Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jump and Find It

Mom has been playing around with the settings on her camera and we have been able to get some cool jump shots. She still has to figure out the light settings but when she does we hope to get some really cool photos. Mom and I have also been playing a new game that is lots of fun on those cold days. Even though I'm not a scent hound mom has noticed I REALLY love to sniff so she is teaching me how to "FIND" things. She makes me wait in another room while she hides a treat and then calls me and I have to search everywhere to find it. Mom is very impressed that she only to had to use the "FIND" command three times before I knew what I meant. Mom says this is a great activity for all doggies so you might want to try playing it too. Here are the steps.

1. Start off with us sitting in the room and show us a nice smelly treat. (Mom rubbed a little bit of bacon on a dry cookie for me)
2. Let us sniff the treat and making sure we sit still - hide the treat behind a cushion.
3. Then say "FIND IT" and if we need a little help that is okay. Gradually lessen the help though. You can hide the treat in the same place for a few times until we get the idea and then start moving it around.
4. Once we have mastered the FIND IT - then make us sit and wait just outside the room and then give the FIND IT command.
5. Keep increasing the distance away from the treat as this help our concentration.
6. Make sure you hide the treats in different places, high, low, under things, behind things and try different smells and treats too- but make sure you let us sniff the treat first otherwise we won't know what to look for.
7. When we know how to FIND the treats - start using other things, a favorite toy, dad's sock and keep changing it so we stay interested.
8. Make sure you give us lots of praise and be happy when we FIND our treasures as this will reinforce what a fun game it is.



  1. You look really good at catching Reilly, very athletic!
    Your game sounds good. I is not very good at finding things but I bet Auntie Penny would like it a lot!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. Hi Reilly, we loved your action shots.
    They were very good and not in the least blurry.
    You looked very happy with your football - we noticed the colours were a perfect match!
    We do sometimes play the sniffing game - mum has played this with other dogs she has had who loved it.
    Problem with us is when we both find the same treat at the same time!
    She tries to do seperate treats but Martha remains very greedy when it comes to food and is keen to get all the treats!
    We agree it is good sniffing exercise for you!
    Bailey xxxxx cos I am talking about Martha!

  3. Great game, Reilly! We play that sometimes and I love to go and find treats! I'll have to remind mom that we should do it more often!

  4. That sounds like fun to find stuff! Hmm I wonder if my Mum would do that for me. She says Jet can find spoons in the dishwasher and take them out... but I don't think that counts.

  5. Good game Reilly! I will try it w/Katie and see how she does the next boring rainy day! You are very good at catch!!

    Tell your Mom I went to her other blogs and really like the pictures of the turtles..but I can't leave a message there. It says to copy the word but there is nowhere to type to do that! But I really like them!!


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