Friday, July 31, 2015

Inside or Outside

I prefer my frozen slurpee outside while dweeb likes his inside - which would you choose?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thank You Oz and Bravo

A few weeks back we won some samples of Bravo Freeze Dried Raw Food from cute little buddy Oz. It was so good we gobbled it down before Mom had a chance to take any photos but Mom was so impressed with this food she went to and and ordered some more for us. What Mom (and we) love about this food is how big and chunky it is. It has sooooooo much meat in and also has cranberries, green beans, sweet potato and added vitamins and minerals.

The other awesome thing with this food is you can take it with you where ever you go - no need for refrigeration - you just add some warm water -wait.  (the waiting is the only bad thing as it smells soooo good and drives us crazy.) The other great thing is a 2 lb bag makes 10 lbs of reconstituted food. Mom measures out a 1/4 cup of dried food which makes 1/2 cup when reconstituted. Even Mr Picky eater (Denny) totally love this food. We have tried both the beef dinner and pork dinner and love them both.  Thank you  Oz  and Bravo :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Some doggie was a naughty boy!

No pretty sunrise this morning

So there we were strolling down the beach - Mom was being totally CRAZY - she was paddling along in the water getting her feet wet - WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT WOMAN! We of coarse were keeping well clear of it.  Then our of nowhere this wave started CHASING me - can you believe that  YES CHASING me up the beach!?  I decided then and there I had had enough of the beach and off I went. Mom was calling to me telling me to stop, sit, wait but I was ignoring her couldn't hear her over the waves and wind. I took myself all the way back down the beach, across the boardwalk and was waiting right by MY car when Mom finally caught up. Let me tell you she was sooo not happy with me and told me I have lost my invisible lead (going leash free) privileges now - what the dog? She ranted and raved all the way home too - and even called MY Dad to tell him what I had done. Mom couldn't believe that for the first time in 8 years I actually did something 'naughty' - of coarse I don't see it that way I was just escaping from those shark infested waves -  but you know Mom's they panic at the slightest thing.

Sorry our photos have that fuzzy look to them - it is soooo humid today and the camera lens kept fogging up.
Nice cool sand Mom
It's a little warm out here Mom
Just chillin and minding my own business
Help that wave is CHASING ME !

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something odd about my furs.......

Mom was thinking the other day that my fur must be matted around my neck as it felt so thick - she brushed and brushed but didn't find any matts and then when Dad came home yesterday noticed straight away how thick my fur felt. For some reason over the past three weeks especially my fur has started growing (for those that don't know I lost about 2/3's of my fur due to the allergies I suffered with in Arkansas). Now what we don't know is whether it is the change of climate/area, a change in food (we are now on Zignature Limited Ingredient Kangaroo Formula which is a grain/potato and poultry free food) or the 3 weeks I spent on antibiotics. Maybe it is a combination of all those and the other thing Mom has noticed is my allergies shots are lasting longer now too. Mom says she is sorry for the fuzzy picture but the humidity fogs up the camera lens even with anti fog wipes (and notice me sitting with one paw up - I do this all the time now as I don't like the feel of the grass and my sore paw)

My other bit of news is our baby ducks - seems like just yesterday they were cute little fluff balls and now it is hard to tell which one the Mom is (she is the middle 1 in the line of 3). We are actually really surprised they all survived what with all the turtles and cats - but all 3 did.  We haven't even seen any turtles the past couple of weeks as our pond completely dried up in the hot temps (there is a drainage overflow that leads to a HUGE lake behind the houses on the other side of our street and we think the turtles are over there now. Thankfully it has stormed the last couple of afternoons and the pond has filled again but apart from our ducky family it is bird free as all our geese have left too - maybe they have headed north to cool off :)

Friday, July 24, 2015 Amercian Journey Review

Product Review - American Journey

Today thanks to - the best and most well known online pet food, treats and goodies store I the Denny Dog am getting to do a review ALL BY MYSELF - even though Mr Photo Hog Reilly was in the pictures he didn't get to try ANYTHING and you know why - cause old Mr Toothless can't eat ANY of these treats anymore - not a one - the only thing he could have was the bandana - baawwwaahhhhh. Guess what else - that meant everything in the goody bag is MINE MINE MINE !

