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Support For Sweet William

A few days ago we were very sad to read that 'anonymous' had posted a nasty message over on "Sweet William The Scot's" page. Sweet William who is the sweetheart of Jazzi was rescued from a puppy mill by his very loving Mom. Now due to inbreeding (which is no fault of Sweet Williams) he has problems with his front legs. Do we care about such things - no sirrrrreeeeeee.

Sweet William is just the most adorable little guy and has the biggest heart- unlike 'anonymous' who obviously has NO heart. So we just wanted to show our support for Sweet William and his Mom because we too have been the target of these 'anonymous' person's mean comments.

We have had messages such as - "white shelties are a disgrace to the breed and that they (which mean us) should have been drowned at birth" and that "we should be ashamed to call ourselves shelties" Well Mom wasn't hurt by these comments but she sure got mad. Once she calmed down she just felt sad that these anonymous's obviously have nothing better to do then to be mean and she hopes and prays that they don't haven't doggies of their own, because with attitudes like that you have to wonder how they would treat their furbabies. Mom has never mentioned these before as she doesn't think it is worth giving 'anonymous' any recognition - but she knows it really hurt Sweet William's Mom and she just wanted to let her know she is not alone and it happens to many of us.

But also these 'anonymous' types need to think about something - how did we ever get so many different colors and sizes in dogs? At one time only a black doberman could enter the show ring - now there is red ones. Should they have been "drowned at birth too" because they were different? What about the 3 sizes of beagles? Difference - whether it is color, size or a physical disability doesn't mean the doggie is any less loving or that it 'isn't good enough' to be part of it's breed. We love ALL our bloggy buddies - no matter breed, color, size or disability - YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We were tagged

1. Describe yourself in seven words.
  1. Stoic (that is what my Vet calls me)
  2. Calm
  3. Easy Going
  4. Placid
  5. Laid Back
  6. Handsome
  7. Adorable
2. What keeps you up at night?
Nothing – I sleep like a log. I am the perfect watch dog – I will open one eye and watch as a burglar comes in and then go back to sleep.

3. Who would you like to be?
A billionaire so the folks and I could go exploring the world – so many smells – so little time.

4. What are you wearing right now?
My standard issue fur coat – I entered the world wearing it!!!

5. What scares you?
B.A.T.H.S (I can’t even say the word!)

6. The best and worst of blogging?
Meeting so many terrific buddies from all over the world – when I am a dogannaire I hope to visit you all in person (I will bring treats !) The worst – when one of our buddies crosses the rainbow bridge.

7. What was the last website you visited?
Google – I had to look up what a Slanket was!!!

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
That I wouldn’t have allergies anymore – apart from that I am totally perfect just the way I am.

9. Slankets, yes or no?
I had to look this up because I had no idea what it was – this is what I foundThe Slanket is a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. A very soft to the touch, lightweight, but warm fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves designed so you don't feel like you're wearing the blanket, simply wrapped up in its wonder. “ Sounds remarkable like a Snuggie !
Either way – NO WAY – I am already too warm in my own fur coat.

110. Tell us something about the person (people) who tagged you.
I was tagged by Stewie over at the Scottie Chronicles. My Mom thinks he is adorable (not as adorable as me – but pretty close. Scotties remind her of my Dad – she calls him “her Scotty Dog” as once he sets his mind to something – he won’t give up.

We have lost track of who has been tagged so we will just tag the pretty little sheltie girl of my dreams - Miss Katie and that Dynamic Duo - Oreo and Chewy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The boys go to the park

An adventure through Denny's eyes.....
We had such a pawsome day yesterday, first we were playing and I was doing my aerial aerobics and then in the afternoon Mommy said the magic words - car ride! Dog oh dog were we excited!

Here we are in the car waiting - what are we waiting for Mommy? - the park is calling our names - we HAVE TO GO NOW !!!! There is so much pee-mail to check and messages to leave. GET IN THE CAR MOMMY and drive!

