Friday, August 31, 2012

The report is back

We just got the report back from the vet and as we feared it is not good news. Denny (best known as Dweeb #2) will need surgery on his knee. We have an appointment with the specialist vet in Memphis on September 11th to see which will be the best option - either the scope or actual surgery. The really hard thing is they say the Dweeb is going to have be confined for six weeks after the surgery (as is like a play pen - confined) and Mom and Dad will have to carry him outside when he needs to go out. The Wuzster is NOT going to like this one little bit. Mom is very worried what this will do to his psyche as we all know what a "FRAGILE" minded little dweeb he is. Personally I think the Dweeb is just attention seeking and is just copying my occasional limpies - he is a dweeb after all!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A visitor

Mom says someone called Isaac is coming to visit and we had better enjoy some outside time now because when he arrives he is going to bring LOTS of rain and we are going to be stuck indoors.

Now common sense seems to dictate that Mom just simply tells this Isaac dude that he can't come to visit and he isn't welcome here. I mean to say - if all he is going to do is bring rain - that stuff that is wet and which I and the Dweebs HATE - why would he come?

Mom says she can't really stop him (huh - I thought Mom could do ANYTHING). Well if he has to come the least he could do is bring bones or cookies or treats but that rain stuff - he can keep that!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sad news on my little boy

My sweet little boy has continued to limp since his visit to the vets last week and we were back there again today. Many x-rays later they found he has some degenerative arthritis in his left knee and swollen tendons. They are sending the x-rays to a specialist doggie radiologist in Canada for a second opinion but it looks like either a scope or surgery will be needed in the next few weeks. What has caused this we don't know, will he have problems with his other joints we don't know. At the moment he is supposed to have lots of rest (which for a 1 year old is near impossible) and NSAID's to help with the pain and inflammation. Mr Vet said he was real little trooper - he had 15 x-rays with his leg in all different positions and he just laid there quietly while they did it. We should get the results from the Canadian Doc in about a week and will know more then.

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's MEEEEE Jaaaaackkkkkeeeeeeee

I have hijacked the BIG DOG's Bloggie today (just don't tell him okay!!) Everyone thinks those other two 'furballs' are so smart and handsome but let me tell you something - they are secret sun-puddler thieves - yes you heard it here! And I have the proof to show you!

Here I was enjoying a nice sun puddle out in the sun-room and along came those 'furballs' and pushed their way in - trying to steal my sun puddle!!!

WELL I wasn't having any of that - I rolled around and spread myself out, taking up as much as the sun-puddle as I could - which wasn't much cause I am kinda on the small side. They said they just wanted to be near their Mom but I know differently and you know what - I WON !!! Those furballs got all hot and over heated being in MY sun-puddle and they had to move on out of there - yeah one for the Jackeeeeeee! PPPPPPssssssss did you know I have a secret admirer - Mrs Woo Mom thinks I am adorable - and she is right!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did you wonder?

Did you wonder where we were actually going on our walk yesterday? We were heading up to the 'lookout' so we could see what we could see! Remeber you can click on the photos to see them bigger

We started off our walk by going through the 'little' lake gardens. This is actually a small park behind MY big park that we normally go to. Mom loves this park because there is hardly ever anyone there. We call it MY hidden treasure! We were the ONLY ones there apart from a few gardeners.

We started off by following the boardwalk up into the tree tops - Mom loves this - me not so much because there isn't anything really good to sniff. Dweeb #2 stuck to my side like glue the whole way of coarse! Dawn asked if it bothers me that the Dweeb #2 sticks so close to my side but the reality is when I am walking I am in the "Reilly Zone" and I don't notice anything except what I am interested in. Here we are having a little rest at one of the overlooks. Then we had to come down out of the tree tops - which meant going down all these steps.

We seemed to walk forever on the lower boardwalk before FINALLY taking the path that leads through the woods - now this was more like it. Then we came to the dreaded 'troll bridge" Dweeb #2 used to be terrified of this - he was convinced a troll lived under it - this time he didn't even think twice about crossing it!

Ah - so that is where we are going - to the lookout (can you see it in the trees?) - what do you mean we have to climb to the top Mom - are you CRAZY! Just to make Mom happy we did climb all the way to the top.

We must admit the view was pretty amazing and look what a beautiful day it was! Of coarse when ever you go up - you also have to come down. Those steps were pretty steep but we both did it easily and Dweeb #2 wasn't even scared!

We did stop for a bit of a rest half way down - this was a real workout we were having ! It was worth it though as we continued on to Mom's favorite spot - this is MY little lake which sadly has hardly any water in it at the moment. We sure hope all the turtles moved over to the big lake for awhile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Zen Wednesday

Sit back, relax, breathe in the clean fresh air and enjoy nature with us.

