Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Turn - My Turn !

It is me Denny and today it is my turn to hog the blog - just don't tell Weilly okay ! Now I know some of you may think Weilly doesn't like me much - but really he does - well he tolerates me at least and I know I am growing on him - day by day (he says that is because I am just like a fungus!) I mean to say - just look at these photos - he is actually letting me sit right next to him and don't we just look the cutest together!

I know we are different in many little ways - like my ears are up and his are down, he is quiet and placid and I am shy and nervous, he isn't scared of anything and I am scared of everything, he is big and tall and I am little, he likes soft treats and I like hard, he loves car rides and I am scared of them, he likes a hard floor to sleep on and I like my soft bed .....and the list could go on. But you know we are so similar too - we both love our walks and our breakfast and dinner, we both love playing bitey face and making funny noises while we do, we both love our Mom and Dad and when I am scared and need him for reassurance - he always lets me snuggle up close to him. I love my big brother and you know what - I kinda think he loves me a little bit too.


The Indignity of It

There are some things a dog should NEVER be subjected too and having his photo taken while in the bath is one of them. The other is having to stand there for a whole 5 minutes while the yucky new shampoo does it's supposed magic on my itchy scratchy skin.

Okay, I admit it - my skin does feel better after having my bath BUT my pride and dignity may be irretrievably harmed! Mom says I am being melodramatic about the whole thing, but a dog has to stand for a what a dog has to stand for. Notice how I put on my very best "oh poor me" face. At least I got a nice treat after having to endure this humiliating experience.

The Emporer's New Coat

Hello there it is me Jackkkkkeeeeeeee - Emperor of the Sundeck and here to show off the new coat that 'Other Mommy' bought me. Yeah - that is me "Ruff n Tough" I am one mean bad nosed dude - you can tell that by the skull and cross bones on my jacket and my shaking wobbly knees (looking around nervously encase Big Dog notices me on HIS bloggie)!

You are probably wondering why 'Other Mommy" bought me a new coat well "someone" who shall not be mentioned (but who can be clearly seen in the photo with me) decided I was a tug toy to be dragged around the garden by my very favorite hoody jacket. And when he finished doing that he decided my hoody was very tasty and gnawed a great big hole in the back of it (while I was still wearing it!) There was no fixing it and it passed quietly into the rag box never to be seen again - so then I didn't have a nice sweat shirt hoody to wear until "Other Mommy" spotted this one and got it for me. Note - she didn't get him one because he was so naughty! Don't you all think green in my color - Big Dog says I look like a gooey green slug !!!


Let the tears flow

My Mom reads the oddest things and today on this especially sad day she remembered a passage from a book about a particular African tribe that believes when someone dies they are carried to the great resting place in a canoe and that everyone in the tribe must cry freely so that their tears become a river on which the canoe travels. Today our Dog with Blogs tribe must cry freely to help our dearest friend Miss Maggie on her travels to and across the rainbow bridge.

We thought a wonderful tribute to our dear friend would be to post about a particular memory (or post) about her that you remember. For us - we will always remember her entering our Pee-mail contest where we asked for doggies to send pics of themselves "checking" out pee-mail in their neighborhood. Miss Maggie took matters into her own paws though and decided it would be better to leave some pee-mail ! We loved it and Miss Maggie and Mitch actually won that contest and got their very own fire hydrant for their wonderful garden. We know that right now Miss Maggie is missing her Mom and Dad and her brother Mitch as much as they are missing her - but we also know she is running happily and checking all the pee-mail with so many of her dear friends right now in Rainbow land. Please stop by Maggie and Mitch's page and leave them some hugs and love.

In Memory of the Beautiful Maggie - our Pee-Mail Queen.


Friday, January 27, 2012

BIG Post - the results

Sorry this is a a BIG post but I have such a lot to share. First of all we headed off and 6.30 am towards Memphis which is about an hour and a half away. It was VERY misty and rained just about the whole way there and back (actually it was worse coming back). Here we are on the bridge that crosses the Tennessee River between Arkansas and Tennessee. Can you see Memphis up ahead? No, that was how misty it was, you couldn't even see the big tall buildings, heck you couldn't even see the river! Here I am in the back seat secure and safe wearing my awesome lambswool harness (which it turns out was a BAD idea - more about that later)

We were a bit worried about the rush hour traffic, but as it turned out it was quite light and Mom and Dad even had time to go to Starbucks (Mom's love to splurge occasionally of a Vanilla Steamer which is just hot milk and vanilla all whipped up so it is frothy) Mom got me a nice cup of cool water too. I must say I REALLY like this vet's office and the VET - ohhhhh she was sooo sweet to me! Look, they have these pawesome big windows we can look out of while we were waiting. You can see me smiling as I am waiting with my Dad. They also has these pawsome photographs on the wall taken by a local photographer. Doesn't that look like a certain black Labradork (errrrr I mean Labradude) on the wall? One of the hardest things to photograph is a black dog - did you know that? It is because their coloring doesn't show their expressions as easily - but this guy was amazing!

