Monday, September 10, 2012

REALLY MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe MY MOM said I am getting to be "a grumpy old dog" Yes I am a bit grumpy but I am NOT old!!!!! Does this look like the face of a grumpy old dog? (Yeah - so I was thinking please someone get that Dweeb away from me - but hey he was invading my personal space!)

Mom also said she thinks she need I need to share my BLOG with the Dweebs "on what planet do you think that is going to happen MOM?"

Then she said that "if you want to continue being the official dog cookie taster for her doggie recipe cookbook then you had better learn to share". Hmmm what a dilemma - share my blog with the Dweebs or tasting cookies?

Dare I say the cookies won - so okay I am sharing - "look up" to the new header I created.

For some unknown reason Mom wasn't impressed - she doesn't think I should call them Dweebs - but what else would I call them - that IS what they are!!!!

Hey Mom - just to make you happy I will share a photo with Dweeb #2. Make sure you spray him down with cootie spray before you let him near me though.

Tomorrow Mom is off to Memphis to take her citizenship test so she can be an American like me..........please keep your paws crossed BECAUSE she is REALLY REALLY OLD and her memory isn't so great. She has all the dates figured out - she just gets confused on the wording ......having an aged parent can be such a draw back sometimes - goodness knows what she would do if I wasn't here to remind her of things!


  1. Good luck to your Momma tomorrow! I am sure she will do great, and I would definitely share - you do want to be the official cookie taster!!

  2. BOL - we love the new header! Good luck to your mom...and stop by our blog for a surprise! :)

  3. Reilly, how could any doggie with a look like that be a grouch, as far as sharing, I have to put up with Bites, Now there is a grump. Tell Mom good luck on her test, we will pull for her. Tell Dweeb #2 Hi.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  4. The up side of having and "aged" parent is sometimes they forget if they gave you a treat or not, so you get even more treats. Good luck to your mom. I am sure she will do just fine. I am emailing you my adress in just a few minutes.

  5. That was very smart of you to share. You can't lose access to the cookies!!!

    Tell your peep she'll do just fine.

    ArrOOOOO! Stuart

  6. Good luck to your mom. I am sure she will do fine!! Sharing can be fun and it might get ya more treats, im just sayin....

    Jazzi and Addi

  7. Good luck on the test!

    I love your new header. It sounds like a TV show title.

  8. Your header picture looks perfect to us, Reilly!
    Good luck to your mom!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. I like your new header a lot, Reilly! You're so creative!

    Good luck to your mom!

  10. Good luck on your test!! Im sure you will do great!


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