Yummmm chomp

Mom says we have been so good on our D.I.E.T that today we got a special treat - fresh yummy beef ribs!!!

Best of all - it was only 64 degrees outside this morning so we got to sit on MY deck and enjoy the cool and a bone! Life doesn't get much better then this - well actually it does - because as soon as I finish blogging - we are going to MY park for a walkies!!!

We are going to check out the lake today and see what is happening with the ducks - anyone want to to come?

Oh - Mom got the blood tests results back on the Wuzster - all negative. So the limpies remain a mystery. We have been trying to keep Dweeb #2 rested and quiet but ya know how well that is working - that Dweeb just loves to bounce and play. Last night Dweeb #1 and him had an attack of zoomies around the house - up on the couch, round the table, in and out the bedrooms, outside, back inside, up on the couch, in the chair - well you get the picture - major attack of the zoomies!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Limpies and other things

We didn't get any answer for the Wuzsters (Denny's) limping at the vets - he checked his paw, foot, knee, shoulder, spine, couldn't find any inflammation or swelling. His joints all moved easily and freely. Can you believe the vet said he is 'stoic' like me ....stoic - that wuzster! We are still waiting for some blood test results but he doesn't think it is Lyme or anything as there hasn't been any cases in our area. The limping seemed to lessen after a good walk yesterday but this morning the little guy was really hobbling. As the morning has gone by it seems to have lessened again though. Mom says she is going to force him to rest ...and she is putting on him D.I.E.T !!!! Mr Vet wasn't happy with his weight and as you can see - he isn't happy about going on a diet either - gawoof gawoof!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

MY PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally - we are having a cool day - actually it's the first time it has gone below 90 degrees since May. And you know what we do when it cools down - we go to MY PARK !!!!!!!!!! We went in Dad's car today because Dad came with us. Small Dweeb was hanging out the window whining the whole way "are we there yet - are we there yet" I was ready to bite him on the butt! At least the medium Dweeb behaved - well really he was to scared to move gawoof gawoof. Me - being the dignified old soul I am - I waited patiently on my back seat.

we finally got to the park and dog oh dog it was so wonderful! All green and shady and cool, we followed the path up to the lookout. There was so many pawsome smells and I checked everywhere and I am pleased to bark that the dreaded C.A.T's have not taken over MY PARK and we did not see a single one. We saw that a few more trees had fallen down and we thought of Goose when we saw this big stick. But the best thing of all - we are going back again tomorrow because the whole of the next week is only going to be in the 80's. Mom says this is what doggie heaven is like but we are lucky because we get to enjoy it now without being angel doggies. I am sure we heard some some though as there was a lot of rustling back in the trees even though we couldn't see anything.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Sheltie Limp

Reilly was about 10 months old when we first started noticing him limping - it would last a couple of weeks and then disappear for months and month on end. Over the years since, he has had bouts of this limping. He has had his shoulder, elbow and foot x-rayed, he's had tendons checked and all sort of other tests but they have never found any reason for it.

Now Denny (who has just turned one) has - for the last few days he has been limping on exactly the same leg - at the moment it looks like they are twins because they are both limping. We are off to the vets tomorrow - but I am wondering - is it just a sheltie thing as I have noticed other writing about their shelties limping - or is Denny just wanting to be like his big brother and be copycatting Reilly's limp?

Tunefull Thursday

I am still practicing my tunefull sing-a-long with the Tornado Siren Testing every Thursday. Mom says one of these days I will get a "real" howl out. How can she possibly call my melodic singing a howl!!!!!!!

Mom also says to let everyone know she is working her way through the dog breeds for her doodle cards and has listed Scottie Dogs and Airedales on her Etsy shop today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mish Mash Monday

This is a mish and mash of 'stuff' today. Let's start with the fact we were ALL brutally tortured this morning by MOM! Can you believe she started off our week by giving us ALL a BATH - surely this constitutes dog abuse of some kind?????

We wreaked our revenge though because 3 damp dogs made the WHOLE house smell that wonderful wet dog smell.

Mom didn't seem to appreciate our efforts though and went online to find a natural air freshener and what she found she says she just has to share because it smells soooooo good - at least to her - for us - we would rather have a nice meaty, preferably 2 week old bone smell NOW that would be much better MOM!

This is a simple recipe she found on Pintrest and comes from a website called Good Life of Design and is 4 sprigs of rosemary, 2 teaspoons of vanilla and one lemon cut up - with two cups of water. Put everything in a saucepan, bring to a boil and then just let simmer and the air fills with this wonderful clean fresh smell. It said on the website that this is the air freshener that William and Sonoma Company uses to scent their stores - we have never been in one of those - but if you know it - then you will have an idea.

