Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boot Boppin Boy

For the first time in well over a week it was cool enough to go to MY park so Mom put MY boots on and our brand new (dog whisperer)  harshness's which are super soft and off we went.

Dog oh dog - there was so much pee mail to read and twice as much to leave.  We started off along the lake edge - it looks kind of overcast but it wasn't - we just went out early. After checking out the duck poop and a dead turtle which smelled heavenly -  we then headed up into the trees on the search for tree rats.

Come on Mom and Dad - do at least TRY to keep up!

I must admit I like it when Dad can come with us because we can be on our own leads and I don't have the Velcro Kid stuck to my side. We got to check out the playground and Dweeb was even brave enough to do some sniffing all by himself (something her rarely ever does). Can you believe the Mom and Dad were laughing at me though - they said they couldn't believe how fast I was boppin along in my boots and kept calling me the boot boppin boy. It is so much easier to "bop" when my foot isn't hurting - yep - I love my boots.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shades of COOL!

 Wow - gnarly dude ! We are joining Ranger in his Super Shades - Sunglasses day.

Check us out in our racing checker flagged sunnies! I got the wind blowing through the furs, the sun is shining and I am even giving the girls the one eyed "come hither" look.

We need these today - we are having our first 100 degrees of the summer !!!!!!!!!

And check me out too - am I a super cute dweeb in my shades! Mom didn't think she would get a picture of me wearing them cause I was kinda of scared of them - so scared I didn't move when she put them on me. But I got my revenge by blowing a raspberry at her when she went to take the photo.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giant Mosquitos

Me - the BIG DOG is being attacked by mosquito's (scratch scratch scratch) and I am not a happy chappy at the moment - they itch so bad and (scratch scratch scratch) I am driving myself and Mom and Dad crazy with my scratching!!!!!
We are wondering if any doggies (scratch scratch scratch) have ever tried a doggy safe mosquito repellant they could recommend (scratch scratch scratch)? We have sprayed the yard and under the deck but living in a rice growing area (they flooded the fields two weeks ago) the mosquito's are TERRIBLE this time of year (scratch scratch scratch)  and the ones we have here are the worse of the worse. They actually hurt when they bite you  - like a bee sting! and the bite hurts for up to an hour afterwards and then the itching starts and the bites swell up and become huge blisters (scratch scratch scratch). Mom and Dad have lived all over the USA and have never had reactions to mosquito's like they do to the ones here.

Now I know you are probably wondering how they can bite me through all this fur (scratch scratch scratch) - but my fur is actually really thin now due to my allergies - unlike the Dweeb who is big old walking powder puff! You know I love sitting out on MY deck in the early morning before it gets too hot (scratch scratch scratch) but Mom is saying she might have to keep me inside!!!  My tick and flea treatment is supposed to repel mosquito's but someone obviously forgot to tell them that (scratch scratch scratch)!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Musing on Monday #25 and Winner

Can you believe it - on Saturday we were abandoned!!! Mom and Dad went to a place called Little Rock. They went  to the Air Force Base to do some shopping because for military people it is tax free and the prices are sooooo much cheaper. Mom calls it her 'stocking up shopping.' Now even though we were ruthlessly abandoned for the day - we can't really complain as they did bring us back treats. Mom found my most favorite Pizzle Sticks there and bought 4 packets of them. She also found fresh marrow bones for only 60 cents for a packet of 3!!! You can drool guys cause that is solid marrow in the middle of those bones! Okay - we forgive you this time Mom and Dad!

Now we also have a winner in our giveaway - drum roll please!!!!!!! We entered all the correct entries into and comment #5 came up as the winner which is Collie222 - can you email us please with your mailing address the email link is over there on the right hand side → → → → → → →


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Blish by any other name is still a Blish

Hello - I am the newest in a long long long
line of Blishes - Old Blish who you met some weeks back is still happy in his retirement tank.

Now for those that do not know I am a Betta Splenda of the CrownTail variety. In days of old I use to be called a Siamese Fighting Fish as Siam (which is now called Thailand) is where my species originated from. Can you believe our kind lived in rice paddies - of coarse those far distant relatives are no where as fancy as me or as colorful - they are mostly a reddish brown.

I am also what is called a labyrinth fish - which means I have lungs - teeny tiny ones - but yes lungs - and I breath air which means I prefer shallow tanks and lots of plants to rest on as it is tiring always popping up to the surface for a gulp of air.

Another amazing fact about my kind - is when we breed - we males build very special bubble nests that float on the surface. We secrete a sticky substance that holds the bubbles together.   Our kind lay eggs and when our lady friend is ready - we will wrap ourselves around her and squeeze out one egg at a time. As she drops the egg we catch it in our mouth and then blow it into the bubble nest. We do that over and over again - 50 times or more. (Most good breeders do not allow more then twenty eggs at a time though as it is very exhausting for the females).

