Monday, November 22, 2010

Hearth and home

You may be wondering what I am doing laying in front of a fire seeing how I don't like heat, but don't be fooled. Look at what I am laying on - nice cold tiles! My new house doesn't have vents on the floor for me to lay on so I had to find some other way to cool down and this is one of the places I like. Pretty Miss Katie also asked if I had lost weight while my mom was so sick and the answer is YES - nearly 8 pounds!!!! It wasn't due to fretting or missing my mom though, just a case of not getting the treats I was use to getting. The vet is very happy with my new weight as she said I was getting a little a chubby! I prefer to think of it as cuddly. Anyway, my new weight has made my zooming around the yard ability so much faster and every evening Dad and I go and play "skitchum" in the back yard. Skitchum is when you run around like a crazy thing, barking happily as Dad tries to touch you as you go flying past. Mom is still slowly improving and getting a little stronger each day. She can even get down the back step now and come out into my garden with me. We hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving - try to relax and just enjoy being with your families. Talking of family, it is with a sad heart that Dad's mom, our only remaining Grandpawrent passed away last week. Dad was very upset as he had been planning to go and visit her for thanksgiving but life over the rainbow bridge called and she had to go. Be at peace sweet Elsie and know that we love you.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new favorite place

My wonderful Dad has discovered a new place for me to explore. It is a huge park that has this pawesome lake, lots of walking trails and trees everywhere. There are also lots of ducks and geese for to bark at. There is a camp ground in the middle of the forest and lots of areas for kids.

In the middle of these trees is a huge fort that the kids can play on. If you click on the photo's you can them to see them better. Mom enjoyed just sitting at a picnic table and resting while dad took me on a walk.

Mom is doing much better and is able to walk a little ways before getting tired. Thankfully there are lots of good places to sit around the lake and Mom enjoys the quiet and the smell of the forest.

I must admit I am enjoying our new home and even though it's not as cold here (we are averaging mid 60's) I like it because we can go for more walks in the park.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cold rainy day

You all know how I hate to get my paws wet so I thought today that I would fill you in on what has been happening. Back in late August mom had to go back into hospital to have a skin graft to try and help the wound on her stomach heal and of coarse it didn't work - in fact it made things so much worse. Mom got really really sick. She had a hole in the bowel which caused a major infection and then just when she was getting over that she developed ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) She was on a ventilator for two weeks and Dad says we nearly lost her a couple of times. She also had to have a bowel resection done. It was a very scary time and then on top of that the place Dad was working were making it hard for him to stay there. His job required 90% travel and Dad just couldn't do it with mom being so sick. So he found a new job and there is no travel involved which means he comes home to me every night!Mom is doing better but it is still a struggle for her as she has some problems getting enough nutrition, especially the protein she needs to help her wound heal. She also had to spend 3 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital learning to walk and talk again due to being in ICU for a month and being so weak. The one good thing is the medicine they gave her when she was on the ventilator affects short terms memory and she has no memory of what happen in August and September. She didn't forget me or my Dad and that was the important thing. I will take some photos of my new house as soon as the sun comes out again.