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Make your own agility equipment
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Teeter Toter

From the Tricks and Games training magazines instructions on how to build your own teeter. We have used the same technique (with PVC pipe to make out own jumps and weave poles) and it works out so much cheaper then buying the equipment. It is also lightweight which makes moving them so much easier. One tip we found if you wanted to add weight to the frame and help increase the stability - you can add some sand to the pipe as you are building it.

Weave Poles and Jumps

These are the plans I drew up and used to my own agility jumps and weave poles. They are made from PVC which you can buy at any Home Supply store or Plumbing store. You can glue the pieces together using PVC glue but I found it doesn't really need it and it is easier to pull the pieces apart and move it around or take to the park with you this way. The shopping list is for just for 1 jump - if you want to make more just double, treble etc the amounts. We made three jumps for our coarse and remember the height of the jump is based on your dogs height (See the list below for the correct heights).

The agility organizations have the following jump height divisions: Please check each organization for any current update though as they do change occassionally.

For dogs 10" and under at the withers: 8" jump height
over 10" and under 14" at the withers: 12" jump height
over 14" and under 18" at the withers: 16" jump height
over 18" and under 22" at the withers: 20" jump height
over 22" at the withers: 24" jump height
Other jump divisions: Dogs over 22” may be entered in a 26” jump class at the owner’s discretion. Also some small breeds may be allowed to enter a “preferred” 4” class. Older dogs may also be entered into “preferred” classes for lower height jumping.

For dogs 12" and under at the withers: 12" jump height
over 12" and under 16" at the withers: 16" jump height
over 16" and under 21" at the withers: 22" jump height
over 21" at the withers: 26" jump height

For dogs 8” or less: 4” jump height
For dogs 12” or less:: 8” jump height
For dogs 16” or less:: 12” jump height
For dogs 20” or less:: 16” jump height
For dogs 24” or less:: 20” jump height
For dogs over 24”:: 24” jump height

For dogs 14" and under at the withers:: 8" jump height
over 14" and under 20" at the withers: 14" jump height
over 20" at the withers: 24" jump height

For dogs’ 11’’ and under:: 8” jump height
For dogs 14” and under:: 12” jump height
For dogs 18” and under:: 16” jump height
For dogs’ 20” and under:: 20” jump height
For dogs’ over 20”: 20” jump height

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  1. Thanks for the information! Hershey enjoys agility activities and I've been thinking about doing them at home.


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