Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why are you giving me a rock?

Oh - it's that thing thing Mom showed me yesterday. Sniff sniff - hmmm has an interesting smell. So what is it you want me to do with this rock Mom ? Chew on it - you have to be kidding right, it's boring and there is no way I am going to chew on that. For those of you who were asking, we bought these these at for $10 less then we saw them listed anywhere else and we got free shipping. They had all different sizes available - these are the medium.

(Note from Mom - Reilly took a sniff and just walked away - he hasn't shown any interest in it all. Jackie on the other paw is running around everywhere with it in his mouth and it's almost as big as him ! )

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Luv the Post Person and My Mom

The post person (who is actually a nice lady) came to my door today with a box. Mom took it and said "this is for you Reilly" Oh my dogness - a present for me. She opened it up so I could look inside. Hhhhmmmm something in there smells unusual - I don't think I have had these before "what is it Mom?". Mom said that it was Antlers and that are special because no deer are hurt or hunted to get them - they are what drop off normally at the end of the season. There is 6 in the bag and it was so hard to choose which one to have. Mom then said I have to wait until tomorrow before I can try one - can you believe that!!!!!!! She holds this tasty treat right under my nose and then says I have to WAIT - what gives with that??? I will tell you all tomorrow whether I think they are yummy. Mom is hoping that they don't upset my stomach, she thinks they won't because my food is venison which is another word for deer - so paws crossed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Really !!!

And who does that little "IT" think he is - hogging my blog!!!! Yeah I sat on him alright!!! Look at "IT" doing his Foo-Man-Choo impression.

Now some of you are having trouble coping with the suspense of my secret - so I am going to give you a clue. It involves this State and remember - not a bark a word to the MOM.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Ello - it's me !

ello - it's me the Jackson at least I think that's my name. I get called Jackie-Jack, Jackeeeee, Troubles, Monster, Little Dog and of coarse "IT". Shhhh - don't tell Weilly I am on his blog - he threatened to SIT on me if he ever caught me ! Gawoof gawoof - he doesn't know that I sneak on all the time to read your bloggies and think of you all as my buddies too. I am going to miss you all and even though I have my own blog - my mom never helps me - I am not as clever as Weilly - he does all the blogging himself. My Mom says we are moving to Knee-bra-ska - it doesn't sound like a fun place - in a knee. Mom says we will be living in an apartment though and that I won't have my own yard and fence - ***cries and whimpers *** No yard - where will I pee - how will I chase the birdies? And Mom says Weilly isn't coming - I know he pretends he doesn't like me - but I sure luv him and who will I torment into playing with me and snuggle next too when I am scared or cold? Mom says I have to be a big brave boy - but I'm a little boy and I don't want to be brave - I want to stay with Weilly and play in my big yard ***cries and whimpers***

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A secret post !

Shhhhh - this is a secret post that my Mom can't read about. I have a secret!

I also have some news - the "IT" is leaving !!!! His Mom has decided to move back to Nebraska and "IT" will be going with her. Yeah - no more annoying thing biting at my tail and sticking toys in my face wanting me to play! I know - some of you will probably think that I will miss the "IT" but REALLY !!!

Anyway stay tuned for next weekends big announcement......of I love the suspense !!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting lost is fun !

This morning Mom decided to take me for a walk while it was cooler, first stop was of coarse my garden. I had to check out what critters might have visited during the night and give it a good sniffing all over. Then off we went. Now Mom usually turns right at the end of the street but today we went left and then went right and were totally surprised to find this lake - just one street over from us. In fact Dad looked at a house that backed onto this (he didn't like the layout so never checked the back yard) It is very pretty but I must admit it did smell - Mom says it is a stagnant pond and they need to put some sort of fountain in it. We enjoyed looking at it anyway and we could hear bullfrogs ! Mom thought a "Darby" swan like Maggie and Mitch have would look very pretty swimming here.

One of the things Mom loves about our neighborhood is they have lots of big trees and areas of big trees that they have never cut down (and she hopes they never will). She was so busy admiring these and all the pretty houses that SHE got lost - I of coarse knew exactly where I was - but I wasn't going to tell her as I was enjoying my nice long walk. I must admit, it is one of the weird things about our neighborhood - you follow streets and you NEVER come out where you think you should be. It even confuses my Dad and he is one of those people that has a super keen sense of direction. The other thing we found was these pretty flowering shrugs, we have seen them all over town in white and pink and today we saw this pretty red one. Mom thinks they may be Crepe Myrtles but isn't really sure. I wonder if Mom would like to get lost again tomorrow?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gladioli's to make you glad!

Yeah - they are finally starting to open ! We have been waiting patiently for days and days for them and look - they are blooming !

We have a beautiful scarlet red - the stalk on this one is HUGE and it is going to have 16 flowers on it!! We also have a ruffled salmon, a pretty peach, a gorgeous ruffle pink and white (mom's favorite) and a single pink. We have heaps and heaps more still growing, they have flower stalks on them but they will be at least another week before they open. Mom did notice a yellow one is very close though and she is hoping we get a deep red.