Of coarse there is also a reason we are called fighting fish - we don't like other males. Do you know in some places they fight us on purpose and make bets on the us - THE HAND says it is a terrible practice akin to rooster and dog fighting we fight to the death. THE HAND says it should be banned! We do not even like to see ourselves reflected in our tank glass or a mirror (a game many children like to play with us - but it is a stressful thing to do to us) Our fighting instinct is so strong it kicks in when we are only a week old  and all the babies have to be separated into individual containers so as not to kill each other!!!! At that age we are about the size of a mosquito larvae and already willing to take on the world!

If you are wondering why I don't have any gravel in my tank - there is a reason for that. You see one lone little fish like me eats very very little and food would fall into the gravel and basically rot there making my tank water all yucky - so THE HAND prefers to keep my tank and water nice and clean for me. I do have a filter in my tank but it is very gentle as our kind do not like moving water very much.   We can actually do okay in a community tank but often find other fish like to nibble on our fins - so a solitary life is just fine for us.

By the way  - my tank has been reverberating with the thud thud of those fuzzy waterless things that I keep seeing swishing by my tank. They even make my water shimmy when they make that evil barking noise. I hope THE HAND does something about them or I may have to pick a fight with them!

Here I am in all my glory - and yes that is my real color - you can ewww and ahhhh now !

Bonjour Benny - Fight Like a Frenchie

We are joining all our blogville buddies in wishing
Benny and his family all the best today. For such a little dude he is putting up one big brave fight against liver cancer and we know he is worried about his peeps and sister Lilly as much as they are worried about him. We want them to know that ALL of blogville is fighting with them and that they not alone ......we are here for you Benny. So please - call on by Benny's Blog and say Bonjour to the cutest little French Bulldog. You can also donate to Benny's medical expenses here

Comments are off - please visit Benny & Lillies Blog

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - Fromm Treats Review and Giveaway

20th June 2013
Today thanks to  (previously called Mr Chewy) we are  reviewing oven baked Lamb with Cranberry Treats made by Fromm.
Here's the basics
  • They are grain free
  • They are made right here in the USA
  • Place of purchase -
  • Cost 8 oz bag $4.99
  • Company website :
  • Treats Page
  • The treats are made in Wisconsin
  • We LOVED that the cookies have a zip top bag so they stay nice and fresh.
  • The cookies are about an inch long are of the hard crunchy variety

Taste test
  • We admit it - WE LOVED THEM!!!  Being the hard crunchy type we actually chewed them up instead of just inhaling them!

  • USA made
  • All natural ingredients - lamb, cranberries, apples, vegetables and parsley
  • Excellent for us doggies with grain allergies
  • is an online store that offers quick and speedy delivery right to your door

Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
Not a one!

  • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.

Disclaimer : sent us a packet of the Lamb with Cranberry Treats in return for an honest review. sponsored a giveaway for our readers.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

Giveaway kindly provided us with a bag of Fromm Low Fat Liver Treats to give to one of our readers - just tell us which 2 fruits are found in the Lamb Treats we reviewed (the answer is up there in the positives section) Please note the Liver treats do have wheat in them - giveaway is for USA residents only.We will put all correct entries into and let it pick the winner.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Speechless Wednesday!!!!!

They are forecasting high 90's for the next 10 days !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


All last week it was in the high 90's and we really didn't do much apart from early morning walks around the neighborhood - so when it started raining last night and cooled things down - we started our ZenDoggie meditation chants bright and early today. Now the Mom has a pretty open mind so it didn't take long for the message to sink in - and off we went.

There was SOOOOO much pee mail to read after a whole week  and SOOOOOO much to leave! The Mom said we had to do some major butt wiggling walking after not going to MY park for a whole week so we headed off down the path right next to the lake. And here we are checking out the geese - there was a HUGE flock and my dogness they were noisy.

We continued down the path but those darn Geese just kept distracting us - what was their problem - you would think wolves were stalking them or something? We eventually came  to MY favorite little 'shady glen' as Mom calls it and noticed straight away that all the rain we had last night (over two inches) had washed a good portion of the little bridge away - here I am checking out why some of it is now in the lake!

Then we decided to do a little bit more exploring - MY park is so full of little hidden things. Today we found this weird thing - Mom says it for playing frisbee golf. We pondered how the humans would use this - do they stand in that thing and then catch the frisbees in their mouths? And what is up with playing frisbee in the trees - don't they know it is much better to have a big open field to play frisbee on? Humans are so silly sometimes.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Musing on Monday #24

Really Peeps - you so need to get your acts together.

In winter it was the PERFECT temperature for us to go walkies - we were just snug and bug and all toasty warm in our fur coats - but the Mom complained about the cold - ALL THE TIME!!! We told her to grow a fur coat but did she listen - NOOOOOOOOO.

Now it is Spring and we had about 2 weeks of perfect temps - just right for us and the Mom and then BAM !  this past week it was in the high 90's. Which doesn't bother Mom in the least (she says its her Aussie blood) but it just way to hot for us.

