Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Facts

Yes - it is me Dennnnnnnnny!!!!! I don't to get to blog as much as the BIG DOG - but sometimes (if he is snoozing) - he will let me.

Today I am going some answer questions we have been asked in the comments.

1. Why no swimming at the lake? - No - it's not because of gators :) It is a combination of things -

a. the Canadian geese poop in the water so much it causes high bacteria levels in the water - not safe for swimming
b. HUGE populations of turtles - including Snapping turtles that love wiggly toes!
c. No resident life guards - therefore it would be an insurance liability
d. Lots of old trees and roots in the water that are dangerous and could snag someone. We are amazed at the number of Christmas trees that end up in the lake after the holidays - people are so lazy - if they can drive to the lake to throw the Christmas tree away - why can't they drive to the trash depot?

2. How is it that Reilly and I walk so nicely next to each other and don't get tangled.
Well - I am a bit of scardy cat, nervous nelly, petrified pupster and cowardly critter (all names Reilly calls me) and when we go walkies I like to stay glued right by his side cause I know he will protect me. When we go to the park I don't sniff, explore, I don't even pee or poop. I just walk - right by Reilly's side - that is all I do.

3. Jaccccckkkkkeeeee - some of you have asked how the little guy is doing. I sure do miss my little buddy - sigh! Well things didn't work out in Nebraska for his Mom so after a week they moved to Wisconsin and are now living with his Mom's sister and Dweeb cousin Max - remember him - the Boxer Mix. We don't really know how they are getting on yet but I sure know Jackie won't be enjoying all that snow. You can see him playing with Max here

Oh - do you notice - I am getting my BIG DOG coat. Mom says it is so thick she can barely get the brush through it and that I have a super fine and fluffy undercoat. One thing I do know - it is very warm and even on the coldest days I am still to be found on the nice cold tiles keeping cool.  


  1. Woof! Woof! Sign or no sign ... I will not swim. It is not safe. Actually I used to swim in the lake here (lake Michigan) and go lots of yak stuffs. I sure miss the ocean. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I was glad to hear about Jackie, but I hope the little guy is doing well. Goose poop can be a bad thing in large amounts. And I could not agree more about the Christmas tree dumping. GRRRR

  3. Thanks for answering our question about the leash sure do a great job walking besides yur big again, at our house when mom tried that we wrapped her up like a guys are so handsome!!
    stella rose and maggie

  4. Pity the lake is not safe to swim in and we never thought that people would dump their Christmas trees in there. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We know the real reason that you guys don't go in the lake is that you HATE water!! Thanks for the update on Jackie! Sorry that his mom is having a hard time getting settled.

  6. That's a good reason not to visit the lake
    Benny & Lily

  7. Ppl throw their trees in the lake???? Wow that is pretty awful!

  8. Ugh, that's gross! I can't believe a lake would be that dirty! In glad you don't swim in there!
    Denny, your coat is very handsome!

  9. Well, you wouldn't want to go swimming and mess up your beautiful white coat Denny. You're a very handsome boy.

    I'm glad that you have Reilly to keep you safe, and I hope that someday, you will be brave enough to stop and smell stinky stuff on the trail. But for now, you must keep an eye out for dangers. One can never be too careful.

  10. Denny, thanks for the pup dates and we miss Jackie also. Understand the walkie scardy thingy I do the same with my Bubby Bites. Ohhhhh yes you do look stunning in your BIG DOG coat!!!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  11. Hi Denny, that's a pretty good update. My peeps bought two portable air conditioners and the shelties lie close to them in the summer. Maybe you'll have to get a/c too.

  12. Glad to see you get a turn once in a while Denny and thanks for answering my question about swimming...those are some pretty good reasons...Your winter coat is gorgeous...You look so handsome and floofy...Winter snow won't worry you

  13. Great post Dwee....we mean Denny. We don't know what's in our river, but we don't go in far. A few dogs have got awful gastro sickies from drinking the water sometimes, so we don't really drink it.

    Your coat is VERY luxurious, bet your mum has to brush it lots. We only need about once a week except in bindii season.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  14. Oooo my coat will never be that nice. I get salmon and salmon flavored food, fish treats, etc etc but it still sucks

  15. Those are some good reasons not to go in the lake.

  16. Denny, you are really looking good, Does your mom save your coat hairs after she brushes you so she can weave a collie coat.

    Sorry you can't get in the water, cuase it would really cool you off on those hot days.


  17. We can't swim in our late either. Because the waters are not healthy. They are filled with run-off from nearby farms so they get too much fertiliser which kills the good plants, so no fish live in it, and yucky things grown (like blue-green algae, which can make you sick!).

    Such a shame!

  18. Your big dog coat is so gorgeous, Denny! What a handsome boy you are!

    No, please dont ever swim in that scary lake, we shelties should also stay calm and dry and look pretty/handsome.

    We do miss little Jackie and hope everything goes well so he is happy there. Oh dear, it must be too cold for him.

  19. It's OK not to want to go swimming...there are so many other cool things to do at the park! And your coat sure IS beautiful!

  20. Thank you for answering so many questions! I hope Jackie and his mom get settled in somewhere and are happy!

  21. I am glad you don't swim in that water. It sounds nasty. As for walkies as a Velcro dog, well, since you DO have Reilly to protect you, then it all works out, doesn't it?


  22. We really enjoyed your post, Denny, and we know all about those nasty snapping turtles!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  23. Those are very good reasons for not swimming in the lake. The Christmas trees would drive me nuts too. Why ARE some humans so lazy?

  24. Did you say gators! I hope there aren't any gators in the little lake by our house! Gulp!


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