Monday, November 5, 2012


It is with much sadness we have to say goodbye to MY trusty OLD car the PT Cruiser - dear Miss Molly car we have had so many excellent adventures to the parks and  pet stores all over the country including the Rockie Mountains, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and Arkansas.  Alas Mom says that 17 mpg were causing her much cringing at the gas station and even though she LOVES you dearly she has to let you go - we will miss you but we have such great memories.

So..... TADA .....Look at MY NEW CAR - isn't it just the bees knees - spiffy and super cool!  It is the new Ford C-Max and is a hybrid car - it gets 49 mpg and can go 690 miles on a tank of gas. I have no idea what all that means but Mom says she won't be cringing at the gas pumps anymore. She says it also runs on batteries - the engine and braking actually charge them all the time your are driving - how cool is that and it is super quiet.  I just know I have a new ride to the park and the pet stores and we have many many adventures ahead of us. We are busy trying to think up a new name for MY car because you all know cars HAVE to HAVE a name right?  Mom says until she drives this one she won't know if it is a boy or girl car - she keeps mumbling something about "getting the feel" for the car  - Mom I think you are losing it!!!! Oh - we are also the first ones in our city to buy one how cool is that! Mom Dad and ME did LOTS of research on all kinds of cars and this was the best we could find for ME.

This is also the color we are getting and it is called blue candy - it is actually more a kind of turquoise color then the blue shown in this picture.  We have to wait until middle of the week for it to be delivered - it is coming from Saint Louis.  Mom said she could of got one today but they only had black and Mom doesn't like black cars as they get too hot. She did go for a test drive though and just LOVED it. She said it is perfect for ME and has a big wide back seat and even the dweeb is going to be happy as it has a lot more floor space (Dweeb prefers to sit on the car floor and not the seat when we go anywhere). It is also high like the PT Crusier was which Mom loves because of her  bad back. An ordinary car is too low for Mom to get in and out of and the SUV's are to high and uses to much of that mpg stuff....this little car is right in the middle and perfect. It is actually not little at all, it has a lot more headroom and room in general then the PT Cruiser and the seats in the back all fold down to make LOTS of room for ME. This is MINE and Moms first ever brand new car so you can imagine how super excited we are.


  1. We have a PT Cruiser too. And we need to get a new car, we are going to mention this one to our mom!

  2. How exciting!! It looks way cool. I just know you are going to love it. MOM has been thinking o f new car too. Her car, the Blazer, is a 1994. But it still goes and gets me around just fine (for the most part). But MOM would love one with higher mpg's.

  3. Mom names her cars too! She's had a Herman, Raul, Homer, Norman and our car now is Dwight. Mom says your new ride kinda looks like an Ernie...

  4. Awesome! Hybrids are ubercool. I think you may be the coolest dog in town!

  5. Congratulations! We hope your first trip out will be to head to your favorite park!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Mommy's car has a name -- and her car's birthday is tomorrow. We will have to do a blog post about it! (Glad my Mommy isn't the only one who named their car!)

  7. Wow! That's a cool car!

    My mom always hopes she could have a Hybrids but nobody sponsors her, sigh!!! In fact, I like her old car very much, it is still big and comfy.

  8. So what did your Mom name the new car? I think Bluey would be a good name because it’s all shiny and, well, blue! Kidding aside, I think your mom did great in choosing the Ford C-MAX. The hybrid design will definitely deliver better fuel-economy, which means she’ll be able to save on gas the whole time.

    @Erwin Calverley

  9. Haha, I don’t think your mom’s losing it! A lot of people really do take the time to get to know their cars. Naming your car makes it feel more like part of the family instead of just another object. Most people I know give their cars female names. What did your mom name this car? I suggest something like Pond, after a character from “Doctor Who.”

  10. Giving names is a sign of ownership. Also, it shows how much you value or love that thing that called on you to put some effort of thinking of the best name for him or for her. In my case, I named my car after someone special. Anyway, so what’s your mom’s verdict? Is your car a he or a she?

    -Sara Anthony


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