Friday, August 10, 2012

Mail for MEEEEEE!

Our mail lady came to our door and she said "is there a Mr Reilly Cowspotdog here?" Mom just smiled and pointed at ME! Yes - I GOT MAIL - something just for me - bowzers! I had to give it a thorough sniffing over first of all - and yes - something inside smelled REALLY good.

Being the dignified old soul I am - I let the Mom do all the hard work of opening it - and look what was inside. A treasure trove of bully sticks - 50 of them!! I repeat 50 of them! Now these little yummers normally cost us $4.00 each at the pet store for a 6" stick - and mom doesn't get them very often but she found these on
for only $32.00 for 50 and free shipping! - 50 of these from the pet store would of cost $200.00 !!!!! (Mom did buy these on a day they were on special) Now these are all natural bully sticks too - no nasty chemicals or hormones - made right here in the USA and are the same size and thickness as the ones we got at the pet store.

But then something TERRIBLE, AWFUL and DEVASTATING happened - can you believe Mom said I had to SHARE with the dweebs !!!!!!!!! "But they are all mine" I said "they came addressed to ME and they are only treat I really really like - why do I have share????"

"There are 50 of them Reilly - you can be a big dog and share a few" Mom said "and besides do you really want those two staring at you the whole time you are eating YOUR bully stick?" She had a point just this once I shared but now I am down to 47 bully sticks and they ARE NOT getting ANYMORE!


  1. YUmmy! I just ordered 50 6 inch bully sticks from bestbullysticks yesterday. Such a bargain. My two love them. Chewy knows where I keep them, and will stand by the drawer whining and pawing until I get him one.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Yep, bullysticks are grrreat.

    Essex & Sherman

  3. Oh I looooooooooove some good bully sticks! Enjoy!!

  4. Sam is right there with you - all the packages come for him, but he has to share with Monty!

    It just doesn't seem fair!


  5. Sharing sucks, huh Reilly?!?

    -Bart AND Ruby

  6. Oh my, 50 bully sticks!!! You guys and Sara's Oreo and Chewy are so lucky!!! I definitely tell my mom to check it out later and see whether they do free delivery to Malaysia, I really doubt though but it's worth to check it out, right?


  7. Oh my goodness Reilly, you make me laugh right out loud! FIFTY??? Are you kidding? No way you could eat all those by yourself so you might as well share some..besides, the Dweebs will be busying chewing and will leave you alone!

  8. 50 bully sticks!!! Wow! What a good deal too! I am sorry you had to share, but giving up the odd one might not be so bad if it keep them other two out of your hair Reilly. :)

  9. Wow!! That is one PAWSOME package! Shame you had to share... Having siblings sucks sometimes...

  10. Wow - what a deal and that was so nice of you to share, Reilly. I hope Denny and Jackie appreciated your kindness and generosity!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. We need to tell our Mommy to get us some bully sticks. We are so jealous! Enjoy.

  12. ROFL - Reilly, will you be my best friend? You can play with all my toys, and I, well, I can help you chew your Bully Sticks! Sounds fair, right?

    Woofs n Wags,
    Ryder collie


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