We haven't been doing much at all lately - we are heading into our fourth week of 90+ heat and considering yesterday was the first day of summer - I am not looking forward to the next few months. Mom is also fighting with the dreaded "depression monster" at the moment. She is winning but it makes her very tired having to fight it daily. I tried finding it so I could bite it and make it leave - but monsters are REALLY hard to find - I checked under the bed, in the closet, in the garage, under the sofas, in the spare bedroom - but nothing. I think it is hiding in the attic - but I'm not allowed to go up there. Anyway we hope these flowers make you feel good. Click on them to see them bigger :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Indeed

Can you believe that MY Dad has gone off to the movies with his daughter - leaving me - his boy - at home with the boring old Mom !!!! That is just so not right! He is MY Dad and WE should be doing things TOGETHER today. Instead the only thing I have done is wander around silly old Mom's garden. I know - she was supposed to show some of those gladioli things - but we are still waiting them for them to open up. In the meantime she MADE me go with her as she took photos of the vegetables - BORING Mom !

Okay - starting in the top left corner is the small white Japanese eggplants, then some of the basil and flat leaf parsley (Yawn). Next there is yellow banana peppers and Italian eggplants. Finally there is one of Mom prized yellow tomatoes which I must agree are VERY tasty. We also have a black tomato growing and a yellow with pink stripes - they are heirloom tomatoes (that means old - like MOM). Okay enough of the stupid old vegetables - I am going back to the door to wait for my dad to come home from the movies - stupid place it is that won't allow doggies - discrimination I say!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

So excited !

Reilly is so quiet and laid back 99% of the time - except for when his Dad comes home and then he is so happy he has to bark about it in his loudest voice. Sorry if this starts your doggies barking !


Friday, June 17, 2011

How does my garden grow

Do you remember the herb planter my dad bought for my Mom - well it is growing beautifully ! We have a rosemary in the top and then basil, chives, tarragon, sage and thyme. Mom planted marigold around the bottom to keep the bugs away (and it's working) and because they look pretty too. And see at my feet, we have already harvested 2 lbs on small sweet onions and Mom got her first yellow tomato today. Mom can only eat yellow tomato's as they are low in acid so she is having a tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch and if I am lucky I might get some too! We also have lots of eggplants and peppers already growing. The seeds that Maggie and Mitch's Mom sent us are also growing wonderfully. We have no idea what they are though as silly Mom lost the tags - she doesn't mind - she says it will be a wonderful surprise when they flower. Tomorrow we can hopefully show you some of our gladioli flowers - they are just starting to open up now and we can see at least one is going to be a bright red. This is the best part of gardening, when all the hard work is basically over and you start seeing and tasting the rewards. Okay, Mom and I are off to make Pesto (we need to use up some of the basil!!!!) And yippee - my Dad comes home tonight. He has been away for the last two weeks and Mom and I have missed him terribly - we have got quite use to him being home with us all the time now. Mom also took me for a walk this morning and I got to sniff EVERY mail box in the WHOLE neighborhood! What a great day and it's not even 9.00 am yet!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monsters !!!

Over the years our house has been occasionally infested with Monsters. They are strange creatures - never seen, never caught in the act and blaming their deeds on us poor innocent doggies. The ones that use to be common at our home were the 'sock monster' who was always stealing my dad's smelly socks and the 'tissue monster' that would take tissues from the box and shred them all over the floor. Of coarse we now also have the "IT" monster!

Do you have monsters in your home that steal things or do things that YOU get the blame for? We would love to hear about them.

I am pretty sure there is a monster 'over there' digging a hole in Mom's lawn <----------------

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wipe Your Paws Update

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to the "Wipe Your Paws" blog? Well - we had all sorts of trouble getting Paypal to work on it and the cost of putting in a "shopping cart" was just too much for us - especially as all the proceeds from sales are being donated directly to the Humane Society and the Elephant Sanctuary. After much discussion with Mom - we decided to just set up a small Etsy store. We are in the process of stocking it now - it is taking longer as we can only use photos and no videos and videos do make it easier to show multiple pages. Anyway, there are few things listed and you can bookmark the page and check back in a few days time. And we are offering FREE postage in the United States but will be happy to send overseas at what ever the going postage rate is. Here is the link "Wipe Your Paws" If you would like to support my charity - please share the information with your friends.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still too hot

We had a little bit of a thunder storm last night, some loud noises and the power went off for a little while - then it rained for all of about two minutes and then it was hot again. Sigh - I don't like this on going heat. I can manage just a few minutes outside - enough to do what a doggie needs to do and then I am in the door and by my vent again. And do you know what my Mom said to me today??? She said I am starting to look "old" and that I am getting a lot of grey around my eyes and on my face. My dogness - I am not even four yet and it's not as if I am old as SHE is - good heavens she is ancient!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zoomies Time!

With the sun going down and the temperature dropping a few degrees (down to 91) it was time for a quick attack of the zoomies around the veggie patch. Now some of you may be thinking I was just chasing "IT" because he had MY sheep stuffie in his mouth - but that would constitute "playing" with "IT" which of coarse is something I would NEVER do !!!! Ah - just look at that fur fly!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Birthday List on The Dog Bloggers Mailing List

For Those of you have already joined the Dog Bloggers Mailing List - we have a new page that will help you even more with those up-coming special days. Look down at the bottom of the page on the list - and you will see a second sheet/list has been added. Just click on the "Sheet 2" to access it.

It is here the pets birthdays can be added by month which makes it much easier to know who is the next lucky furbaby in need of a card and maybe some treats. I will be working my way through the list adding the names and dates in or you can even add them yourself !

If you have anything else we think we can put in a list let me know.

Wordless Wednesday 06/08/11