Anyway in came Dr B - and she was just as cute as a button! She also has 2 shelties herself, a border collie an 2 mix breed dogs - all which she adopted. She couldn't believe how beautiful and placid I was and she kept rubbing my ears - how did she know I LOVE that.....I thought only my Mom knew that !

Dr B. carefully explained everything they would be doing and what they would be testing for and how they would do it. She said Mom and Dad could leave me and come back in an hour to get the results. I was more then happy to follow Dr B. and trotted happily down the hall with her. Mom and Dad went to have breakfast at a nearby I-Hop. Mom treated herself to a pancake with butter-pecan syrup. She LOVES I-Hop's butter-pecan syrup!

When they got back I came racing in to see them wagging my tail like crazy. Dr B came in and showed us the area they tested and explained the results. They tested 68 different allergens on me - 68! Do you see the size of that shaved spot! Heck - I am naked and now everyone can see how spotted I am under my coat. You can also see all the irritated areas !

Okay - the results. The rating is '0' for normal and '4' for severe.

I tested 4 on histamine levels, Ragweed (Dr B said I could of been a 6 on that it was so bad) Cocklebur and Goldrod and Black Ants and Cockroaches. Mom was befuddled by the cockroaches as she has never seen in the house or the garden. I am also allergic the Red Cedar and Juniper, sheep wool (hence the problem with my harness which has a sheep wool lining) human dander and dust mites. I am also allergic to Rye Grass and Couch as well as a few other plants. They didn't test for food allergies as we have already have that done and we know I am allergic to grains and any kind of poultry.

So there we have it....We left the Dr B's office over a $1000 lighter in the pocket and with some special serum that is made just for me and my allergies. Dr B. says it will take at least two months to start having any noticeable affect and could be up to a year before we get full results. I also have some special antibiotic shampoo and a spritz spray to use on my fur every day. She found when she shaved me that I have a bad skin infection and she thinks this is why my fur has been falling out. So I have antibiotics I have to take too. She also did a thyroid test and a blood panel as Shelties are prone to thyroid issues and that can also make fur fall out but mine came back normal and my blood panel was fine too except for the inflammation level - which is the allergies at work.

Can you believe Mom insisted I have my harness on for the ride back home even though it was made of sheep's wool. Hey, I just thought of something - how silly is it ...that a sheepdog is allergic to sheep !!!!!! I insisted sitting silly on the seat after she put it on as I wasn't happy about wearing it - but Mom said the road conditions were horrendous and she wasn't taking any chances.

Now luckily Mom is used to injections as she has to give herself one every morning - so this morning we started our new schedule where she gave me my injection first (that is the box at the bottom), and she filled out my record book and then she gave herself her injection. See..... Mom and I share so much in common! Mom says I also the biggest bravest boy - I didn't even wake up when she gave me my injection this morning. It goes between my shoulders and luckily I have quite a bit of 'padding' there so I didn't even feel it.

Of coarse there are lots of other things Mom has to do now to lessen my soon as we got home she went online to identify what this ragweed and other weeds look like - and YES we have heaps in our backyard! So tomorrow she will be going crazy with the hoe to remove as much as she can. She also has a big air purifier going near where I like to sleep and Dad is going to give me a bath this weekend. That is really something I could without is a weekly bath!

Now while Mom was out checking the garden this morning, she noticed all the fences were steaming - yes steaming. We thought it looked so weird we had to take a picture of it to share with you. You can see any of the photos bigger just by clicking on them.

So that was my adventure in Memphis. We didn't really get to see much of it because of the rain but I like spending time with my Mom and Dad - just the three of us. And paws crossed this treatment will help - we will certainly let everyone knows how it goes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hynotic gaze

I came up with this pawsome plan to Hypnotize the Mommy and make her take me to Memphis with her. I tried telling her Weilly needs me there to hold his paw but she said I was being silly. So this is how it went.