Finally - we got to the park and it had been sooooo long since we had been (nearly 3 whole days) - that we didn't know which we to go - so

we all tried going in all different directions - but that didn't work. Mom was a bit frazzled by this and was thinking yet again (what possessed me to bring three dogs on a walk) but eventually we decided to follow Weilly because well, he's the 'big dog' and we knew he would lead us in the right direction - which just happened to be the lake. Ahhhhh the lake ..... hello old friend we sure have missed your watery wetness and serene flatness - (we have no idea if it is really wet as we have never stepped paw in it - because ........well it is water after all and Weilly says water is BAD and is to be avoided at all costs - he says it is like a giant B.A.T.H.) He is the big dog so he would know for sure about these things. We hope you got to play in some sunshine.

Having fun - Come on over!

The sun is shining - and all is well in our world. It is the perfect day for some playing, so come on over - we have lots of toys to share and a huge yard to run in and Mom will even provides treats !!!! She says that this afternoon she will even drag our agility equipment out of storage ! If you are not convinced yet - check out these photos of us having fun! Of coarse the Wuzster (Denny) is showing off with his aerial aerobics but check out the fourth photo - yes that is me with my feet off the ground!!!! Even Cousin 'IT' got in the act although he wasn't quite awake yet so was still a bit sluggish (personally I think of him being sluggish - as in a slug all the time !!!)

Oh we thought we would share some info about the new blogger interface - IT SUCKS! Sure it has some nice features the old one doesn't - but it just doesn't work for us. In particular, it doesn't let us display our photos in the way we want it we will stick with the old editor.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Updated blogger interface

We are trying out the new blogger interface and would love some feedback- we tried to keep it  looking like the old one but wondered if every furbody is seeing it okay on their computers? We know Dad is having problems on his blackberry pad but heck that is only has an 8" screen !

Reilly - the computer geek

Mishmash Monday 2

Trying to get all three dogs in one picture and getting them all facing in the right direction in nearly impossible. In this shot Jackson has his head through a little gap in the fence, Reilly's tail got caught by a gust of wind and looks like a big feather duster (either that or he had some powerful gas ! )  and Denny wasn't sure which way to go.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nothing like a little sunshine

We had some wonderful sunshine yesterday afternoon, it was even warm enough for Mom to come outside with us and play for a while. We had a game of zoomies first and then fetch the stuffy toy. After that we chased a ball around for awhile.

We also discovered that the corgi that lives in the house behind us is called Bolo and that we don't like him AT ALL. Mom thinks it odd I don't like him as Franklin (back in Nebraska) was my bestest buddy ever and he was a corgi. Of coarse Franklin was a real laid back little dude where as Bolo seem hyper and always jumps at at our fence. Cousin "IT" (Jackie) in particular doesn't like Bolo and goes CRAZY when he sees him near the fence.

But even the bad Bolo couldn't stop us enjoying the sunshine and we even smiled nicely for the "mom's flashy beast". Today on the other hand is cold, grey and they say we might even get some snow tonight. Sounds like a even better day to me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

True Colors Thursday - Week 5 - Aqua

This weeks color for True Colors Thursday is another nice easy one - Aqua. The challenge was to find items that are aqua in color or have aqua in them - the twist was to show a photo that had aqua (water) in it.

Here are my finds
Me looking VERY worried because towels means B.A.T.H Mom's bathroom has all aqua colored mats and towels in it and it's somewhere I try to stay out of!

This was an aqua colored hot spot remedy we tried - it didn't work but is a pretty color

And finally - for the twist - this is MY favorite little lake - sigh - can't wait until spring comes and it looks like this again

Oh we forgot to mention, Mom goes to the surgical hospital today where she will be having pain blockers put in her spine. Please keep her in your thoughts - it only takes a few hours and she will be home this evening and hopefully it will help Mom a lot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Review With Denny #1

The other day the Mommy was wandering around in Bed Bath & Beyond when she bumped into a table. (She tends to be a bit clumsy that way) She suddenly heard something VERY familiar and turned around - it was a hole bunch or babble balls and they were ALL talking!

