Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wacky Weather

We had a tornado touch down just 1/4 mile from us yesterday. All of sudden it started hailing - the hail stones were golf ball size the sky just turned black and the noise was horrendous. It was so scary for the Mom - me I just sat there watching Mom wondering why she was getting all nervous!! They are saying it followed the highway and also passed within 1/4 mile of where my Dad works - luckily they had some warning and were already in their safe places. The sirens here went off after it passed but the wind was making so much noise I didn't even get to howl at it !!!!! You can read about it here at our local news site. Mom and I are also very sad to see that the storms yesterday have killed over 200 people now - that is 200+ families grieving today, 200+ families without a loved one and facing a lonelier future. I am sure it is also a number of pets without a Mom or Dad too. So please put your paws together and say a little prayer for all the sad people and pets today.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on MY bluebirds

We had bad storms and tornado warnings again last night and of coarse first thing I did this morning was go out out and check on MY Bluebirds. They are quite quite happy (even though we had to move their nest box to a new post) and are busy padding their nest some more.

We are supposed to have a nice today but then this evening more severe weather. Luckily storms don't bother me at all - I just keep snoozing right on through them no matter how noisy they get. Mom is not liking them though - she doesn't like feeling of being "on edge" when the tornado warnings come across the weather radio. They don't have tornado's and hurricanes in Australia so this is something my Mom just isn't use to. Have a great day everyone and stay safe where ever you are.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Not so Eggtroidinary

We were watching the video of Misty and Oreo playing with plastic easter eggs that had treats in them and Mom thought it would be good for me to try too. Well "IT" figured out it pretty quickly but me - hmmm why would I want to play along with this game? It really wasn't challenging enough (darn that I couldn't get the thing open ---ummmm I mean the darn thing WOULD NOT open!) Mom says I have to keep practising. Notice I did hit it with my paw like Mom told me too and of coarse when Mom had the video on "IT" he wouldn't do it again which means there is no proof that he did do it! Oh - Mom found the plastic eggs at Walmart - they had all the Easter items 50% off at the moment - so it cost like 60 cents for 8 of them.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


Can you believe my Mom and Dad ABANDONED me for the weekend. Can you guess where they went *hint* it is the home of the Blue Angels. While they were off seeing the sights I was left at home with "she who is never seen" (dad's daughter) and "IT" (Jackson) Mom had been mumbling something about missing the smell of salt air and sand between her toes and dad had promised when she was well enough he would take her "THERE". They said they don't allow doggies "THERE". What kind of place doesn't allow doggies ???? A BAD BAD place I say.

Mom has promised me though that the next time they go away they are taking me with them because she missed me soooo much. And I guess I can't complain too much as she did bring me back some treats. Oh the place where the Blue Angels home base is - is also where my dad did his flight training when he joined the Navy. He got to see lots of places that he remembered that were BM & BR (before Mom and before Reilly)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Paw Note

Mom and I were out inspecting the damage and Mom picked up the nest box to move and heard scrattling inside. Momma Bird is still in there - sitting on eggs!!! We covered the opening quickly and put the nest back up on one of the new poles that survived the wind. Fingers crossed we may still get some baby bluebirds after all. Mom and I are doing the Reilly happy dance !!!!!

Oh - this is what Mr Bluebird looks like - isn't he pretty


What a night !

We had the tornado sirens going off most of the night and for quite some time during the worst of it Dad, Mom, me and "IT" were all huddled in the laundry room. We got up this morning and look what had happened to my fence ! And what really SUCKS - is they just finished fixing it yesterday from when part of it blew down two weeks ago ! Mom is very upset because she had a nesting box on the fence and a pair of bluebirds had moved in - it was their box that hit the ground. Here I am checking to see if they are still in there - but sadly no, they have left. Goodness knows how long it will take to get the fence fixed again as quite a few of our neighbors also have damage.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We have a winner !!!! And other news !!!

Woo hooooo - I went across to Random.Org and let it choose our winner and it was - drum roll please.........number 21 which was

21. Katie, Maizey and Magnus

Congratulations ! If you can contact me with your mailing address I will get your prizes in the mail ASAP. Email me at

Thank you to every doggie and other that entered - we loved reading your posts and seeing how you got your names. There was so much thought that went into them and of coarse every doggie and other ended up with the PERFECT name. We will be be having another giveaway soon so keep visiting.

