Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deny's Day

 Hello - it is me - Denny and today I am sharing my adventure with you. We decided to go in search of some red leaves - Mom has been seeing all the beautiful pictures on the bloggies of all the pretty fall colors so we thought we would check out the park and see if we could find some too.  Being the nice little guy I am - I said Weilly and Jackie and his Mom could come with us too.

We went to our 'little' park today - the one that has the boardwalk up in the tree tops but we went the reverse direction today and started off in the flat area. 

We would show you pictures of the little lake - but at the moment it looks more like a puddle. Mom says she has never seen it so empty and wonders what has happened to all the turtles and fish. 

This is the bridge that actually goes over to the two halves of the lake - but there was not a drop of water under it today.

Here we are checking to see if there are any ducks around - but I don't think there was even enough water for them either.

After we crossed the bridge we went up a little hill and into the trees. We did see that little bush on the right with a tinge of red but no real 'red' leaves yet.  Lets keep looking Mom

Weilly was looking over his shoulder and telling Mom to 'hurry up"  He can be a bit of grumpy old dog at times - don't tell him I said that though!

Can you see the next bridge way off in the distance - that was where were heading next.

We finally reached the next bridge and this is where the boardwalk up into the tree tops starts. Weilly REALLY wanted to take the path on the right - that is the one that is a dirt path that leads to the lookout.  
Mom is a bit wary at the moment though - see we went on a dirt path the other day and Mr Jackie managed to stick his face into some sort of bush and got covered with sticky prickles.  We got some in our legs too so mom says we need to stick to the main path for the time being.

Here we are starting our climb into the tree tops - sorry Mom - I still don't see any red leaves though.

Mr Jackie was way out in front - that boy always seems to be in such a hurry to go "somewhere". Mom chuckles and says he runs twice as much as we do on the same walk as he is like the 'energizer bunny' and just keeps going and going.

He wasn't as fond of the boardwalk though as there isn't a lot of good sniffing to be had and he LOVES to sniff at EVERYTHING.

We discovered that going UP the steps to the next level of the boardwalk is a lot harder then coming down them.

Mr Weilly is so careful - he takes one step at a time where as I like to bounce up  two or three at a time. I couldn't do that today because we were on our double walker so I had to go at the 'old dog' pace.

We have to be VERY careful that we don't pull to hard and it would be very bad if Mom fell on the steps.

And finally - we made it to the tree tops. Here we are with Jackies Mom - but sadly no red leaves - just some brown ones.

Mom said she doesn't mind - she still loves seeing all the shades of green.

Maybe we can check out the big lake tomorrow Mom and see if there are any pretty leaves there.  For now though, we are all pooped puppies so I am going to find a nice comfy spot and have a nice long snooze.


  1. Even if you did not find the red leaves it looked like a great walk none the less. Have a nice nap.

  2. All that work and no red leaves to be found? How wonderful it must have been to be in the tree tops on a beautiful fall day anyway! :)

  3. Hi Denny! I bet those red leaves will be out tomorrow. Try again.

  4. What a beautiful hike! Those leaves will come soon enough!

  5. Looks like a great walk. Oh well, no red leaves, but that means you'll have to go on that walk AGAIN, soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We are always covered in burrs.

  6. Don't give up, Denny! You're bound to find red leaves somewhere and you'll have oodles of fun searching!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. I'd be happy with some green leaves right now. Ours are all starting to come down and make a big mess.

    You really do have a special park.

  8. Your park is so pretty, red leaves or not!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  9. Oh this sounds so wonderful! Treetop walking! I wish we could come with you!

  10. I am sorry that you didnt find any red leaves but still it seems like a great walk!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  11. We have lots up our way. Come on over. We have lots of great treats too.

  12. You'll see them soon enough and then it will be winter and you'll be wishing for warmer weather!

  13. I like your tree tops walk. It is always beautiful there.

    Join my summer!!!

  14. Looks like a beautiful place to go.


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