Now  the "American Journey" lines of treats are being made just by and are ALL made right here in the USA with only USA products - how cool is that! In this goodie bag there was :

6" bully stick (currently $1.69 - normally $2.99)
9" curly bully stick (currently on sale for $8.59 normally $12.99)
beef scapula (currently on sale for $2.49 - normally $3.99)
pack of 2 pork knuckles (currently $0.99 -normally $3.99)

A bag of beef tripe chews (currently on sale for $10.99 normally $24.99)
Product Description
American Journey Beef Tripe Chews are the ultimate high-protein dog treats. Made with 100%  beef tripe from USA farms and no artificial ingredients or fillers, they’re sure to satisfy the most carnivorous appetite. Beef tripe has natural digestive enzymes and probiotics that aid the digestive process and promote healthy teeth, benefitting dogs at every life stage. These chews are also terrific for training because they can be easily torn for multiple servings.
Key Benefits
100% USA beef tripe
Single ingredient treat
No fillers or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
Great for dogs at any life stage
Can be easily torn into smaller pieces for training

A bag of just beef jerky chews (currently on sale for $13.49 normally $24.99)
Product Description
American Journey Just Beef Jerky is the ultimate high-protein dog treat. Made with 100% beef from USA farms and no artificial ingredients or fillers, they’re sure to satisfy the most carnivorous appetite. While other jerkies and chews have a long list of ingredients that are chopped and then formed into jerky shapes, these treats are simply whole muscle round eye cuts of meat sliced into strips. Just Beef Jerky Dog Treats can be enjoyed by dogs at any stage of life and are terrific for training because they can be easily torn for multiple servings.
Key Benefits
100% USA beef
Single ingredient treat
No fillers or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
Great for dogs at any life stage
Can be easily torn into smaller pieces for training

HEY YOU with the fleasa cards - TAKE NOTE!
Now as you can see - there are some totally PAWSOME savings on the American Journey goodies at the moment so get those paws on the keyboard and start ordering because one thing I the Denny Dog can tell you - is these are all totally yummy, delicious and delectable!

Taste Test 
What can I say - I TOTALLY loved everything and with ALL my sharp little teeth I have no problems chomping through them.

Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
Not a one - at least not from me :)

I wish I was a centipede so I give it more paws - but as it is I only have 4 and will happily give American Journey all of them.

Disclaimer sent me a goodie bag of American Journey treats in return for an honest review. I not paid or compensated for my review in any other way and my opinion is purely my own. Please also note that no Reilly dog was left hungry during this review - he just got lots of soft treats and a bandana gawoof gawoof:)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gone to the birds !

I swear Mom has gone to the birds - she suddenly  has this fascination for taking pics of dumb old birds instead of us. Now personally I am not a fan of the flashy beast - Mom is ALWAYS interrupting my Bark Ranger Patrol duties to take silly photos - but birds  - plllllleeeeeaseee how can they be interesting!

Anyhoo there I was doing my patrol duties around the lake and stopped to take a little rest on the dock and look what appeared. Remember the juvenile gallinules we saw last week - well today we saw one the adults with the bright red beak. We also saw this poor old ibis - who looks like he is resting on one leg - but sadly his other  leg was actually broken and he was having to hop on one foot. (We stopped in MY park ranger office on the way home to let them know about him and they were going to send someone out to check on him and see if they could help him).  And lastly we saw of pair of these turkey vultures - those were big mean looking dudes. They both stood about 2 foot tall - yikes - we didn't like the look of them or the way they were looking at us - especially the one up on the roof top!
Adult Gallinule
The young gallinules we saw last week
Mr Ibis with a broken leg
I am watching you tasty looking cowspotdogs
Turkey Vulture - you don't scare us !
Okay - maybe you scare us a little :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beach Patrol

We were up at 5.30am on the dot so we could head to the beach and watch the sun rise - it is a good thing we left early as our entry to the MY park also crosses the road that leads to the main gate of the Mayport Navy Base and with all the extra sailors in town it is bedlam getting there. What normally takes us 10 minutes took half an hour today - don't those guys and gals know I have important duties to attend to!  The first photo shows the sun as it was just starting to come up and the second one shows the sun finally above the horizon.