Look into my eyes Mommy....look closely in my eyes.

Mommy - you will take me to will take me to Memphis.

Your eyes are getting tired and your mind is now open to my suggestive WILL take Denny to Memphis with you and buy him lots of treats and toys.

Take Denny to Memphis....take Denny to Memphis.

Then the Mommy started talking to me.

Denny - you are getting sleepy, very sleepy

And Denny NO ! You are NOT going to Memphis.

You have to stay home with Jackie and his Mom.

You are getting sleepy Denny, you are relaxed and you will not miss Mommy at are happy NOT to go Memphis.

[The Mom] guess that worked!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The one and ONLY cowspotdog !

Yes, it is me, a little lighter in the coat then normal but here non the less - and look - I am smiling!!! I haven't really shared a lot about my itchy scratchy allergies so I thought I would give an update. Dad says they started in Nebraska (Mom doesn't remember that because she was in hospital) but they really went crazy when we all moved to Arkansas. Dr W. has had me on prednesone, different allergy medications, monthly allergy shots and the latest was a drug called Atopica (Cyclosporine). Mom has had this drug herself for the treatment of her Lupus - it is an immune suppressant and Mom was REALLY worried about me being on it as she remembered how REALLY sick it made her. After a lot of discussion between Mom, Dad and Dr W. it was decided to give it try as I was scratching so much I was getting sores and skin infections. Sadly, it didn't help at all (Mom does think it is related to my rapid hair loss though) and it was stopped. So now I will be putting on 'my blue suede shoes' and be 'walking in Memphis' later this week to see a specialist vet. Mom says it is a lady vet and I like lady vets - they are always so gentle with me. I am really hoping she can help me as I am not liking all the extra baths I have been getting lately. Did you know that long fur like mine can act like an air filter, allergens can get trapped in it thus making us more itchy then normal and that the only way to lessen this is regular baths! I told Mom I AM NOT a walking air filter...but she wouldn't listen and as much as I hate to admit, it does feel better to have regular bath at the moment. I will give an update when we have some news - until then I just have to keep the dweebs from hogging MY blog.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ello - it's me Denny !

Shhhh come closer - I have something to share but I don't want the Big Dog to hear. There is a reason you haven't seen much of him on his bloggie lately - see the Big Dog is a bit embarrassed. As some of you know he has been having some major problems with his allergies and this week Mom and Dad are taking him to see a specialist dermatologist vet in Memphis. In the meantime though the big dog has been shedding his coat - like excessively and he's a bit embarrassed about how thin it has got. I keep telling him he is still the most handsome biggest brother but he just grumbles about me being a "Wuzster". Mom and Dad tried everything they and local vet could think of to help him but nothing has worked. They have searched the internet and read everything they could on the matter. Sadly the specialist may have to shave his side so they can do some patch testing - he is not happy about that but Mom keeps telling him if it helps find out what is causing his allergies and we can treat it - then his beautiful fur will grow back and he won't be so itchy scratchy. Keep your paws crossed that the vet can do something for the Big Dog as he really isn't a happy or comfortable Big Dog at the moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Caught !

Here I was thinking about devious ways to get back at the blog-hogging "IT" when he did it for me. This morning we suddenly heard "IT" barking and whining loudly outside and then the "Wuzster" also joined in. It sounded REALLY odd to the Mom so off she went outside to check what all the noise was about. Imagine her surprise when she saw "IT" had got into the veggie patch to do some digging - and gawoof gawoof "IT" couldn't get back out again! Personally I think Mom should have left the little blog-hogger there but nnnnnooooooooo she had to go and get him out. Luckily there are not any veggies growing in there - just some parsley that refuses to give in to the winter cold and some old tomato vines that Dad hasn't pulled out yet. You need to click on the second picture to see it big as the look on "IT's" face is priceless! Ahhh revenge is so sweet :) Hey Mom - instead of planting veggies again in spring why can't we just keep it as an "IT" pen?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The art of 'sunpuddling'

Can you believe it - that Mr Big Dog (otherwise known as Reilly) has been woofing about renaming his blog to Cowspotdog And The Dweebs! The nerve of him especial as I am NOT a dweeb - I am a DORKY! (Dauchshund x Yorkie). 'Other Mommy' chuckles every time I say I am a Dorky - but I am not sure why - do you know why??????

Anyway, in response to such a blatant meanie attitude from Mr Big Dog...... I am dognapping his blog and making it all about ME - at least until he finds out and then I am going to run and hide under the deck where he can't reach me!

