Monday, September 7, 2009

Along the lazy river

Today we went down for a walk along the Missouri River, which I must say was anything but lazy. With all the rains we and other states have had the river was a raging torrent. I am stood on the Nebraska side and the other side is Iowa. In this first picture I am stood waiting for my dad. My mom and dad are very conscientious when it comes to me leaving "little messages" on the grass when we go out (which I very rarely do but I just had breakfast and well poop happens!) Anyway dad had to walk back to the trash can to dispose of the baggie and I had to stand watch and make sure he didn't divert from the path back to me. When he got back it was time to make a decision as to which way to go. Hmmmm that way looks good mom and dad - so off we went following the path along the river.

Eventually we came out at the boat marina where I became quite fascinated by something in the grass and look what mom found when she came over to see. It was a little baby bird that had fallen from the nest. Mom looked around in the tree and found the nest and we popped it back in as it wasn't quite ready to fly yet. Mom said I was a very good for not trying to chomp it - errrkkk why would I want to do that?

Next we went to check out the new rose garden they have just finished. Mom said the roses smelled heavenly. Silly mom, the goose poop smelled much better but she wasn't interested in that!!!! And look at the silly geese. These are Canadian geese and look what was leading them, it was a little white duck. I sooooo wanted to go and herd them but mom didn't think it would be a good idea. So that was my walk by the river.



  1. Hi Reilly
    An exciting walk! That little bird was so sweet - we are glad you didn't eat it!
    Well sometimes these things are a bit like stuffies to us dogs!
    Our mum likes the smell of roses too - funny humans - they miss the best smells!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. You were a VERY good little man not to chomp on the baby bird Reilly! What a lovely park you got to visit! Thanks for sharing so we got to see some of it! Katie likes goose poop too, but I won't let her get a very good sniff.

  3. Well done Reilly for not chomping on the little baby birdie! You are such a gentledog :) By the way - we saw your Blue Angels yesterday on telly. Our hoomans watched a documentary about the best display teams in the world. It was even more exciting because we had just seen them - almost - live on your bloggie!!!

  4. Another excellent walk for you Reilly! I like the photo of you standing next to the river - you have a very handsome full and long coat of fur! Mom says it's absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I thought the picture of you waiting for your dad was a beautiful one and the little bird was pretty cute too. Glad that it was ok, and that you never even considered chomping it.

  6. Sounds like a great walk. Your Hooman parents should have stopped to smell the Goose Poop. It definitely sounds better than flowers.

    Essex & Deacon


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