Now you have all seen me with my Babble Ball - which I totally love and play with all the time - but this one is smaller and has ridges on it rather then a smooth surface like my medium sized one has. It makes it much easier to pick up! These balls do actually have a battery inside them and you have to remove some screws to get to it - we haven't had to change the battery yet (Mommy just wanted to see how it worked inside so she took mine apart - can you believe that!!!!) Luckily for her it still worked when she put it back together again or I would not of been a happy Denny - no sireeeee!

This smaller ball would definitely be good for smaller dogs and costs $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Mom also had a 25% off everything coupon she used, so it didn't cost her that much. She bought a few other 'doggie' things that I be reviewing on other Wonderful Wednesdays so stay tuned !

Happy Valentines

I am not quite the big fluffy handsome guy I use to be and I itch and scratch a lot - but if you will still have me beautiful Miss Katie - will you be my valentine?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mishmash Monday 1

We are playing along with Sara's Mishmash Monday where photo's that are not so great get to see the light of day. We have soooooo many of those! This one had not only our tug rope in the picture, but the camera cord as well. GaWoof looks like Mom is threatening to "hang us" if we don't co-operate and look at the flashy beast :) Now you know how Mom does eventually get us to look in her direction - we LOVE our tug rope and any time she picks it up - she has our attention. Come and join in and show us your pics that didn't quite work the way you wanted them too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bone Stealer

I am NOT letting you move until you give me back my bone. I may be small but I can still stand over you (but only if you are laying down) MOM! tell him to give my bone back !

Friday, February 10, 2012

The right foot shoe monster

Some years ago we had a shoe monster at our house. It didn't do anything bad - but shoes and socks would mysteriously end up outside. Okay, I admit it...... it was me. One has to remember though, that we dogs have very sensitive noses and dads shoes and sock did offend my senses somewhat so I figured I would just leave them outside to air. Well now there is a NEW shoe monster in the house and NO - it isn't me! This one ONLY ever takes the right shoe and ONLY ever chews on the right corner at the front. It also ONLY takes Mom's shoes which is not making her at all happy. Mom grew up not wearing shoes and has bad arthritis is her feet so finding extra wide, extra soft and small shoes is difficult and when she does....they are prized possessions. To find that a monster has blatantly attacked them and gnawed to corner off 3 right shoes and has not touched the left ones has her somewhat annoyed and a little perplexed.

Now personally I have a theory about this. I am pretty sure it involves the 'youngest' member of our family - although he is not the smallest. I would call him middle sized. I do believe he is white and tan in color and has been known in the past to be a trouble maker. I am pretty sure you can guess who I think the shoe monster is. As is stands now the Shoe Monster is up for three and the Shoes are running at zero - it is a trend Mom fully intends to turn around!

An Allergy Up-date

I thought I would give you update on my allergies. So far there has been no improvement in terms of my itching and scratching - but we didn't expect there to be. That sweet lady dermatologist vet did say it would need to build up in my system before we start seeing any difference and that could take between 2 and 12 months.

The good news is my fur doesn't seem to be falling out much. Mom is not sure if that is the antibiotics or special shampoo that is helping or I just that I don't have much fur left to fall out. She is very sad to see I have lost my big rough around my neck but she tells me everyday - all day -that I am still her special beautiful boy. Geesh Mom - you sure know how to embarrass a guy!

I can't say I am 'liking' the injections (of allergy serum) but I don't really mind them either. Mom is very very gentle and always makes sure they are in a different spot each time. Getting me to take my pills is a challenge though, I went off the pill pockets so mom switched to cheese but I went off that too - so now I get my pills wrapped in a little prosciutto - gawoof gawoof ...I wonder what Mom will try next?

Mom has also sprayed the back garden to get rid of the ragweed (that is all the green you can see in the background). Mom hates having to use any chemicals in our backyard but she searched around to a pet friendly one and we are giving it try. There was just way to much for her dig up - but she did remove the bigger plants that were flowering.

