Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Car Ride and Birthday

Since discovering the new park last week, mom dad and I have been taking long walks everyday - it is so nice to have it so close to us. Of coarse I have to ask the question -why did it take you so long to find it mom - we have been living here for over 2 years now and it is just around the corner !!!! Mom says it is because they have only just recently put the walking trail through it.....yeah, sure mom! Anyway, we took Dad's big car today and when we got there we followed the path and found it came out to a nice lake which we can walk right around and today we even saw some people and some of those noise little hoomans. The other really cool thing is we have also been having some amazing weather the last couple of days - it has been in the 60's which is pretty pawsome for the end of November. Today it is also "she who is never seen" 21st birthday. "She who is never seen" is dads daughter and when she is home, we rarely ever see her becuase she works nights and sleeps during the day and when she isn't doing either of those she is out with friends. Mom and Dad got her some nice presents (except for the camera - woof - that means more photos of me!!) They also got her this yummy cake and they wouldn't share it with me.....that is SO not right. Mom couldn't have any either so I didn't feel to bad and when no-one was looking mom did sneak me some of the yummy icing although I would have preferred a nice big slice. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Monday, November 23, 2009

I KNEW IT !!!!

I knew I saw Martha and Bailey in the know how I know, cause this afternoon when mom and I went to check the mail there was a parcel from Scotland in it !!! I mean to say, how could it of got there if the Basset Babes hadn't put it there - it didn't just fly here all by itself did it??? And look what was inside the parcel - it is a cute stuffie dog for me!!!!! But then you know what mom said, "No Reilly, this is a special stuffie" and she showed me what was the Stuffie Dog's T-Shirt - you will have to bigify the picture to see it. Mom says this will go on the mantle next to the two mini-me's she has. I want to send big tail wags, woofitty woofs and okay maybe a snuffle or two into those sweet basset ears for my (okay moms) cute little stuffie dog. PS Matha and Bailey can you thank your mom too and I am sure she helped you find such a cute gift. Oh, I forgot to mention they sent it to me because I helped my mom design their new blog background.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Martha - Bailey - where are you?????

When I went outside this morning - Woofitty Woof - I knew I had been transported to Scotland. Ahh the misty moors of Scotland are calling me to go a roaming in the gloaming with Matha and Bailey. I ran right across the moor in search of them - nose to the ground just like Martha and Bailey do - I was sure I kept seeing them in the fog. I stopped and looked to the right - but nothing, then I looked to the left - and nothing. It was starting to get a little scary out there so I came racing back to mom....but you know I AM SURE they were out there in the fog with me.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Frolicking Friday

Today mom and I went somewhere new and the most amazing thing - it's only a few street from where we live and it's called a playground. We had the whole place to ourselves and mom said it was okay for me to act like the youngster I am... so here we go. First off we saw all these funny shaped things and I must admit I wasn't to sure about approaching them at first. But of coarse Mom being brave like she is, she showed me that it was okay. So off we went to get a closer to look, and guess what - I got to play shop. I have never played shop before. Mom says I have to say in my best woofy voice "May I help you" - and how could anyone resist buying something from a cutie like me.

Next I went high up on this deck thing and we crossed a bridge and I went through a small tunnel (mom couldn't fit gawoof gawoof) then up steps and down steps - it was like the coolest agility coarse. I think one of these in my back yard would be so much fun but mom says it would take up my whole back yard and I would have no where to run. Next we decided to follow a path and see where it took us. It went along the edge of a little stream and it was nice to hear the water tinkling over rocks. We eventually came to this neat little bridge and there was a big white poodle standing at a nearby fence barking - mom thought it was a blood hounding baying to begin with but then he popped his head up and was a poodle she was very surprised. Me, I just ignored him as there was too many good smells that needed smelling.

We eventually came to what mom called a soccer field and she said it was a good thing there was no one playing as I might mistaken for something sitting in front of the net like that - hmm I wonder what she meant? There was also something called a basketball half court and a baseball pitch. Mom practiced some recalls here with me and I did it every time. So that was my my Frolicking Friday, I liked everything...but I think best of all was the long winding path as there was so many good smells and now we know we can follow it, we can go there when ever the weather is okay. It pays sometimes to go and explore your neighborhood as you never know what hidden little park you will find.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Instructions for Weave Poles and Jumps

Mom and me (okay mom) - Mom and I!!! sat down together and drew up some more plans for making your own agility coarse jumps and weave poles. They are made from PVC which you can buy at any Home Supply store or Plumbing store. Mom says to tell you that you can also glue the pieces together using PVC glue but she found it doesn't really need it and it is easier to pull the pieces apart and move it around or take to the park with you this way. We made three jumps for our coarse so you will need to triple the shopping list if you want to do the same. Just click on the images to see them bigger and then you can save and print them out. The images look light because they are small - but all the details show up when you print them. I have sets of these down in my basement playroom and they are great for keeping me in shape and in practice over the winter.


My sock

Okay - I be a bit confused. Here I am with my cute little sock that Maggie and Mitch's Mom knitted and it fits perfectly (I wonder how she knew my paw size?) The problem is, there is only one sock and I have four paws. I guess I could do that Michael Jackson thing by just wearing one. But you know what, mom came in and started chuckling at me and said that the sock isn't for wearing it is for hanging on a tree. Is that some new kind of sock monster ritual??? The sock monster that lives here just takes the socks outside and leaves them on the wet grass and I have never seen him leave them on a tree before. Then mom said it is a hooman tradition to hang socks and fill them with little treats and presents at Christmas time - but only my paw fits in this sock. Maybe that is why the sock monster sneaks the socks away - maybe he is checking to see if there are any treats left in them. Anyway ...I love my sock and will make sure that naughty sock monster doesn't take it outside - thank you Maggie and Mitch's mom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing some ideas

Mom ans I were sorting through some old Tricks and Games training magazines and came across these instructions on how to build your own teeter. We have used the same technique (with PVC pipe to make out own jumps and weave poles) and it works out so much cheaper then buying the equipment. Remember you can click on the image to see it bigger and print it out. One tip mom wanted to add - to add weight to the frame and help increase the stability - you can add some sand to the pipe as you are building it.