And then here we are in the sunrise - which of coarse dims in comparison to our handsomeness :) Now I have a terrible tale to tell - can you believe what Mom did to me - we were walking along and she and Dweeb found a narrow spot in this big puddle and crossed over to other side - I was way ahead and when I looked back I saw them 'over there' and couldn't get to them. I stood there barking and barking at Mom to come and show me the way as there was NO WAY I was going to get my feet wet walking through the water. But I am nothing if not one smart doggie and found a way across a bit further down the beach - here was my happy smirk at Mom cause I figured it out and kept my feet nice and dry :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcome home

We have had three of our local ships return over the past couple of days - the first was the USS New York - this is the ship that carries part of the metal from the Twins Towers in its walls. It arrived home on Sunday after a 14 month deployment. (Mom says Mayport is flooded with lots of very handsome sailors at the moment - BLAH - the only thing I care about is all that extra traffic in the morning which slows down my Bark Rangers Patrols :) Here is some information about the ships.
Name: USS New York
Namesake: The state of New York
Awarded: 25 November 2003
Builder: Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
Laid down: 10 September 2004
Launched: 19 December 2007
Christened: 1 March 2008
Acquired: 21 August 2009
Commissioned: 7 November 2009
Homeport: Naval Station Mayport, Florida
Motto: "Strength forged through sacrifice. Never forget."
Capacity:           Embarked Landing Force: 699
(66 officers, 633 enlisted)
surge capacity to 800.
Complement: 28 officers, 332 enlisted

The second ship is the USS Iro Jima which arrived home on Monday after a 12 month deployment - this is one BIG ship! It is a helicopter transport ship as well as troops.

Name: USS Iwo Jima
Namesake: Battle of Iwo Jima
Ordered: 28 February 1995
Builder: Ingalls Shipbuilding
Laid down: 12 December 1997
Launched: 4 February 2000
Christened: 25 March 2000
Commissioned: 30 June 2001
Homeport: Naval Station Mayport, Florida
Motto: Uncommon Valor
Class and type: Wasp-class amphibious assault ship
Displacement: 40,530 long tons (41,180 t) full load
Length: 844 ft (257 m)
Beam: 110 ft (34 m)
Draft: 30 ft (9.1 m)
Propulsion: Geared Steam Turbines
Speed: 22 knots (25 mph; 41 km/h)
Troops: 1,897 Marines
Complement: 73 Officers, 1009 Enlisted

The third ship to return home on Monday was the USS Fort McHenry which had been on deployment for the 8 months

Namesake: Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, Maryland
Ordered: 11 December 1985
Builder: Lockheed Shipbuilding
Laid down: 10 June 1983
Launched: 1 February 1986
Commissioned: 8 August 1987
Homeport: Naval Station Mayport, Florida
Motto: Domus Fortium - Home of the Brave
Length:              610 ft (190 m)
Beam:                84 ft (26 m)
Draft:                 21 ft (6.4 m)
Propulsion:        4 Colt Industries, 16-cylinder diesel engines, 2 shafts, 33,000 shp (25 MW)
Speed:                20+ knots (37+ km/h)                      
Troops:              Marine detachment: 402 + 102 surge
Complement:     22 officers, 391 enlisted

Monday, July 20, 2015

My birthday

Wow wee did I ever have a great birthday yesterday. It started off with Mom giving me a special birthday blueberry/milkbone muffin (Mom had to find a treat for me that was really soft as I still have stitches in my mouth - even the milkbone was soft!) Needless to say even though I don't have any back teeth anymore I was still able to gobble in two whole bites :)

After enjoying my muffin Mom said the magic word "WALKIES" and we all got in MY car and headed off to the beach. We were way early though and my normal beach park wasn't open yet (can you believe on weekends they don't open until 7.00 am) so we went on the Mayport Navy Base and headed off for a walk on their private beach - it was so cool. I am now calling it the Mayport Cowspotdog Navy Base - cause I peed there so now it is mine :)

It was also extra cool yesterday as the USS New York was returning  after a 14 month deployment. And for those that don't know - the USS New York is a very special ship as it has part of the Twin Towers metal built into it. Mom says there was 600 very happy sailors and their families yesterday.

