Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a winter wonderland

Wow wow wow ! We got 4 inches of snow last night and have we been having so much fun this morning. You know this is a bit of an odd thing for us here in Arkansas but I guess the weather dogs were all working just at the right time to create this. Anyway - The little dude Wuzster (Denny) has decided he TOTALLY loves it. This is his first snow! There is hope for the boy after all! He races around and jumps up at the tree branches to make the snow fall, he grabs mouthfuls of it and then shakes his head at the cold (probably getting brain freeze the dufuss). Me - I am just just enjoying laying down in the snow and enjoying the cold (I bet I could give the Woo's a run for their cookies when it comes to enjoying the snow - hmmm maybe I am a new hybrid polar sheltie???) Mom thinks it funny that whenever she look outside - there I am curled up in the snow fast asleep - she says I look like a husky. Sadly most of it will melt away today but while it is here we are going to enjoy it - "get the towels ready Mom - we are going out again!!!!!" Gawoof gawoof - Mom isn't so happy that she has to dry us off every time we come back inside.


Monday, November 28, 2011

It's snowing

Look at my deck ! It's snowing and it's big fluffy flakes and we are having so much fun playing in it. The "Wuzster" was a little scared of it to begin with but I showed him how pawsome it is to be able to run in the cold and not get all hot - after that he was one happy little dude and has been jumping up trying to catch the flakes ever since. Dog oh dog - I love the cold!


Mom says something odd has happened to me lately. In my 4 and a half years I have NEVER shown any interest in getting up on or sleeping on the sofa but over the last few weeks I have developed a liking to it. Don't tell her - but here are the real reasons for this change.
1. I get to be close to my dad
2. When I stand up on the back of the sofa I can see out the big window
3. The 'wuzster' otherwise known as Denny hasn't figured out how to jump up the sofa so it gives me time away from him
4. I find lots of good crumbs in the cushions that my dad drops
5. I get to "butt change" the remote and put on my favorite shows
6. I get LOTS of cuddles from my dad when I jump up next to him.
7. My bones are not getting any younger and I now enjoy a bit of padding to rest them upon.
8. I get to smirk at Mom and say "see I love my Dad" - you are just okay!

PS - talking about looking our the big window - I just did and it's SNOWING !!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something is happening

Now as a new puppy to life where everything is still strange and unusual for me I have noticed something very odd. It seems to be getting COLD. Mommy says I am noticing this because I was a summer puppy. This "cold" thing is a new phenomenon to me an although I must admit I have been really enjoying sitting out on my (I mean Weilly's) deck lately - I am also noticing that first thing in the morning it makes my little footsies feel a bit funny. That is when I come running inside and snuggle up on my little bed. And you know what else - the grass is scrunchy !!! Mommy says it's because we have had some frosts in the morning lately and that makes the grass icy and cold.

You know, when you are 'new' to life there seems to be a lot of strange things that don't seem to make sense. Take this morning for instance. Daddy decided to clean up the yard and take some trash to the refuge center and do you know what he did - he took Weilly for a car ride with him and left me at home - boo hoo!!!!! Now admittedly I am scared about getting in the car and tend to run away and hide but once I am in the car I am fine - but do you think that is any reason to leave me home? Sure it would of meant 10 minutes of chasing me around the house but I would of loved that car ride once I got in it. Instead I had to stay home and be with the boring old Mommy.

I guess you are wondering how Mommy is doing too. She gets pretty frustrated some days as even the smallest tasks wear her out and leave her feeling dizzy, shaking and needing to lay down for an hour. And needless to say on top of it all the poor Mommy also got Daddy's flu. She didn't get it as bad as Dad but enough to make her spend a few days just sleeping in bed - the hardest thing for her though is the coughing. When you have a tummy full of stitches - the last thing you want to do is start coughing. Hopefully next Wednesday she will have all the stitches out and we will be able to start doing more again. Oh Mommy wanted to say a special thank you to Dawn and Katie (gawoof gawoof did you know Weilly is smitten over Miss Katie - he thinks she is soooo pretty) Dawn and Katie sent Mommy a get well card and it arrived when she was feeling really yucky and it helped cheer her up lots.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fluffy boy

Mommy says I am starting to get a nice fluffy coat now and a bushy tail. I just know I prefer sleeping on the nice cool tiles rather then the carpet because this fluffy coat is hot. Weilly and I have been soooo busy looking after Mommy and Daddy. Mommy is still very sore and sees her surgeon tomorrow to have some stitches out and Daddy is still very sick with the flu. He has even been home the last two days and Weilly says Daddy NEVER takes days off work unless he is really really sick. I hope Weilly and I don't get the flu I don't want to make those weird noises that Daddy does.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little bit of pondering

Hello - it's me Denny and I thought I would do some blogging today. I must admit I am bit confused at the moment, my mommy keeps coming and going and I don't know where she goes and I don't like it when she isn't home. Weilly and Daddy say Mommy keeps doing into this big building called a hospital where they are trying to make her better. But every time she comes home from there she doesn't seem better and has big ouchies and spends a lot of time in bed. I want my old Mommy back, the one that would take Weilly and me to the park and the pet store. I want the old Mommy back that would sit on the floor with me and give me brushes and teach me new things. Mommy is so sad at the moment - she wants to play with me and cuddle but she's too sore. We are trying to be good for Mommy but we have so much energy and want to run and play. And now Daddy is sick too he had something called the flu and is making HUGE barking noises that scares me. I don't think Mommies and daddies should be allowed to get sick - it is too upsetting for us doggies.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mom watch

