Sunday, January 30, 2011

A walk around the lake

Yesterday and today I went for a walk with Mom and Dad around the lake. Today wasn't quite as good because "IT" came too and I much prefer walking alone with my Mom and Dad. We can already see signs of spring coming, there are little tufts of green grass popping up everywhere. Yesterday it was a lovely 63 degrees and today it is 58 which of coarse is just perfect for taking a leisurely stroll. The lake was so pretty, there was no wind and it was flat and calm and had that wonderful mirror like quality. Mom is so much stronger then she was and both she and Dad were saying how good it is to feel almost normal again and doing normal things.

Of coarse at this time of year there are many geese visiting and flying overhead and for the first time ever, I actually discovered it is fun to chase the geese into the water. I have never done that before, preferring instead to ignore them, but today it just seemed like a fun thing to do. We also came across this cool tree stump - Mom named it "Nature's Dog Bowl" and you have to admit it does look like a double dog bowl. I checked it out but alas there was no food hiding in it. I had a great weekend and hope you did too.


  1. You are having picture perfect weather! Glad everyone was able to get out and enjoy the day...even if "IT" had to come along.

    Love the double dog bowl!

  2. Looks like it was great weather for walking at the lake! We are so happy to hear that your mom is feeling much stronger! That is the best news!

  3. What a beautiful spot for a walkie! We wish it could have been 60 degrees here to melt a lot of our snow.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. I think "IT" has a crush on you! He's always right there with you! he he!

    Looks like a cool place for a walk, loved the nature's dog bowl too. Too bad there wasn't one of your favorite treats in there.

    Glad your folks are doing good!

  5. That looks so beautiful Reilly, so glad your mom is enjoying life again and getting out and about.
    We know sharing with Jackson is hard but you will soon wonder what you did without him.
    Loved the pic of the two of you sitting calmly beside the lake.
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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