Next - we have a little giveaway - Remember our apple cucumbers - well Mom was lucky enough to get an extra packet of seeds so if you would like a few seeds (these germinate REALLY easily) then send us an email to with your addy and we will send you some. There are enough to send a few seeds to at least 4 happy gardeners. Of coarse - once you grow them you can then then collect the seeds from the cucumbers themselves for next season. Don't I look all clean and handsome next to MY cucumbers?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Denny and info for Jenn

Some info for Jenn
Jenn was asking about Denny and his clomicalm and wanted to know how long it took to work - for Denny we noticed a difference within a week BUT Denny is only a year old and his 'weird' behaviors are not so badly ingrained within him yet.

For an older dog who has 'weird' behaviors it will probably take longer - our vet said it could take up to a month and also finding the right dosage is important.

The medicine also has to be used in conjunction with retraining. Basically the older they are the more they have to "unlearn" their fears - the clomicalm allows them to be relaxed enough to start do this. So it is the medicine and some unlearning that have to work together.

I have been super impressed with the difference this has made to Denny and in the past month he has already learned 5 new tricks - something he just couldn't do before as he was previously to 'fearful' to sit still for more then a few seconds and couldn't concentrate.

The only downside is Denny will be on this medicine for life as it is a chemical imbalance that it is causing this and the medicine is what is helping put that inbalance back in balance. I must also point out you really have to stick with the daily dose - I missed his tablets for two days when I wasn't well myself and we noticed him reverting back to being fearful in just that short time. For us - it is worth the effort as we have a happy boy who can live his life without being terrified all the time.

Denny is still a quirky little guy - he doesn't like it when I put a new bag in the trash can or fold up the ironing board to put it away and he still doesn't like it when something is not in its 'normal place' before he was just terrified of that - now he will bark at it to let me know - 'that is not where it belongs'. On the upside - he LOVES his cuddles now - providing I sit on the floor on with him - he will climb on my lap and just stay there having his ears rubbed which he loves. He loves going for walks now too and is often first out the door. As with all doggies - day by day is a learning process but at least now he is happy :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mail for MEEEEEE!

Our mail lady came to our door and she said "is there a Mr Reilly Cowspotdog here?" Mom just smiled and pointed at ME! Yes - I GOT MAIL - something just for me - bowzers! I had to give it a thorough sniffing over first of all - and yes - something inside smelled REALLY good.

Being the dignified old soul I am - I let the Mom do all the hard work of opening it - and look what was inside. A treasure trove of bully sticks - 50 of them!! I repeat 50 of them! Now these little yummers normally cost us $4.00 each at the pet store for a 6" stick - and mom doesn't get them very often but she found these on
for only $32.00 for 50 and free shipping! - 50 of these from the pet store would of cost $200.00 !!!!! (Mom did buy these on a day they were on special) Now these are all natural bully sticks too - no nasty chemicals or hormones - made right here in the USA and are the same size and thickness as the ones we got at the pet store.

But then something TERRIBLE, AWFUL and DEVASTATING happened - can you believe Mom said I had to SHARE with the dweebs !!!!!!!!! "But they are all mine" I said "they came addressed to ME and they are only treat I really really like - why do I have share????"

"There are 50 of them Reilly - you can be a big dog and share a few" Mom said "and besides do you really want those two staring at you the whole time you are eating YOUR bully stick?" She had a point just this once I shared but now I am down to 47 bully sticks and they ARE NOT getting ANYMORE!

Oooppps and Yum

We wanted to share our new find - this tomato is called Pirates Gold - Mom bought the plant at Walmart a few months ago - it is a late fruiting tomato (they are only just now starting to ripen) - beef steak style - huge - two slices is all that is needed on a sandwhich, lots of flesh, not watery and is totally delicious - it is very sweet, low acid and the Mom says they have an almost buttery flavor - she just LOVES them - I will eat them too but only if they are on a ham sandwich!

Now our ooopps is - it looks like Etsy is having some issues at the moment - including changing our shipping - for some reason it showed up at $10.00 - that is the overseas rate - it is only $3.00 for here in the USA. Mom is waiting for Etsy to come back online so she change it and has refunded the postage to those that have purchased cards already.

Thank you to everyone for helping us support the ellies :)

They LIED !!!!!!

So last night we got all excited watching the weather - they said today was only going to be 86 with a low in the morning of just 70!!! Dog oh dog our tails we wagging, our butts were doing the happy dance and we were bouncing around because Mom said the magic words - car ride, park and walkies !!!!!!!!!!!

But guess what - we got up this morning and it is is so hot and humid - those weather people lied to us - YES LIED TO US! - that is cruelty in the extreme to us canines! It was even too hot for our walkies around the block this morning - thank dogness we at least have a huge yard.

