Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom is at it again

Mom is back to doing to doing some scrap booking which is something else she hasn't done in nearly a year. This is part of her getting back to "normal" Of coarse I find it all terribly boring as Mom drifts off into her own little world when she is creating and I am left alone and forlorn under the table watching her feet! Life is tough when your dog! I am still pondering over this whole Jackson issue - personally I think IT is nothing but a pest and the cheek of the little thing - IT has decided that my tail is a good play thing and IT chases me around trying to bite at it. Thankfully Mom is having none of that as she doesn't like nippy dogs. We are also having some issues with the whole "going outside to do our business". It seems Jackson is not as "house trained" as we were told. Again the Mom has this well in hand and why do you ask is Mom doing this when Jackson is "she who is never seen's" dog - it is because SHE has just started work so Jackson is now left for MY Mom to look after. Personally I would be quite happy if Mom just left IT outside but of coarse he whimpers and looks all cute in his little coats. I suppose it is a little cold out there for such a little thing.



  1. Your mom's scrapbook pages looks awesome, Reilly!
    We're guessing that Jackson has to go back to puppy basics till he's totally potty trained.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. I'm very happy for your mom that she is back to doing some scrapbooking! Maybe you can teach Jackson how to do all his pottying outside, Reilly!

  3. So nice of you Reilly to sit on your Mom's feet while she works, the better to keep her warm, right? And about that IT thing in your house? Well you just whip him into shape..um...I mean your Mom should just whip him into shape. Because no way can you let IT get away with all that bad behavior!

  4. Reilly the scrapbooking looks great!
    We bet your mom manages to be so creative cos you are right there by her side.
    Our mum made a wedding scrapbook two years ago of one of our human brother's wedding - it was great fun she said!
    Now of course she is busy with her dolls house and we are neglected like you...............!
    The toilet training takes time - well it certainly did with Martha but what the heck we had got fed up with some of the rugs in the house anyway..........!
    So nice to hear about your mom getting back to normal.
    much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. That looks like a super neat book with fun pictures of you!


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