Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Rituals

Do you have daily rituals? Mom and I do. Every morning (unless Dad gets to it first) we go out and pick up the newspaper. This also gives Mom and I time to check out the garden and see what new things are growing. This morning we noticed that some of the gladioli that survived the mauriding nightly wildlife - are starting to send up shoots! We also have one lily of the valley (out of the ten we planted). My other daily ritual is a trip to the mail box - for some reason there are always such good smells around it. This morning I was exhausted by the 30 foot walk to the mailbox and had to lay down for a rest next to it. Protecting Mom from the tempestuous trolls is such hard work!!! Mom is still loving the azaleas we have growing - me I was keeping a close eye on that humungeous bee !! Mom says it is a what they call a honey bee here - I think it is more like a bee-asaurus - how does something that big and fat even get off the ground!! Okay Mom - quick take the photo I want AWAY from that thing! So what are your rituals?



  1. Here are Oreo's morning rituals:
    -try and catch the bunny
    -eat breakfast in one big bite
    -long walk
    -break thru bedroom door, pounce on daddy until he gets up
    - jump straight up into air until daddy gives me cheerios
    -play ball
    -hunt for mole
    -play ball
    -jump straight into air until mom gives me a Kong before she leaves for work
    - nap

  2. Watch out for those bees, they seem to love to sting snooters.

    We have routines here too. And it sure does confuse us with the humans break the patterns:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  3. I'm laughing at Oreo's morning routine! I like yours Reilly - going outside and seeing all the flowers and stuff that are coming up and napping by the mail box.

  4. Our daily ritual is go out for walk at 12p.m. (yes, hoomie Melissa sleeps like nobody's business! But we are good at holding out pee & poo for many hours) then we have our breakfast. The rest of the day we do nothing until atleast 3 or 4p.m.. We go out again for our toilet break before it starts raining (it's been raining a lot of times these days & it is usually around that time.) Then we have our din dins at sometimes at 7p.m. And then again, we do nothing till late around 10 or 11p.m. We go out for our toilet break again & then one more time at 2, sometimes at 3 & sometimes 4a.m. the following day. Every once in a while when hoomie Melissa is in the mood, she would bring us for car rides. We're probably going back to training next weekend. I can't wait! This weekend, we're going to a fun dog event. WOOHOO!!

  5. Weilly
    Those big bumbly bees awe scawy looking..I'm sowt of scaiwed of all flying things.
    You look so gowgeous out wif those pwetty flowews.
    My wittoal is to have bweakfast wif Daddi, then go back to bed, then have bweakfast in bed wif Mommi, then go to the wun if it's not waining and last thing at night I have to take the covews off Daddi's feets and lick them befowe going to sneep, heheheh
    smoochie kisses

  6. We have a little routine - First go for our morning walk. Then I drink a big cup of tea with milk and when I'm done Tibby licks the mug clean. :)

  7. Eva's daily ritual:

    Get up at 6.30am to wait for her food.

    Goes back upstairs with daddy to wake mommy and Rosie up at 7.30am.

  8. Right now I am teaching in the afternoons so Sawyer and I get a lot of alone time and have developed some morning rituals.

    I take her out for a super short walk and then we rush back for breakfast. When she's finished, she passes out again for two hours exactly. Every day. Then she wakes up and follows me around while I get ready for work. When I'm ready, she gets very excited because she knows it's time for her mid-morning walk. It's so much fun having rituals. It really builds a bond!

    Thanks for sharing!


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