Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some updates

We thought we would share some updates today.

Reilly - Itchy scratchies - It has been 6 months now I have been on those nasty allergy injections - mom has never missed a dose and I get those dreaded WEEKLY baths in the special shampoo and tablets for when it is really bad plus that icky spray.

Sadly we have to report that to date it hasn't made the darn bit of difference. The lady vet did say it could take up to 12 months - but we had hoped we would see maybe an inkling of improvement. My furs is very thin now and I have lost all my rough around my neck but Mom says I am still her beautiful boy. I do have a big fluffy butt though as I can't scratch at my back leggies so the furs there hasn't fallen out as badly.

Denny - Hello It is me too! I am happy to say I am feeling MUCH better. Yesterday Mommy, Me and Weilly went for a walk around the block and I actually did good. I was still a little scared but nothing like I normally am. Mom says she hasn't noticed any change in my energy - I am still a bouncy boy and Jackie and I still go crazy playing - but she says I will actually focus on her for a few seconds now when she talks to me. She says she does occasionally notice a sort of glassy far away gaze in my eyes but she doesn't think at the moment that it is a bad thing (she says she will watch that carefully and make sure it doesn't get become too often) and that I am just "taking time to smell the bones" Weilly does that a lot - he seems to be in his own little world sometimes (hmmm Mommy does that all the time too but she calls it meditation !!!)

Jackie - I am much to cute to have any problems although "Other Mommy" is getting a bit upset with me for pooping in the house. (Something that has started only in the last two weeks) I usually leave a little message right by the doggie door. Hey I am like 3 inches off the ground and I don't like going out in the morning and getting my toes and tummy wet in the long grass - can you really blame me???? It's the Other Mommies fault - she should mow the lawn more often !!! I have also been having a battle with those nasty tick things. My Mommy takes to me to lots of new places and that is where I am picking them up - Reilly and Denny haven't had any! We don't know why as I have had all my medicines and get weekly baths but those little critters keep getting on me and biting me. They do die because of the medication but they leave little sores where they bite me and mess up my PERFECT cuteness.


  1. Aw those are perfect cute little pictures! Sorry that there hasn't been any improvement on the scratches and the shampoo doesn't seem to work! Ugh! Hoping another couple of
    Months of treatment will work!

  2. Hey Denny, My Vickie says I get that glazed over look whenever I am around water. She says it is like my mind just shuts down to any other source but the water. I don't think it is a physycal illness, maybe a mental thing, but I like it.

    Reilly I am so sorry that you are still itchy. I have been lucky so far, but I hear it can start up at any age. I sure hope they can fiture out what is wrong.

    And Jackie, cute cute Jackie sorry the little buggers leave bumps on you. I hear rubbing bounce dryer pads over our coat helps, but I am not sure.

    see ya all later

  3. Poor Reilly, life must be really hard with the itchiness on all the time. Mika still scratches a lot and he has been losing a lot of his fur as well. We had changed his diet to raw feeding and it seemed it helped a bit. However, we are back to kibbles because we are so worried that he might not get a well-balanced diet. We we give him grain free lamb meal nowadays and he seems much better but yeast is still with him most of the time. I do hope we can find the solutions for Mika and you ASAP.

  4. I sure hope your itches get a little better Reilly. Denny it's good to hear your not quite as scared on your walks and hey, we all daydream! Jackie, thank goodness you are so cute with that pooping by the doggie door thing! LOL! Thanks for the update on you all! :)

    Just letting you know that I have passed along the Pawsome Blogger award to you! You can find it here http://janet-bassetmomma.blogspot.ca/2012/06/awards-day.html

  5. Sorry guys. Life seems a bit challenging.

  6. OH NO! Sorry to hear about the itchies - Sally suffers too and it has been so hard for her. We are trying some herbal tablets - will let you know if they work.

    Glad Denny is better on his walks - maybe he is daydreaming? Paddy tends to wander off sometimes - just stands there and seems very far away in his mind!

    Lots of licks

    Sally, Paddy, Klaus

  7. Eww...itchies! Mom can't remember, did they ever do an allergy test on you? Might you have developed a chicken/grain allergy? It's pretty common, might start and elimination diet to see if that's it..

    Hope you all feel better and POOO on the tickies!!

  8. Yuk - we hate ticks! Mom has a fit when she finds them on us or on her!
    What a bummer about these itchies, Reilly. We hope, with a little bit more time, things will turn themselves around for you.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Im sure you have tried everything for Reilly's allergies. But have you tried feeding raw? I dont feed raw but a lot of people swear by it. Just a thought. Feel better Reilly.

  10. Cute pictures. Sorry about the itchies, I hope they figure it out quickly. I dont blame you for not wanting to get in the tall grass, yep,s he should mow the yard,BOL


  11. Itchies are the worst! I have to go with that last comment. Momma started giving us raw Primal burgers and it helped with PeeWee's dry skin. We don't even eat all raw, just 25%. Of course my nephew, Oliver, has terrible itchies like Reilly and he has to get shots and everything. NO FUN!

    I hate ticks too. Yuck. No more pooping in the house, OK? Next time just stick your butt out the doggie door. If your aim is good you won't even have to put your little feet outside for real.


  12. Poor Reilly and Jackie :(

    It must be so frustrating to be scratching all the time.

    Glad to hear that Denny is doing well on the meds.

  13. Sorry to hear about all the itchy on Reilly. Benji had to go to the vet -- they said he has allergy (but a lot of pollen was falling from the trees) so it made sense that Benji is itchy. But the vet said, maybe its a food allergy if he gets all itchy in like January or something. It's something for us to monitor. I hope Reilly feels better soon!

  14. Aw you guys are all just so cute. I wish you felt better Reilly....and hope you get over being scared Denny, and hope Jackie will figure out that outside is better than inside soon!

  15. Hey guys! Sorry haven't popped by in a while. Seems time just flies right out the window :(

    Wanted to mention about Reilly's itchies. I have environmental allergies and can get horrible itchie rashes. Haven't had any in many months now. Mom found Skin-eze from allergicpet(dot)com. Herbal supplement that has worked miracles for me. No shots, no vet trips, nada except my daily dose of Skin-Eze. Truly amazing results for me. Maybe could do the trick for you too. It took about 2 weeks when I first started taking them to kick in and make the itchies go completely away. Now I just have a reduced dose for maintenance every day. NO STEROIDS! YAY! :)

    Waggin at ya,


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