Friday, February 24, 2012

Support For Sweet William

A few days ago we were very sad to read that 'anonymous' had posted a nasty message over on "Sweet William The Scot's" page. Sweet William who is the sweetheart of Jazzi was rescued from a puppy mill by his very loving Mom. Now due to inbreeding (which is no fault of Sweet Williams) he has problems with his front legs. Do we care about such things - no sirrrrreeeeeee.

Sweet William is just the most adorable little guy and has the biggest heart- unlike 'anonymous' who obviously has NO heart. So we just wanted to show our support for Sweet William and his Mom because we too have been the target of these 'anonymous' person's mean comments.

We have had messages such as - "white shelties are a disgrace to the breed and that they (which mean us) should have been drowned at birth" and that "we should be ashamed to call ourselves shelties" Well Mom wasn't hurt by these comments but she sure got mad. Once she calmed down she just felt sad that these anonymous's obviously have nothing better to do then to be mean and she hopes and prays that they don't haven't doggies of their own, because with attitudes like that you have to wonder how they would treat their furbabies. Mom has never mentioned these before as she doesn't think it is worth giving 'anonymous' any recognition - but she knows it really hurt Sweet William's Mom and she just wanted to let her know she is not alone and it happens to many of us.

But also these 'anonymous' types need to think about something - how did we ever get so many different colors and sizes in dogs? At one time only a black doberman could enter the show ring - now there is red ones. Should they have been "drowned at birth too" because they were different? What about the 3 sizes of beagles? Difference - whether it is color, size or a physical disability doesn't mean the doggie is any less loving or that it 'isn't good enough' to be part of it's breed. We love ALL our bloggy buddies - no matter breed, color, size or disability - YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!


  1. People have to stop feeding the trolls the more attention they get the more fun they have.

    For the most part I rarely post anoymous comments on my blog. While many of us use pen name to protect our privacy, I rarely find people who cannot bother to even create a profile have much that is productive to say.

    Ignorance abounds. Sweet William is blessed to have a home that loves and cares for him. His owners in return have a dog that loves and brings joy to their home despite the challenges his breeding has caused.

    There will always be rude obnoxious people who think they have a right to speak with authority on these topics. I have had people tell me despite the fact that we accidently have papers on Bailey (it wasn't an issue for me when we rescued him) that we obviously don't "know" he can't be a Sheltie because he's too big. Well occording to his papers we actually have documentation. Not that it matters much to me. I know nothing about Katy's heritage, she just happens to look more like the size people expect.

  2. People say some horrible things!I wrote a post a few weeks back called the "Blog Squad" about these people because they were doing things like that to me.

    Like my Grandma used to say," If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut!"

    I think "different" is good and the dogs are beautiful and we don't know what "anonymous" looks like.

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. We read about Sweet William on Jazzi's blog.
    As you say he is adorable, why anyone would want to voice negative opinions we don't know.
    We dog bloggers share a common theme and whilst we are all different there is clearly more that unites us than divides us.
    We have been so lucky getting to know so many wonderful dog and cat bloggers!
    We have no 'anonymous' friends!

  4. Well said, Reilly and Denny! BTW, we think you're gorgeous! And we love Sweet William's kind comments. (Course we love Jackie, too, because he's SO cute!!)

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. We also were very upset by what happened to Sweet William. I am sorry you have also been the target such cruelty.

    These folks are just bullies and it is best to ignore them and not give them the attention they crave.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. And my thoughts to that annonymous excuse for a human....(Whoops that might have been a little tough) is:

    If you don’t like my words, don’t listen. If you don’t like my appearance, don’t look. If you don’t like my actions, turn your head; It’s as simple as that

    Sweet William Rocks and always has.

  7. Paws up to that!! This is one place where we can all come and be ourselves. Who cares if we are different. I am amazed by the doggy pals that have "wheely" legs cause they can't walk anymore or can't see so good or hear so good and also feel so warm about all the love these babies get. There is no room for sassy comments in here, just love and fun and lots and lots of good learning stuffs.

    The Power of the Paw
    Loveys Sasha

  8. That's simply horrible.

    Unfortunately there are many "haters" out there. Usually they are ignorant people, who probably criticize people who aren't "like them" as well.