I also want to say a big thank you to Maggie and Mitch's mom for the wonderful Christmas sock that arrived yesterday (hopefully I can keep it away from that naughty sock monster who has been quite active the past week) Mom is going to take a photo of me later with it and I will post it tomorrow.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Guess what we saw?????

Mom had to go have some blood tests this morning and I went along for the ride. On the way home guess what we saw - a real live Buck with antlers!!!! He was just crossing the road (which happens to be 6 lanes wide and is normally very busy but thankfully we were the only car on the road at that moment as the traffic lights behind us had just turned red. Mom stopped the car and waited and guess what happened next, it came right up to her window and stood there looking at her. Mom told me to "wait" which put me in the don't move position - even though I wanted to bark at it so badly. The buck then just casually walked around the front of the car and continued across the road, safely reaching the other side just as a lot of cars were coming. Mom has never seen a real live buck before - come to that matter neither have I so this was a wonderful experience. Of coarse you have never a camera handy when things like this happen, so mom found this photo on Google images to show you what it looked like. Oh ...and mom did let me bark at it once it was safely across the road.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting Old Towne

Mom and I decided to go have a look at 'Old Towne" today. It is just the original area of our city and sadly like so many old town areas it is pretty much lifeless. They are actually trying to bring 'Old Towne back and revitalize it, but I don't think it is working as we only found 4 shops open along the whole area. It has that sad run down, neglected and abandoned feel to it but there was lots of new smells and it is an area I have never been before. One thing that was odd though, we came across these two sitting outside a shop, and I barked and said hello and even nudged their hands a little hoping for a pat but they just sat there like dummies ingoring me. Mom would of liked to look in the store but of coarse there was a sign up saying 'no pets allowed" and I didn't want to wait outisde with these two when they were blantly ignoring my attempts at friendship. Mom did see a little Italian Restuarant there too and she said when Dad is home they might have to go and check it it because it had that authentic Italian look to it, with white table cloths on each table.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enjoying some sunshine

It is so nice at the moment considering it is November. We have had mid 60's all week and it just perfect for playing outside and lazing around in the warm sunshine. Except of coarse for when I get to play catch with mom. I am getting so good at catching my cowspot ball in the air and even catching my tuggy toy now. I must admit I am not so fond of catching the tug toy though as it gives me a real bonk on the head if I miss it!!! Here I am in the in the photos telling mom "Put that darn camera thing down and just throw the ball already" She did EVENTUALLY throw it and here I am catching it. But check out the next photo of me catching the tuggy - if you biggify it you will see all four feet are off the ground!!!! Move over AirBud .....AirReilly is here and this Cowspotdog is going to jump over the moon!!!! We are off to play some more, hope you are all having nice weather too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jump and Find It

Mom has been playing around with the settings on her camera and we have been able to get some cool jump shots. She still has to figure out the light settings but when she does we hope to get some really cool photos. Mom and I have also been playing a new game that is lots of fun on those cold days. Even though I'm not a scent hound mom has noticed I REALLY love to sniff so she is teaching me how to "FIND" things. She makes me wait in another room while she hides a treat and then calls me and I have to search everywhere to find it. Mom is very impressed that she only to had to use the "FIND" command three times before I knew what I meant. Mom says this is a great activity for all doggies so you might want to try playing it too. Here are the steps.

1. Start off with us sitting in the room and show us a nice smelly treat. (Mom rubbed a little bit of bacon on a dry cookie for me)
2. Let us sniff the treat and making sure we sit still - hide the treat behind a cushion.
3. Then say "FIND IT" and if we need a little help that is okay. Gradually lessen the help though. You can hide the treat in the same place for a few times until we get the idea and then start moving it around.
4. Once we have mastered the FIND IT - then make us sit and wait just outside the room and then give the FIND IT command.
5. Keep increasing the distance away from the treat as this help our concentration.
6. Make sure you hide the treats in different places, high, low, under things, behind things and try different smells and treats too- but make sure you let us sniff the treat first otherwise we won't know what to look for.
7. When we know how to FIND the treats - start using other things, a favorite toy, dad's sock and keep changing it so we stay interested.
8. Make sure you give us lots of praise and be happy when we FIND our treasures as this will reinforce what a fun game it is.


Monday, November 9, 2009

A walk in the woods

Mom, Dad and I went for a picnic yesterday and I got to go for a long walk in the woods. It's not very pretty now that all the leaves have fallen but I didn't care because it was full of the BEST smells - I think I could give Martha and Bailey a run for the best sniffer!!!! The path went up hills and down gullies and about half way along was a neat place for Mom, Dad and me to sit and have a picnic. It was quite windy but the little picnic area was surrounded by trees and it was just perfect. Mom said it was so quiet as there were no birds, just the rustling of branches and a train far off in the distance. Pack time is such a good thing to have.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

I can jump

Mom and I were having a game of toss the toy and here are some of action shots she got. Her camera doesn't take great action shots and of coarse I move so fast it's hard to catch me, so she apologizes that these are a little blurry. Personally I think this is how all photos of us should be because maybe it would frustrates the moms and dad so much that they would stop constantly taking photos of us. Hmmmm, but if they did that what we we put on our blogs?? They say a picture speaks a thousand words and considering it's not easy to type with paws - maybe photos are not such a bad idea.