Just what Denny needs to keep him out of trouble! :)

  9. Just found your blog and I can tell I am going to have a good time visiting. I scrolled back and read a few and yep you had me.

    You are one smart pup!

  10. What a smartie! Good job! Looks like a great toy! The Sibes love interactive ones like that. Athough, they may start snacking on the parts after a while, too! LOL!

  11. Oh Denny, you are simply brilliant! I'm so impressed. What a great puzzle and such a deal. Thanks for sharing.


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