So what we want to know there a perfect place to live? A place where it is 70-80 degrees all year round, only rains at night time, has no hurricanes, tornado or other scary things, NO TICKS or doggy diseases, is near the beach and a forest and has walking paths leading everywhere and that go for miles and miles and miles - and can we add water stations and cookie dispensers along the way too?  Really - does it seem to much to ask?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thank you Gizmo and Mollie

We recently won 3 packets of the new Kong Treats from Mr Gizmo and they arrived yesterday - thank you Gizmo they are ones we haven't tried so we will certainly enjoy sampling them.

What do you mean I have to share them with the Dweeb ????  Alright - he can sniff the bags - is that enough Mom?

We got to try the new Kong Chew Treats I got an alligator shaped one and Dweeb got a dinosaur. These are actually quite crunchy and help clean the teeth. There was also a packet of dental chews that freshen breath and some mini beef bites. Are we lucky dogs or what?

We also won some Magnifiscent from Miss Mollie which is scent to make yours pups smell nice. Now being the HE dogs we are - the cotton candy scent really wasn't our thing but for some reason they don't make dead squirrel or road kill possum scents! Thank you Miss Mollie - we will find a little girl dog to give it too.

Friday, June 14, 2013

See Beautiful Friday

We don't normally do the blog hop thingy but today we thought we would and join in Sugars  "see beautiful" one. I am going to paw it over to Mom so she can explain why.

Mom: What caught my attention was the 'soulful eyes' part of Sugar's post  and I thought I would share a little about my beautiful boy Reilly.

As many of you know Reilly is an extremely stoic dog - he never shows when he is in pain, never whimpers or cries - he has been having monthly allergy shots for the last two years now and never once has he winced or whimper. He has had more than his fair share of poking and prodding at the Vets and again he just takes it all in his stride.

His foot is getting worse daily with the arthritis which is causing his toes to become deformed and bent out of shape - and even though we see him limping on it more and more often now - he still stoically goes about his day not letting it bother him.

But a Mom of a furbaby KNOWS - I know every time I look into his eyes - I can see if  the pain is really bad and he needs some medication. From looking in his eyes I know when he wants to go for walk more that anything else in the world.  I watch him as he stares into space sometimes but rather than blank look in his eyes - there is something else - like he is pondering, musing and thinking about something.

But the most important thing for me - was the year I spent in and out of hospital - every time I came home he was there - those soft brown eyes saying "I am so glad your home Mom and I am here for you".  There was never any pouting "why did you leave me" look - there was just a soft head to reach out and pat and an understanding I can hardly put into words. He was always there by the side of my bed and every time the nurse would come - he would be there watching intently to make sure she was "doing things right". He instinctively knew not to be close on the rare occasions I could walk and yet was always just a few steps behind me.

My husband was my strength but Reilly was my biggest motivation. I wanted to be able to take him on walks again, to go exploring again and to play with his favorite tug game again.  He has without a doubt had the most beautiful soul and I see it every time I look into his eyes.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watching - waiting and finally!

The Mom's Gardenia plant has grown HUGE this year and is COVERED with flowers buds so when I went out for my morning constitutional this morning and saw they were open I just had to shout for Mom to come and look. MOM MOM MOM MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! It took a lot to get her attention!

For those of you that love gardenias here is a hint - they LOVE LOVE LOVE a teaspoon of epsom salt sprinkled on them to make them flower and a regular dose of iron to keep them glossy green. They grow really well in pots and for those of you in cold areas - just bring them inside over winter - keep them in a sunny spot and they just keep growing.We kept our small gardenia inside over winter and left the big one outside - but we were lucky had had a pretty mild winter and as you can see it did just fine.








Just a moment Reilly

No - now Mom

Okay  I'm coming

Hurry Mom

What is it Reilly


Now this deserves
at least 2 cookie!

And here it is in all it's glory - Mom even got the BIG camera out to take these photos. We are spending a lot of time outside on the deck this morning just enjoying the scent - wish we had smell-a-vision for you all!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Winners - Wacky and Wonderful Wednesday


Okay fellow furbies - drum roll ...........we entered the correct winners of the Kong treats into and our winners are

Day in The Life of Goose (Freckles) 
Ruby the Airedale

Can you please email me with your mailing address ASAP and Kong will send you each a packet of the Beef and Cheese and Sweet Potato Treats.
( email link is over there on the right → →→ )

Congrats to the winners and thank you to every furbody that entered.


Under our Wacky heading - we thought we would share our weird radicchio plant that appeared in our veggie patch. It has this hard stem growing up through the middle !  As you can see the other radicchio plants are perfectly normal.


And finally under the heading of wonderful - our lillies are just starting to flower. This year the mom planted 25 new lillies and 100 new gladioli which already have big flower stalks on them.