We noticed a few of you asked if I had been tested for food allergies - and the answer is YES. I am allergic to any kind of poultry and grains and I don't do well on beef either, although the occasional bone doesn't bother me to much so long as there isn't any meat on it (sigh - the best part I might add).

And YES - we have pet health insurance for those that asked. It REALLY helped us out with the cost of this allergy treatment. Okay, that is enough for today, I am off to enjoy some cool outside and to dream of a nice meaty bone.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

True Colors Thursday - Week 4 - Eucalyptus

We are playing True Colors Thursday - which is all about taking a bit time to find something with or of a particular color. Now you don't have to be a great photographer to join in, it is just a fun thing and you will be amazed when you start looking - what you can find. Finn found the most amazing Eucalyptus colored floor tiles in the elevator where her Mom works and while at the pharmacy saw some eucalyptus cough drops! Blue found an amazing eucalyptus colored bowl and a cute Koala a penfriend from many years ago sent her and Mitch found a eucalyptus leaf wreath at his house and some Australian stamps that came on a card from a doggie friend in Australia. It can be anything and doesn't have to include us (doggies or critters) in the picture and it is amazing what interesting stories come with the things people find. You can even find colors of the things while out shopping - just grab your phone and snap away and you don't even have to buy anything :) So why not join us - we have a new color every Thursday and you have a whole week to find it! We also add an interesting twist each week. For this week - given that Eucalyptus is native to Australia the twist was to find something related to Australia and take a photograph of it.

Here are our photos. This was the "Wuzster" (Denny) when he was just a puppy (and he still is!) digging in Mom's plant pots. She doesn't know how many times she rescued her prized Eucalyptus tree from his paws - but it is quite a few. (That is it on the right of the photo) And for something Australian, Mom has this wonderful hand painted bag that she uses when she goes grocery shopping. (Yeah - that is me not looking happy about having my photo taken with it!) So what you waiting for - head on over to the True Colors Thursday Blog and join in! Next weeks color is Aqua - so start looking and remember it doesn't have to be a perfect match - just close to it so go out hunting and have fun!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting up is so tiring !

We all have our little rituals and I kind of forget mine when Mom took me to that cold and bad Knee-braska place. Well now I am back home, I am remembering how good those old rituals were and I am re-instating them. I begins my day by getting up out of my nice comfy basket bed and then do a funny wibbly wobbly walk until my blankie falls off - (it just loves me and wants to stay close but Mom doesn't like finding it outside). I then toter outside to check and leave some pee-mail before racing inside to where my breakfast is waiting. Now sometimes I will gobble this down and other times I don't feel like breakfast. I then scurry into the living room where the 'other mommy' sits and I bounce straight up in the chair next to her.

Now I am a leaning-cuddler type of guy and I love being in the crook of 'other mommies' arm. This way I can see out the breakfast room window and keep an eye on those naughty little birdies called sparrows. But it is soooooo tiring getting up, checking the yard and having breakfast that eventually - YES- you guessed it, I have to settle down with 'other mommy' for a nice nap. My head starts to get heavy as I listen to the 'other mommies' heartbeat and eventually those eyelids of mine just won't stay open a moment longer........unless I hear those little sparrows chirping and then I am off and out the doggie door faster then speeding train, a bullet - heck I could even given superman a run for his leotards :) Do you have a morning ritual at your house?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's Jump and Bounce !

Mommy says we need to get more exercise before spring comes, so we have been watching some doggie movies like Air Bud to see the best way to get some. Today we have been practicing our jumps and getting some 'air"

What do you think, can we do a "slam dunk" with these moves. Personally, I think it is those weird beans and lentil things Mommy has been adding to our food. Can you believe Dr W. our Vet said I was getting 'hefty' !!!! It's just my fur that is heavy I swear it is. How could I jump so well if I was hefty?

Then check out this second to last picture - can you see that Jackie pushing me out of the way with his paws...and I thought he was my little buddy! He can be a meanie when it comes to grabbing the toy off the Mommy. Pssssttt - between me and you - he's a bit of a show off with all his bouncing!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Okay Mom Happy Birthday - NOW CAN WE EAT THE CAKE !