Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got all my ducks in a row

I was on VERY official business today - checking that MY park was all in order and remains C.A.T free. We started off by wandering down the path were the dreaded C.A.T's have been seen before - I am pleased to report that there was not a one in sight! We did A LOT of sniffing just to make sure though - those sneaky critters like to hide - hmmm squirrel smell but no C.A.T.

Once we were sure MY park was secure we could relax and enjoy the shade and the scenery. And check out this totally weird mushroom we found - Mom says it looks like a pepper! Remember you can click on the photos to see them bigger. Personally I have no idea what a mushroom or a pepper is - but we will amuse the Mom and say 'yes' it is interesting. PS: Mom did a bit of research and she thinks this is a Amarinta Redcap Mushroom

Okay Mom - seriously ! Another boring ummmm interesting mushroom I mean. What is it about you peeps and mushrooms??????? After a thorough inspection of MY park I lined all MY guard ducks up in a row and told them to keep up the good work and to sound the alarm if they see any dreaded C.A.T.s lurking around. Those guys really quack me up with their diligence!!!!


  1. That is a most unusual mushroom! A lovely day for the park!

  2. I really like that picture of the two of you by the water.

    Looks like a nice, shady walk :)

  3. OK Reilly, we don't want to hear any more talk about Dweeb #2, you sure seem to injoying your walk in "YOUR PARK" with him. Dad found the mushroom very interesting, he had to blow it up like a dozon times, print one out and check on the internuts to look for it. Still don't know.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  4. Good think you talked to those ducks!


  5. Pretty mushroom! What a great day to be out and about.

  6. Our mom is as mushroom crazy as your mom is, Reilly! We don't understand it either!
    What a beautiful day you had in the park!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Nice day out. You guys look great. Better not eat the mushrooms.


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