Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am still here

Do you know I am now 3 years old? It was my birthday a few days ago (on the 19th) and although we didn't do anything exciting I did get lots of packets of my favorite treats. You would think on ones birthday that you would be allowed to eat as many as you want - but NOOOOOO Dad said it wouldn't be good for me.

As for the Mom, she is doing okay - not great but she is hanging in there. We are still waiting for when she can have the skin graft and it seems like every week the doctors say "next week". Sadly, she has been in a lot of pain and it hurts even for her to pat and cuddle me. That is okay though because I much prefer to cuddle with my Dad anyway.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

911 - Flashing Lights and other things

I am sorry it has taken me so long to come on and leave a message but yet again things haven't gone well for the mom. Two weeks ago in the early hours of the morning the mesh they had used on moms stomach to hold the wound together just suddenly gave way allowing her bowel to come out. Dad and I were terrified!!!! Thankfully dad kept his head and called 911 and within minutes an ambulance, the fire brigade and the police were there. There was a lot of noise, flashing lights and LOTS of people but they knew what they were doing and took FANTASTIC care of my mom. I was so scared for my mom and just wanted to be by her side but dad said I had to stay out the way and he shut me in the spare bedroom - can you believe that! Anyway they got mom into the ambulance and rushed her off to the hospital with more lights and noise. Dad let me out and said he had to go to be with mom and we started heading for the door and then he stopped and said I couldn't go with him. "BUT it's my mom and she needs me me" I whined. Dad gave me a hug and said it would be okay. He was right of coarse, mom went straight into surgery and they repaired the wound again (they said it had become infected and the mesh just lost its strength). They have used a different kind of mesh this time and in a few weeks they are planning to do a skin graft to add support to the wound but sadly this has also set mom almost back to square one again.

Thank you for the ideas on the itchy problem, dad took me to the VETS and it turns out to be a garden allergy - not sure exactly to what but something in the garden. They gave me some medicine and it is working really well - no more itching.