Thursday, January 27, 2011

"ITS" a little stinker!!!

You are probably going to think I am a bad sport and a little mean for saying this - but "IT" (being Jackson) is a little stinker! I mean this literally - dog oh dog - can that little guy fart! Excuse my vocabulary here but it's hard to put a indelicate subject delicately. "IT" is fine if "IT" just eat MY food and MY charcoal cookies - but heaven help any one in the room if "IT" eats anything different. Personally - now I understand why such a supposedly cute little guy ended up at the humane society : not once but twice! I can not even tell you how many times in the last week poor Mom and myself have had to skedaddle out of the room as feet as our feet could carry us and stand at the open back door (in the cold) to get some "fresh" air. YES !!! IT is that bad! How could something so small make such a big stink, that is what I want to know?

I have even had to resort to hiding under the computer table next to mom's feet just to get away from "IT". Mom gets a little worried about this as they are lots of wires and cords under there but what is a dog supposed to do when "IT" decides it wants to cuddle up next to one and then constantly lets off those silent and deadly fart bombs? Sure, "IT" is sometimes fun to play tug with but I still don't like "IT" and now I have a good reason not too. Woofitty woof gfaw gfaw - Mom says "IT" will have to be on a strict diet from now on and that means "IT" can't have any of my special treats which don't bother me, but do bother "IT". YES!!! I shall indeed enjoy chomping them in front of "IT" knowing that "IT" can't have any. Ah - the sinister side of Reilly appears !



  1. Well, we hate to say this but Martha can really stink too - she does have to be careful what she eats.
    Perhaps Jackson is the same - in the meantime you and your mom could get some sort of gas masks.....!
    Martha and bailey xxx

  2. Poor IT. Looks like IT's Mom is gonna have to make some changes in It's food huh.
    Poor you Reilly. hehe
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. LOL! I can laugh because I don't live with IT! Poor Reilly. I guess it stinks to be you - LOL!!!!

  4. Aire pollution! We do feel for you, Reilly! We hope the strict diet works for Jackson!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Wow Reilly....what a problem! Maybe the change in diet will help. Cause it would be nice to snuggle and play with IT! Wouldn't you like that?

    Tell your Mom I wrote her a letter to say thanks for the lovely gifts she sent so long ago and then realized I didn't keep her new address. So I'm debating sending it to the old address and hoping that your mail forwarding is still working. Can you ask her to email me at

    Thanks Reilly!

  6. Hmmm, that sounds like Dog Dad when he eats that extra hot chili.

    Essex & Deacon


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