Friday, September 18, 2009

An Update on Franklin

We thought we would give an update on Franklin. He is doing just fine, the sores have cleared up and the skin is now nice and pink. He had his second bath with the special shampoo last night and he isn't scratching or itchy. Bonnie herself is also feeling much better today. She has good days and bad but today is a good day and mom took Bonnie to the craft store this morning so she could gets some more paints. At 80 Bonnie has just took up water color painting and is loving it and she is very good at it too! As for me, I am feeling a bit left out, I can't go and visit Franklin until the end of next week providing he gets the all clear. I am trying to be patient but it's not easy and I get very upset when mom goes over there without me. Yesterday one of the wooden slats on the blind at the window where I look out got broken. Mom asked me if I had been jumping up at the window while she was at Bonnies, because she said I looked a little "sheepish". I told her I am doggish and not sheepish and that it must of been the sock moster trying to take dad's sock outside again. Mom says she wonders why the 'sock monster didn't just go out the doggie door like 'he' normally does. Somehow I don't think mom believed me and I may have to enlist the services of Martha and Bailey to represent me in this case. The good thing is though, mom took me to the leash free park, so I guess I can't complain too much. Mom was trying to be silly and when I wasn't looking she hid behind some tall grass. I wasn't scared or anything when I couldn't see her but I thought I had better come running back to make sure SHE was okay. These are my "I'm coming to save you Mom photos" I was hoping to see some of my buddies there today but alas we were the only ones there. Can you imagine that, we have this wonderful park and hardly anyone goes there. At least I could leave them LOTS of pee-mail to let them know that I had been there. I also had a great time checking all the pee-mail they had left. This weekend is the Apple Jack Festival at Nebraska City and Mom, Dad and I are going to go to pick some fresh apples get apple cidar and have a picnic. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Hi Reilly, we are very pleased to hear that both Franklin and Bonnie are progressing.
    We are very impressed with Bonnie taking up painting at 80 - she sounds a very inspirational lady.
    We can understand you would be a bit upset at your mom visiting without you.
    There is no way you broke that blind and if you need our legal services we will be right over!
    You pictures were cool - real action shots.
    Probably just as well you had the place to yourself if your mum was hiding!
    Enjoy your Apple Jack Festival we have never heard of that so be sure to take your camera,
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. Yeah!

    We are sooo happy to hear about Franklin. Good new!

    Riley and Star.

  3. Happy to hear that Franklin is better and that Bonnie is also doing well!

    Love the last photo with your big smile and your ruff flying out behind you!

    Have fun at the Apple Festival and take lots of photos to share!

  4. So glad to hear that Franklin and Bonnie are having some good days! How exciting for Bonnie to start painting! And so good of your Mom to take her to the store!

    You look very cool running! Action shots are so neat! The park looks a lot like the one Katie and I visit, but ours isn't fenced so she has to stay on a leash. But she loves it just the same. Glad you got to go play! Keep protecting Mom, you never know when that sock monster will get out and cause havoc!

  5. Ooo I want to go smell some of the pee-mail with you at the empty doggie park! That'd be super fun.

    I'm glad your friends are doing well. It sucks not to feel good and want to bounce around!


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