My (okay and the Moms) new bloggie "Wipe Your Paws" is featured on "Pet Blogs United" today so call on by and have a read. This is a great place and they are always happy to have new members. We have also had our first sales and made donations to the ASPCA and the Elephant Sanctuary - how cool is that !


Monday, April 18, 2011

Entries in our giveaway - closing today to be quick

Thank you to EVERY PUP and OTHER who entered my giveaway. We have LOVED reading how you all got your names. Here are all the entries so far and you still have a couple of hours to enter if you haven't already.

PS This was meant to be drawn at 12.00 midday today but I noticed on some of the blogs I visited where buddies had mentioned the giveaway they had put 12.00 midnight, so to be fair to everyone I will draw it tomorrow.

Here is all the entries so far

1. Sawyer

2. The Thundering Herd

3. Catalina

4. Anna

5. Lincoln

6. Eva

7. Branson

8. Maggie & Mitch

9. Oskar

10. Fenris, Scylla, Artemisia, Socks

11. Amber

12. Katie

13. Sally

14. Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

15. Rugby

16. Trudy

17. Brody

18. Asta

19. Mango

20. Channon

21. Katie, Maizey and Magnus

22. Bailey and Katie


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful Sunday Morning

We got up early and went for a walk in the park with Dad. It was bright and sunny but the wind was a little cold. Here in I am in our new car - did I mention we have a new car? Our old van died just before we left Nebraska and dad finally got around to getting a new one (mainly because Mom is driving again and wanted MY car back. Am I one happy doggie - look at those smiles and happy eyes? Remember you can click on the photo's to see them bigger.

We also saw some funny colored ducks this morning - the ducks around here seem to cross breed a lot but it makes for some interesting patterns and they sure are fun to chase. And here are Dad and I (and "IT") walking through the wooded area. Do you like my high stepping paw movement?

And lastly something you don't see very often - here are my Mom and Dad. Look at my silly Mom - it was a lovely 58 degrees and she is rugged up like she was freezing. I thought it was just perfect. She said the wind blowing across the lake was making it cold. Have a great Sunday everyone.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Action shots

Here I am doing some jumps this afternoon - with Mom happily snapping away with that flashy box. Yeah !!! over the first jump I easy and racing to the second. Did I mention that I LOVE to jump!

And he takes off over the second jump - fur flying in the breeze (Mom says I look like I was sort of sitting down as I jumped) and then over I go. Check out the crossed paws - that was for my speedy turning to the left.


Run - hide - bury your head !

My Dad BETRAYED me - he went and got Mom a new flashy box thing - you know the thing they are ALWAYS pointing at us - what do hoomans call them mmmmmm a camera, yes that is it. Dad bought Mom a new fancy camera!!!! Great Dad - as if she didn't take enough pictures of me, now she can get super-duper close and all that fast action stuff. What was he thinking - how could he do this to me? The things I have to endure just because I am handsome "sigh".

This weather is just crazy at the moment - after having the windows open most of the week and it being warm and sunny, today we had to have the heat back on because it is so cold. Mom doesn't like these quick changes in temperature - she says it makes he bones ache. Mom is also a bit sad today - when she came to the USA 8 years ago she was 5 foot 6 and half inches tall (it is in her passport!). Today when she measured her height she is only 5 foot 2 and half inches tall - and all this time she thought Dad was getting taller - instead SHE is turning into the incredible shrinking women. I told her not to worry - she will never be as short as me :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

How I got my name

As you know I have been running a giveaway and all you had to do was tell everyone how you got your name. (There is still time to enter - if you are quick, the giveaway ends Monday at 12.00pm)

So how did I get my name - you may be asking. Well Mom had been wanting another sheltie for sooooo long and when they moved to Nebraska her one stipulation was that the house they rented must allow pets. They found one that did and she also found me! They came to see me when I was just five weeks old (wasn't I so cute). Now like most parents Mom and Dad had been thinking of names and Dad wanted a good Aussie name. He loves all things Australian (of which my Mom is). He also loves the movie "The Man From Snowy River" The author of the poem that this film is about - was Banjo Patterson and Mom liked the name "Banjo". Dad on the other hand wanted to name me after another Banjo Patterson poem which was "Clancy of the Overflow". Can you believe Dad wanted to call me Clancy???? What were you thinking DAD?????