We are going to get a car ride though - Mom says she will take us to the Pet Store - sigh - I guess it is better then nothing and it is cool in there.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are TIRED of doing NOTHING

I know the Mom has been trying to keep us busy with all her WEIRD eeeerrrmmm interesting stuff - but what we wouldn't give for a nice LONG walk at MY park. I mean to say - last time we were there - there was an evil C.A.T lurking around - how do we know the place hasn't been over-run with them by now?

Sigh - It has been six weeks now since the temperature dropped below 95 and even at dawn it is still so hot and humid. We are averaging 70 % humidity everyday too which just makes it feel soooo much hotter.

Mom - bless her heart - gets up early every morning and takes us for walkies around the block so we do get some sniffings in, checking and leaving some pee mail - but by time we get home our tongues are almost dragging on the ground and we can only muster enough energy to flop in front of the air conditioner for the next few hours.

So our days are spent doing a lot of this - sleeping in the sun room, sleeping in the lounge, sleeping in the kitchen, sleeping in the front room - well you get the picture.

Usually in the afternoon Mom FORCES encourages us into a game of 'skitchum' around the house and makes us practice tricks and such. WELL actually I do ALL the tricks - the fluffy dweeb is starting to learn now thanks to his puppy anxiety meds but the dorky dweeb - well dorky by name and dorky by nature. In a whole year and half - he has learned the sum total of ONE trick and that is to sit. Personally I think he just gets tired of waiting for his treat and flops his butt down out of boredom - GAWOOF GAWOOF - of coarse half the time it is hard to tell if he is sitting or standing cause his legs are so short!!!!

Okay - I have exhausted my paws now - I am off for a bit more snoozing and dreaming of those cold Nebraska winters and SNOW!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Can we say "YUM"

Woo hoo - Mom said we were going to do another indoor project today and guess what we made - COOKIES for MEEEEEEE all for MMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
What do you mean I have to share them with the dweebs Mom - they didn't help making them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUL I say - unfair I say - What The Dog I say!"Just get on with your blog Reilly" Mom says! Okay but I still don't think it's fair! So we went on and found this nice easy recipe for milkbone cookies - which of coarse the "Mom being the Mom" had to change a bit - she thought they might be a bit flavorless so she added some chicken baby food and some cheese so our cookies became Chickin 'n' Cheese Milkbones.

Heres the recipe Mom simply added 1 jar of chicken baby food and 1/3 cup of finely shredded cheese

Okay - Step 1 & 2 First collect all the ingredients you need (yeah yeah - we are only showing some of them!) Then measure out the flour - hey Mom - this is messy stuff - where's my apron!

Step 2 & 3 - Add the wet ingredients and stir. Then you have to go in with all paws and "knead it" until it forms a ball. YES! I washed my paws first.

Step 5 & 6 - Mom scored this collection of doggie shaped cookie cutters on Amazon for $4 so I thought I would give them a try. But then the Mom said "hold on there budaroo - those are awfully big cookies and you are already a chunky monkey - you don't NEED BIG cookies". What The Dog MOM!!!!!! Can you believe she said that!!!! Then to add injury to insult she only let us have one BIG cookie each and then made me cut out all these teeny tiny bones - SLAVE LABOR I say!!! And if that wasn't bad enough - can you BELIEVE she FORCED me to eat a nice tasty bone so I wouldn't eat the cookie dough!!!! And again I question "why are the dweebs getting any - middle sized dweeb is outside barking at 'who knows what' and the small dweeb has not got his sorry butt out of bed yet and it's 11.00am for dogs sake!!!!"

Okay - I digress - Step 7 & 8 - After cutting out soooooooo many teeny tiny bone shapes I QUIT and refused to cut any more - that was rough going on the paws let me tell you! So Mom said "okay - we will do some big ones just to remind you of your buddies" We have one for our Basset Buddies - Martha and Bailey and Fred and Gloria, a dreaded C.A.T which we thought TANK would enjoy taking a bite out of (he can think of it as Allred), a scottie dog for Jazzi, Sweet William and Stewart, a Collie for Sherman and Essex, an Airedale for Mitch, Molly, Wyatt, Stanzie and Miss Sunshine, a retriever for Bert and Finn, Shelties for Katie, Eva, Oreo, Chewy, Ricky, Java, Miley, Guiness, Bailey, Katy and all the other shelties (sorry I am 5 my memory is going on me) and for everyone else who we didn't have dog shapes for - we made dog houses, paw prints and fire hydrants. This recipe made A LOT of cookies! Now the torture begins because the cookies have finished cooking and we have to WAIT yes I said WAIT! for them to cool down.

Decisions decisions - which one will I try first ?

Hmm one should probably ponder on the fact that we are gnoshing down on our own likenesses - but what the heck - when they taste this good - who cares if we are dogabulls