Monday, December 16, 2013

Musing on Monday #36

Ice isn't as much fun as snow!
Winter is one of those odd times of year for us doggies. There are negatives and positives.

The positives
For one - there is snow zoomies - we were watching our buddies Chewy and Katie having such fun zooming around in a big thick layer of fresh snow- sigh ! wish we had some.
Once you get warmed up from the zoomies you can grab mouthfuls of the lovely cold stuff - it is like doggie snow cones!
It is cold - which we long furs especially like - there is nothing better then feeling that arctic wind blowing through the furs
It is quieter at the parks as not people go out when it is cold
We get to leave lovely soggy footprints all over the floors

The negatives
It is boring !!!! The peeps don't like the cold and are not as inclined to go outside in it
They are constantly waiting with towels to dry us off when we come back inside
They don't want to go to the park because it is cold
They don't want to go to the pet store because it is cold
They don't want to walk around the neighborhood because it's cold
The drabbness of winter makes the Mom sad.

We of coarse think the positives outweigh the negatives - but try convincing the peeps of this.

Just an update on Mom - after having many tests and seeing different doctors they finally rang this morning and told her she has what is called acute pancreatitis. The CT scan showed some fluid around it last week and then her blood tests came back with high readings. She will be off to see another specialist as soon as they can get her appointment as they are not sure what is causing it as she has never been or drinker or smoker which is the common reasons for it. They think maybe the surgeries and infection triggered it.  


  1. Well we gots them paws crossed for her and we be sending her positive thoughts over the air waves. Oh, and it's gonna be in the sixties here till Friday, so we are camping outside, cause like you that inside is boring!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Oh boys, your poor mom :( I hope that now that the doctors know what the problem is they can work on making her feel better.

    Snow definitely has a lot of positives! Oreo loves having a giant snow cone available to him at all times. Chewy loves jumping through it like a bunny. I hope you guys get some snow soon. Maybe you could buy your mom some snow pants for Christmas. They make all the difference on cold days. I always say 'if you have the right gear winter can be the best season of all'.

  3. OMD OMD we are so SORRY to hear this about your mom... butt at LEAST they have a bit of an Answer to thingys. We have our paws Tightly crossed fur her to be Totally WELL... In like 87 SECONDS.

    We got up to MORE snow this morning... and it is supposed to do MORE tonight... WE are kinda in the NEGATIVE Corner of the Weather situation. WE don't like to be out in that "STUFFS" one little bit.
    POTP fur Miss Bree!!!!

  4. I hope your mom gets the help and healing she so needs. It breaks my heart to hear how much she is hurting. Prayers are sent to your mom for speedy healing.
    Enjoy the cold, I for one can not wait for Spring to return.

  5. Oh no Bree. We are so sorry to read that you are not well again. Sending healing vibes and we pray for your recovery.
    Hope everyone stays warm and cosy.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I sure hope your mom gets to feeling better for the holidays, pals. We feel bad that she is not well for all this time.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  7. I dislike the winter too. Either you can stay in the house= boring, or you are in the back yard=cold and wet. I cross my paws for your mom and I hope the specialist can help her and she will be well soon.

  8. You better teach the peeps how to make snow angels in the snow so they could have fun too

  9. Oh we keep hoping and hoping that your momma feels better, please give hers a hug from all of us!
    stella rose

  10. We agree with have to show the peeps how much fun snow can be...and they have to dress like you guys so they don't get cold. But I also have to agree that it's hard to get the peeps motivated to go out in the snow, so much nicer to stay by the fire.

    We hope your Mom gets some answers and that whatever it is is treatable very soon!!! This is not fun for her at all, and that's probably why the winter gets her down. You guys are going to have to work hard to cheer her up! Cuddles will help!

  11. Oh dear, we hope your mum is up and about quickly...sending healing Vibes. At least there is an answer. You guys better cut her some slack and let her off cold-weather duties. Your dad on the other paw.......

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. I like the winter and snow!...but I am a small doggie with not as much hair as you guys, so I get cold quicker. Momma has to get me a good warm doggie jacket yet!

    Sorry to her your mom isn't well. We'll keep her in our best thoughts over here, with paws and fingers crossed tightly for good things.

  13. Wow that's rough. I hope they can help you feel better soon.

  14. You are right guys, I love the snow too! Mom loves it in the park there is no one there and I can run all around without a leash! The cons -- when its real cold I have to wear my fleece and she rubs this crap on my paws to protect them! Love Dolly

  15. So sorry to hear this about your mom. I hope the doctor can take care of this problem once and for all!

  16. We don't like the ice as well as the fluffy snow either. It's just not as much fun!
    Your mom has been through so much. We pray she feels better soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Oh gosh, hugs to your mom!!! Xoxo!

    I'm learning about the towel thing! I come in from playing in the snow and there they are with those silly towels!!!


  18. In general we love the winter but it is really, really cold here (like -15 F). We can't go out and play in it. Lady has been liking it better since she got her seasonal affect disorder light.

    We are sorry your mom is sick, but hope she can get the medical advice she needs to get better.

    Lee and Phod

  19. I wish I had snow here and could do snow zoomies! You guys are soooooo lucky.
    Pees… Sending lots of paw prayers up for your Mom.

  20. Seems like Mom finds lots of negatives about snow, but we think it is ALL good - now if only we could get some.

    All paws crossed for your Mom - that poor lady can't catch a break. Hope the doctors can do something to help he - we want her well for the holidays.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Oh dear, all our fingers and paws are crossed for your mom! Hugs to your mom!!!

    We don't have any white stuff over here and I haven't seen any in my life so I can't tell between the positives and the negatives but I love those positives.



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