Anyway, they took one look at me and just KNEW that neither of the names suited me. Mom and I snuggled and cuddled a lot when we first met and she instantly fell in love with me. She knew that if she waited the "right" name would come - that she would be given a sign. Driving back home Mom and Dad talked a lot about my name and as they were getting closer to home a huge billboard loomed above them with the name "Reilly" on it and she knew instantly that was my name. She called the breeder straight away and told her and she started calling me from then on. Mom chuckles a little when she thinks back on it - it was after all a "sign from above" that gave me my name !

Here is all the entries so far


The Thundering Herd






Maggie & Mitch


Fenris, Scylla, Artemisia, Socks




Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara







Katie, Maizey and Magnus


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can "IT" say "I want that cookie !

No walks in the park today - Mom hasn't been feeling to well today so we were just outside enjoying the breeze and the warm sun. Then Mom pulled some cookies from her pocket and "IT" got so excited "IT" was almost slobbering. Mom managed to get this close up of "IT".

The men are FINALLY here to fix my fence at least the bit that blew down. We are also having the double gates replaced so they are setting the post and will be back next week to hang the new gates.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The BIG Reveal

Come one come all - the new blog is officially open and you can see it here ! We hope you like it :)


We are still working out some "bugs" not sure if the shopping cart is working correctly yet, if it isn't please let me know. There is an email link on the right hand side. All items are hand made by Mom (with me dogervising and giving the final woof of approval) - it does take time to make items so there is not a lot available at the moment and there is only ONE of each item.

Please become a follower if you want to see when we add new things. We should be updating it a couple of times a week. And remember - ALL the money raised is going to the ASPCA and the Elephant Sanctuary and we have a tracker on the top of the page that will show the donations.


Another visit to the park

It is another beautiful day today so we went to the park again - this time we went around the other side of the lake. It was so pawsome except of coarse for "IT". "IT" wanders and weaves all over the place and tangles the leads up all the time. Even "IT" couldn't really dampen my enjoyment though - although I was tempted to give "IT" a little nudge over when we were sitting on the dock. That would of been fun watching "IT" dog paddle back to shore gawoof gawoof.

There was certainly a lot more people there today and I guess they were all enjoying the sunshine too. I did like where we walked though as it was more shaded and even though it wasn't hot with my big coat I get warm pretty quickly. Of coarse the turtles were out again - it is no wonder they don't allow swimming at this lake anymore - all those turtles would be nibbling at people's toes! YYYYaaaaawwwnnnn - I am off to have a bit of snooze and dream about what adventures we will go on tomorrow.


Don't forget the giveaway

Just a few more days to get those links in - come on - tell us how you got your name !

Entries go here


It's time for a giveaway

Okay every doggie and other furbabies - Mom and Bailey have been hard at work creating the prize for our latest giveaway and of coarse I gave the final approval (I am the big dog dogervisor after all)

So what is it you have to do?
The other day Sawyer the Schnauzer had a terrific post on her blog about how she got her name. It started Mom thinking and wondering - how did every doggie and other furbabies get their names? So this is the challenge for you.

On YOUR bloggie - tell every one how you got your name, had your mom and dad already picked a name for you, did they wait and see what personality you had, was it a favorite movie character, a relative, a book character ...and so on. If you need some help have a look what Sawyer wrote. We gave Sawyer an entry in the giveaway - because she had already written about this. NOTE : Quite a few of you have already done a "how did you get your name" challenge and it okay if you want to use an old posting :)

Once you have done that come back here and leave a link to your post in my comments so everyone can go and see it. How easy is that ???? And don't forget to tell your friends too. The giveaway will run until the Monday 18th April 2011 and we will draw the winner using Random.Org Any furbaby can enter - doggies, kitties, bunny's what ever :)

And what is the prize for a giveaway you may be barking - well here it is. This is a little mini photo album for the hoomans to put all their favorite pictures of YOU in. Mom hands cuts each page with the letters on and then decorates them. These will be also available on the new bloggie for sale and the best part is you can have them personalized - with YOUR name and the colors you like. So get those paws tapping on the keyboard and lets see how you got your name. Oh, and there will also be some yummy treats in the parcel that Mom sends to the winner - just for you!

Remember you can click on the photos to see them bigger !!