Sunday, January 30, 2011

A walk around the lake

Yesterday and today I went for a walk with Mom and Dad around the lake. Today wasn't quite as good because "IT" came too and I much prefer walking alone with my Mom and Dad. We can already see signs of spring coming, there are little tufts of green grass popping up everywhere. Yesterday it was a lovely 63 degrees and today it is 58 which of coarse is just perfect for taking a leisurely stroll. The lake was so pretty, there was no wind and it was flat and calm and had that wonderful mirror like quality. Mom is so much stronger then she was and both she and Dad were saying how good it is to feel almost normal again and doing normal things.

Of coarse at this time of year there are many geese visiting and flying overhead and for the first time ever, I actually discovered it is fun to chase the geese into the water. I have never done that before, preferring instead to ignore them, but today it just seemed like a fun thing to do. We also came across this cool tree stump - Mom named it "Nature's Dog Bowl" and you have to admit it does look like a double dog bowl. I checked it out but alas there was no food hiding in it. I had a great weekend and hope you did too.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Now some of of you may be thinking I don't like "IT" (Jackson) very much but I just wanted to show you that I am getting better about "IT" being near me. I have even got to the point where I will allow "IT" to sleep on me, instead of next to me. Of coarse "IT" is just stealing my heat as without having any REAL fur, "IT" gets cold all the time. My dogness, I will even occasionally play tug with "IT" just to help keep it amused - not that I enjoy a good game of tug or anything! I do think that it is a bit rude that "IT" has taken over MY toy box and plays with ALL my toys. Gfaw, gfaw - mom thought I was bad as a puppy emptying the toy box, but Jackson does it at least 10 times a day and scatters the toys EVERYWHERE. Will I ever really get use to "IT" being here, only time will tell but in the mean time Mom says I just have to learn a little tolerance.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

"ITS" a little stinker!!!

You are probably going to think I am a bad sport and a little mean for saying this - but "IT" (being Jackson) is a little stinker! I mean this literally - dog oh dog - can that little guy fart! Excuse my vocabulary here but it's hard to put a indelicate subject delicately. "IT" is fine if "IT" just eat MY food and MY charcoal cookies - but heaven help any one in the room if "IT" eats anything different. Personally - now I understand why such a supposedly cute little guy ended up at the humane society : not once but twice! I can not even tell you how many times in the last week poor Mom and myself have had to skedaddle out of the room as feet as our feet could carry us and stand at the open back door (in the cold) to get some "fresh" air. YES !!! IT is that bad! How could something so small make such a big stink, that is what I want to know?

I have even had to resort to hiding under the computer table next to mom's feet just to get away from "IT". Mom gets a little worried about this as they are lots of wires and cords under there but what is a dog supposed to do when "IT" decides it wants to cuddle up next to one and then constantly lets off those silent and deadly fart bombs? Sure, "IT" is sometimes fun to play tug with but I still don't like "IT" and now I have a good reason not too. Woofitty woof gfaw gfaw - Mom says "IT" will have to be on a strict diet from now on and that means "IT" can't have any of my special treats which don't bother me, but do bother "IT". YES!!! I shall indeed enjoy chomping them in front of "IT" knowing that "IT" can't have any. Ah - the sinister side of Reilly appears !


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflections of the past

I read with much sadness about the passing of Misty today - she was a pretty little blue merle sheltie and her mom called her "her good girl". She sounds like she had a temperament much like Reilly does as I always call him "my good boy" I picked Reilly up from his breeder when he was just 6 weeks old (yes - that was very young but we were moving from Minnesota to Nebraska the next day and really had no choice) He was the perfect puppy, he slept the whole way on the drive and NEVER once cried at night time. He was house trained within a week and learned tricks as fast as I could teach him. He has never been a "cuddly" dog, preferring instead to always be close by my feet. He loves his walks and car rides and loved to visit our neighbor and her Corgi Franklin. He has had his share of illness - mainly due to severe food allergies but once we and the vets figured out what the problems were this has been pretty much resolved now.

Most importantly though, Reilly saved me. Since moving to the USA I have suffered on and off with severe depression. I have no family here (apart from my husband) and found it difficult to make friends and I had a depth of loneliness I could not even begin to describe. With Reilly by my side I had a new purpose in my life. His soft head is always close by whenever I need a warm touch, those eyes that seem to just "know" how I am feeling and that attitude of "come on Mom - snap out it and lets play" is always there. He is my constant companion, I take him with me in the car as much as I possibly can as he helps keep me calm, he goes on holidays with us - even though it means LOTS of extra searching to find places that allow dogs. He stays at hotels with us and has never barked at all the strange noises he hears. He walks on a lead perfectly, doesn't bother with other dogs and just enjoys being Reilly.

