Friday, August 10, 2012

Oooppps and Yum

We wanted to share our new find - this tomato is called Pirates Gold - Mom bought the plant at Walmart a few months ago - it is a late fruiting tomato (they are only just now starting to ripen) - beef steak style - huge - two slices is all that is needed on a sandwhich, lots of flesh, not watery and is totally delicious - it is very sweet, low acid and the Mom says they have an almost buttery flavor - she just LOVES them - I will eat them too but only if they are on a ham sandwich!

Now our ooopps is - it looks like Etsy is having some issues at the moment - including changing our shipping - for some reason it showed up at $10.00 - that is the overseas rate - it is only $3.00 for here in the USA. Mom is waiting for Etsy to come back online so she change it and has refunded the postage to those that have purchased cards already.

Thank you to everyone for helping us support the ellies :)


  1. Yummm. I love tomatoes. They are so good. Last year MOM grew tomatoes that looked liket that, but I don't know if they were the same.

  2. That looks delicious!

    Etsy is back up and running :)

  3. That tomato is making my typist drool...

  4. What a delicious looking tomato! I love tomatoes too but I haven't seen this type of tomatoes before.

  5. Our mom and dad LOVE tomato sandwiches - especially on rye bread!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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