Mom is going to have surgery again today - they can't fix it all at the moment and she will need more surgery in a couple more weeks but it should make her a bit more comfortable. Please keep your paws together for our Mom and send lots of good vibes her way.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

good memories

I know Mom is still healing and she is really struggling with a lot of pain, but I sure do miss our walkies. Mom and I were chatting and saying how much we enjoy the smells in the woods and at this time of the year all the changing colors. We have noticed the woods are also much quieter now and we are guessing many of the birds are heading for warmer climates. Mom goes back to the surgeon on Wednesday and hopefully we will have some good new again and things can back on track and we will be able to get in some more walks before it gets too cold. Thank you everyone for the power of the paw - we know it helped so much.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Coffee With a Canine

How cool - we were featured on "Coffee with a Canine" today. If you would like to check out our interview you can visit here. Bree, Reilly and Denny (We also suggested some our buddies for future interviews too :) Mom is home now and taking it easy - we will be busy 'nursing' her this weekend and making sure she feels better.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some more news

Well we found out today what has been causing the problem for my Mom - she has the dreaded MRSA infection again. They have begun treatment already and hopefully she will be able to come home tomorrow but will need home help to continue the treatment. She will also need more surgery in 2-3 weeks to repair the skin again. We just want our Mom home - the little wuzster especially has been missing her - he is such a sappy little guy. And I guess I kind of miss the Mom too - just don't let her know I said that okay :)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick up-date

Dad is helping me with this update. He said Mom has had her surgery - she had a huge abscess that actually burst just as they moved her to the operating table but it is all cleaned up now and paws crossed things will get better. She does have to have a blood transfusion today as she is very anemic and her albumin level is also low. She ate a big breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed it and Dad was very pleased with that. They are going to keep Mom in hospital until Friday but happily MY dad is here to take care of me and Wuzster. Thankyou so much for the power of the paw - we KNOW it made a huge difference.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We need the power of the paw please

Mom hasn't been feeling really well the last few days - running a temperature, in quite a bit of pain and such. Last night Dad check her wound and found it all swollen and red. They have just been to the doctors and he is admitting her to hospital with surgery this afternoon to drain what appears to be a large fluid build up and infection. Please put your paws together for my Mom and send some healing thoughts her way. She is very upset by this latest development and was hoping that this time there was not going to be any complications - but we guess it wasn't meant to be that way.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Come see what I found Denny

"Come on Denny - come and see what I just found in the tomato patch"

"Errrm it's okay Mommie, I can see it from here"

"Come on little one - it won't hurt you"

"Are you sure Mommie - okay I might come a little closer"

"OH MOMMIE - it's tasty! I like this funny looking thing"

We went out to pick the last of our tomatoes this morning and found this "triplet" tomato hiding in the branches. There are actually 3 separate stems on the other side but the tomatoes are all joined together. Natures likes to do funny things sometimes.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Nose shoves and paw swipes

As much as I hate to admit it - the Wuzster is one smart little dude - not as smart as me but pretty close. Mom has been trying some different interactive toys with him as well as his normal training and recently bought this puzzle game for him. Now she got this from Beauditious Paws for $12.99 and saw the same thing on Amazon for $44.00 so do your homework before buying such things as there is a HUGE price difference. This is Denny's first attempt and he had it figured out in just a few minutes. It is funny to see what "style" each doggy uses to get the treats. Denny is a shove with his nose and swipe with his paws kind of guy. We have seen other dogs who will take hold of the pegs and in their mouth and pull them out, and one doggy who figured out it is easy to just tip the game upside down!

We give this a four paw rating - it is a great toy. For Denny though, being the little kleptomaniac that he is - Mom has to remember to pick up all the pegs or they will find themselves outside amongst his other "lost and found" items.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Digital

So the Mom is struggling bit with the whole energy thing and spends much of the day resting and playing on the computer. She does get up and move about a bit - but a trip to the letter box yesterday nearly did her in - so of coarse the whole idea of going walkies to the park is not even on the table and of coarse that also means no photos to really share. It is bad enough WE are bored but now she is too and look at what she has been doing to pass the time. Yesterday she found a cool website (in her opinion) where you can make digital scrap booking pages. No paper needed! She did this one in about 5 minutes and likes that it is bright and colorful. When you finish the page you can of coarse print them out too. Yeah ! just what we need - another book full of Reilly ignoring the flashy beast photos. Get better QUICK Mom is all I can say!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

$10 Tasty Ticket

With Mom not feeling quite her normal self the Wuzster has been feeling a little bored. Destuffing of the stuffy toys seems to have become his number one time passing thing at the moment and of coarse 'finding things' that are not even lost - he is a magician at that. So when Mom's instant scratchy ticket (a $10 winner no less) disappeared from the coffee table there was only one thing to do and that was to follow the trail of paper bits outside and guess who we found at the end of it??? The missing ticket, Dad's eye glass cleaning cloth, a measure cup, a door stop and he has even found a wooden spoon. Mom is now calling him clepto-Denny but what I KNOW one thing for sure - There goes your new stuffy that Mom was planning to buy you this week Wuzster - ah the price you pay for a tasty ticket.