Last year when I spent 9 months in hospital and was pretty much sick for the rest of it, I was so worried he would change. He spent an awful lot of time alone and even though my step daughter was there to feed him she didn't really have the time to spend with him. I worried constantly how being by himself would affect his personality, so much so they even allowed him to come and visit me in the hospital. And yet there he was when I came home, "my good boy" just as he always was - sweet, adorable and totally Reilly. If that is not amazing than I don't know what is.

Reilly is nearly four years old and I hope and pray to have many many more years of his company. Sadly, we never know what is just around the corner or what can happen, so I wanted to take the time to share my wonderful "good boy" with everyone and document just how special he is to us.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cards for Pets

Mom has been experimenting with some card designs specifically for people with pets and here is the first one she finished. It is a style of pop up card but folds flat and goes in a standard size envelope. She used a nice metallic blue cardstock and then added these cute graphics. There is space on the back to write a message.

I am happy to say it is still snowing here and it looks like we will get about three inches in total. I must say I do so enjoy the cold weather especially as my coat is getting quite thick again at the moment. I can't wait to see "IT" a little later, I am sure he will all but disappear under the fluffy white stuff.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's only taken three weeks !

Don't be fooled, I don't like IT ! I just felt sorry for the little dude. It got very cold last night and even though he had his sweater on, he was still chilly so when he snuggled over next to me to 'borrow' some of my heat - I let him. NO WAY is this going to be a regular occurrence though as I still don't like IT but I guess IT is here to stay so I will just have to put up with IT. Oh, guess what else, it SNOWED here last night - we got about two inches and it is so funny to see Jackson out in it, he sinks right up to his tummy! We both enjoyed eating the snow though, it was yummy.

Now in other news Jackson has entered the blogging world so if you would like to see some of his adventures and LOTS more pictures of him then please go look at his page and maybe leave a few comments so he doesn't feel left out. His blog is His mom still has some fine tuning to do on his page yet but she has made a great start.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner Time

It was dinner time and I must admit the little guy is pretty good about not stealing my food. The funny thing is, he eats the same amount of food I do and always finishes way before me. You wouldn't think such a little dog could eat so much, but he does!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom is at it again

Mom is back to doing to doing some scrap booking which is something else she hasn't done in nearly a year. This is part of her getting back to "normal" Of coarse I find it all terribly boring as Mom drifts off into her own little world when she is creating and I am left alone and forlorn under the table watching her feet! Life is tough when your dog! I am still pondering over this whole Jackson issue - personally I think IT is nothing but a pest and the cheek of the little thing - IT has decided that my tail is a good play thing and IT chases me around trying to bite at it. Thankfully Mom is having none of that as she doesn't like nippy dogs. We are also having some issues with the whole "going outside to do our business". It seems Jackson is not as "house trained" as we were told. Again the Mom has this well in hand and why do you ask is Mom doing this when Jackson is "she who is never seen's" dog - it is because SHE has just started work so Jackson is now left for MY Mom to look after. Personally I would be quite happy if Mom just left IT outside but of coarse he whimpers and looks all cute in his little coats. I suppose it is a little cold out there for such a little thing.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beach Pavilion ??

Mom, Dad and I went for a drive today to another State Park where we came across this "Beach Pavilion" which was built in 1923. Mom still finds it odd that they have "beaches" at lakes as beaches to her refer to sand and salt water. Can you see me sitting in front of it? It was a lovely park and we can't wait to go there again in Spring when it all lush and green. We were reading a plaque that was in front of the pavilion and it said the "Little Rock Symphony" played there in 1928. It must of been a small symphony as the building is not very big. There was also a cool wishing well at the park and when it has water in it again we hope to get some pictures of it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start of a New Year

Happy New Year to every pup and their mom and dads. My mom started the new year off with something she hasn't done in over 12 months - she actually drove her car this morning! This is another step for mom to feeling "normal" again and it also means she will be able to take me to the park when she wants too. Mom has also been very busy trying to get a photo of me and Jackson together but seeing how I don't like IT near me, this has been no easy task. She did finally get some - with Dads help and some cookies. Do you like Jackson's new sweater? For some reason he doesn't have a nice warm coat like me so he has to wear a sweater to keep warm - what a WUZ! And do you see him jumping up to try and steal MY cookie from MY dad! As soon as I stop being scared of him (ummm I mean his sharp little teeth) I am going to have to teach this young whipper snapper a thing or two.