So here we go. Today I am going to teach you all step by step the finer art of sun-puddling. (did you know that sun-puddling spelled with a hyphen is actually in the dictionary!)

Step 1 - you must find the perfect sun-puddle first and for those that aren't sure, the perfect sun-puddle is warm and makes the floor all bright.
Step 2 - you have to really enjoy a good sun-puddle so this means rolling around in delight in it.

Step 3 - When you have finished having a a good roll then you need to rest a little. You don't want to overdo your sun-puddling.
Step 4 - Now this one is extremely important so focus here every pup. Next you have to look TOTALLY adorable so your Mommy or "Other Mommy" will say ohhhhhh how cute and adorable you are ..............and GIVE you a TREAT.

Step 5 - Of coarse you want them to think you are enjoying your sun-puddle sooooooo much that you are not REALLY interested in any old treat. (Even if it is my favorite Duck Jerky!)
Step 6 - You give a shrug and nonchalantly pick a piece up just to try it and then gobble it down FAST before the "Other Mommy" realizes she have given you 3.... yes {THREE} pieces. We were supposed to get a piece each gawoof gawoof!

And there you have it my fellow furbees. I am throwing out a challenge to each and every one of you - CLAIM THE SUN-PUDDLE - make it you own and show us all a picture of you enjoying it on your blogs. Well what are you waiting for? Oh woof - I think I hear Mr Big Dog coming!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arhhh arhhh arhhhh CHOOOOO

{Arhhh arhhh arhhhh CHOOOOO}. Oh dogness, there seems to be something tickling my {arrrrrrccchhhoooo} nose and I just can't stop sneezing. I wonder what it could be and where it could of {arrrrrccchhhooooo} come from? "Other Mommy" says I am a very healthy doggie because I have a nice {arrrrrccchhhooooo} wet shiny nose - but what she didn't know {arrrrrrrrchooooo} was I stuck it in the water bowl to try and {arrrrccchhhoooooo} wash off the itchy thing. What do you think - does that look like long {arrrrccchhhoooooo} white hair....and where could that of come from I {arrrrccchhhoooooo} wonder?

For those having trouble finding some celestial blue for Thursday's color challenge (peeking over in Dawns direction) I have posted some photos of the items I found over on the True Colors Blog that may help :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

True Colors Thursday Blog

Sorry for the confusion over the missing True Colors Blog. I had been informed by numerous people that original "True Colors" was no longer being updated and there were no challenges. Seems this wasn't quite correct and that Blue is still doing 'true colors' but on her own blog. I wanted to check with her whether she wanted to continue it and she said it would be okay to have we are back and looking for more people to join in.

The first weeks challenge is already posted so head on over to the True Colors Thursday Blog and check it out. We have also created this button that you can add to your own blog and please let your buddies know the blog is up and running. Have fun looking for things to take photo's of and remember there is no rigid rules and everything is from your own perspective.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jackies Sunpuddles

Shhh don't tell the big dog Reilly I am on his bloggie today. I have been doing some catching up on the all the bloggies and one of the things I love is Phantoms (from the Woos) use of the term sunpuddle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunpuddles and when those other two silly furballs are outside enjoying the cold I am inside (like any sane doggie would be) enjoying my warm little spots in the sun. It didn't take me long to remember where all the best ones are. Other Mommy - Reilly and Denny's Mommy - she opens all the blind just for me so there is lots of sunpuddles! Ah...sometimes it is the simplest things that make life so wonderful.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Phew - that was scary!

Yesterday when we were doing our rounds of visiting all your blogs and leaving comments, the log on screen suddenly appeared and when we went to log on it said our account had been deactivated! What the woof !!!!! We tried through out the day to get back on and sent email after email to google.....Mom and I were in near panic state! Finally this morning we got an email to say there had been in error and our blog was restored. It really scared us and the first thing Mom did was download her template and blog (this is a good hint for everyone - make a copy of your template and blog because you never know what will happen)

If you need to do this click on the 'design' tab, then the 'edit template' tab and then you see at the top of the page in orange a line that says 'download a copy of your template'. Then go to to the 'settings' tab and click on the link that says 'export blog' This will download your entire blog for you and NO - it doesn't export it somewhere else or delete it. These instruction are only for blogger.

We sure are glad to be back and you know Mom always says "everything happens for a reason" and I guess the reason for this was to remind us to download our template and blog more often.