Mom was being a bit silly and wrote a birthday wish in the sand for me. We had a whole hour of walking along the beach and look what else we found - turtle nests!  They fence them off so people don't accidentally dig them up. We counted 8 nests along this stretch of beach. We also went to two other parks but we will save those pics for another day.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday to Mr Reilly

Mr Reilly is 8 years old today - where has the time gone? The first time I saw him he was just three weeks old - I picked him up and straight away he just snuggled up in my arms as if we were were old buddies. He is one of those dogs who you know just has an old soul - he is so laid back and easy going, takes everything in his stride and never complains. He is my heart dog and I will do everything I can to make the rest of his life as wonderful as it can be. Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful boy - we have some special adventures planned today so come back tomorrow and see how we celebrated "the big dogs" special day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Back home safe

Mr Reilly is safely home from the vets after having two more teeth removed. He had a Benadryl shot just after his surgery and so far is having no reaction like he did previously and has been bright eyed and bushy tailed all afternoon. He ate a big dinner of nice soft food and has finally settled down for a snooze.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We don't see the resemblance

Mom was having a chuckle to herself yesterday when looking at pictures of cows - personally we don't see the resemblance and cows are GIRLS after all ! These specific type of cows are Holstein Friesians and are the most common milking cows in the world and originally came from the Netherlands. And just a bit of trivia for the day - Perhaps the most famous Holstein Friesian was Pauline who served from 1910 to 1913 as the official presidential pet to the 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft. Pauline lived and grazed on the White House lawn and provided milk for the first family. We think the White House lawns would look pretty good with a bunch of silly moos running around it :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cows Appreciation Day

Today is Cow Appreciation Day and one thing we love is cows :) Many years ago when I was just a wee pup of 12 weeks of age - Mom took me the pet store and a little boy of about 5 tugged at his Mom's hand and pointing at me said "look - it's a "cow spot dog". That is how we came to have our blog name and our nick name. Now Mom has always had a soft spot for cows - her favorites are Jersey cows with their big brown eyes but she also loves the black and white cows too - and loves the California Happy Cows commercials - here is all all 11 of them - enjoy. And for those that don't know - the California Happy cows are all friesian cows :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hot and Humid and POTP

Phew - this past week has been sooooo hot and humid - by 8.00am it is already 90 degrees and Mom has been having trouble getting any photos as the humidity fogs up the camera lens all the time. Now we would like to ask everyone for a very special favor - could you please send some POTP to Mom - this past month she has been having a lot of really bad sickie days and even though she is in a lot of pain she still makes sure we get our walkies and special play time. Mom is doing the rounds of the specialists at the moment to try and find our what is causing it but so far nothing has come to light - hopefully some Power Of The Paw will help.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mr Reilly Update

Mom picked me up from the vets yesterday afternoon and I was so out of it I didn't recognize her and tried to walk through the glass window instead of the door! Wow - that was some head buzz! The Dogtor found he had a big old lesion on the roof of my mouth (like a big blister) and when he touched it is burst and let all the nasty stuff out. As to what caused it - we are not sure but the x-rays did show I have two more teeth that need to come out - the teeth themselves are okay but the roots have died which leaves a pocket that infections can grow in. Mom says I will have to go back next Friday to have those done. This week though I have to be on antibiotics and dad says he is going to make me some dragon wings and start calling me 'toothless' (Reference to the cartoon "How to train your dragon- for those who haven't heard of toothless the dragon :) Thank you for all the good vibes - we know they helped a lot. This morning I had a big breakfast and am feeling fine and the swelling is starting to go down.

Friday, July 10, 2015

POTP for Mr Reilly

We noticed yesterday morning that Reilly's face was all swollen again and called the vet straight away. We got an appointment and went to see him yesterday afternoon. The vet thinks he may have an abscess but it is not in the area where he had his teeth removed so he isn't sure exactly what it is yet. Mr Reilly is at the vets this morning to have xrays under sedation and to have his mouth checked out to see if it is an abscess or something else. We should have some more info by later this afternoon - please keep my sweet boy in your thoughts today.

Lawn Care Service

Mom had a chuckle when she looked out the window this morning and saw the 'lawn care service' hard at work. They not only trim the grass and eat the seed heads but they fertilize as they go :) These are the three families of geese that visit our pond - this year they had 2,4 and 6 babies which are now all so grown up it is hard to tell them apart from the adults.
And a big thank you to Chester who told us the name of the birdies we saw at MY park the other day - they are called Gallinules and the ones we saw are actually babies. As they get older they will get more color on their heads. Here a bit of information we found about them. "They are the most widely distributed member of the rail family, the Common Gallinule inhabits marshes and ponds from Canada to Chile, from northern Europe to southern Africa, and across Asia to the Pacific. Vocal and boldly marked, the species can be quite conspicuous, sometimes using its long toes to walk atop floating vegetation. Juveniles are brownish-gray with drab maroon bill and no frontal shield."

The ones we saw
Adult from Google Images