    Dogs, like people, come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and personalities. Should we drown children who aren't "perfect"? And who exactly decides what "perfect" is.

    I feel sorry for people who are so closed minded. They are missing out on a beautiful, diverse world.

  9. Wow, people are sooo mean. If they cant leave their name, then they arent worth the time of day.
    Listen I have two friends who have "color headed whites" shelties. One does herding and the other agility. They are excellent dogs. When you register your sheltie in the AKC website,now Color headed white is a choice. SO that person deosnt know what they are talking about.
    They use to kill white boxers too. But I know this guy who runs several white boxers in agility and they are awesome.

  10. I think Terhune would have said the most important quality of any dog is to be a good chum. When our breeder Mom started breeding collies, it was said that the brains had been bred out of the breed. She felt health, brains and temperment were the most important factors.

    Dog Dad told us, he doesn't want a dog that isn't a good chum. If a person limits themselves to looks to find a mate or a dog they are lost. After all, beauty is only skin deep, but mean is to the bone.

    Essex & Sherman

  11. Anyone who expresses a nasty opinion about the color of a dog is no one that I'd want to know. Such ugly little people.

  12. Reilly and Denny-

    Some people on the internet are just big bullies. They puff up and spout all kinds of anonymous nonsense. If they had any balls, they would show who they are!
    We would not waste a minute of worry on these people.
    We are a community of friends!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  13. My grandpa always says if you don't have something nice to say then be quiet! Sweet William is the best!

    Love ya lots,

  14. Sorry, I didnt mean to sound like dogs were only good if they did performance sports. I didnt mean it that way. I just meant that are all really good dogs no matter what their markings.

  15. Well said, buddies!


  16. Gosh! Some people are so mean!!!

    These people are completely ignorant and they are negative thinkers; they aren't deserved to be noticed at all. I feel sorry for them that there is no tolerance, compassion, love, humbleness and humility in them. Their world is so dull and ugly.

    We didn't know Sweet William so we hopped over his blog and we agree that he is a sweetheart. Hugs to his mom and he too.

    Well said, Reilly!

  17. We've been lucky I think. I've deleted a few posts over the years, but have left a couple up just because their comments struck me as funny. I think it is best to ignore the hurtful words (which is hard I know) and just delete the comments.


  18. I don't know what is wrong with people.

  19. Well I never! Rude people that think they need to be commenting on us doggies can just go off with their stinky selves and don't let the door hit them in da booty on the way out! Keep your beautiful heads held high mates! Play bows,


  20. Very well said and Thanks for speaking up. We cant be slient about this when crazy people are leaving comments like that!! Thanks for standing up for Sweet William, he is a sweetie!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  21. and yes, we all LOVE our pets no matter what!!!


  22. We heard about Sweet William on Jazzi's blog. It was so disturbing to find out there are anonymous people out there who would write such bad things about us dogs! We haven't been blogging very long -- so it's a good head's up, in case a bad comment pops up. I can't believe your story too! We love how you are mostly white! During the night when Mommy or Grandma have to use the potty -- they depend on seeing the white on our fur to see where we are sleeping. (The white on our fur seems to stand out in dim lighting at night.) Sometimes, you can't get to the light switch to see where we are, so they depend on seeing the white on our fur to tell where we are so they don't accidentally step on us. Having a lot of white fur like you guys would be very helpful for humans to see where you are at night -- so no one gets hurt by accident.

  23. Helloooo Reilly & Denny ~ Thank you for being a friend. You traveled down the road and back again your heart is true you’re a pal of mine. The nasties are cold But the cycle ends right now cause they can’t lead us down that road. All they are is mean and pathetic.
    Sweet William The Scot
    Psss ~ My Lee was in the hospital so we are just now getting caught up on our favorite blogs.

  24. Hellooo Reilly & Denny ~ Thank you for being a friend. You traveled down the road and back again
    your heart is true you’re a pal of mine. Somebody made the nasties cold ~ But the cycle ends right now cause they can’t lead us down that road.
    Sweet William The Scot
    Psss ~ My Lee was in the hospital, we are fine and just getting caught up on our favorite blogs


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