Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Indignity of It

There are some things a dog should NEVER be subjected too and having his photo taken while in the bath is one of them. The other is having to stand there for a whole 5 minutes while the yucky new shampoo does it's supposed magic on my itchy scratchy skin.

Okay, I admit it - my skin does feel better after having my bath BUT my pride and dignity may be irretrievably harmed! Mom says I am being melodramatic about the whole thing, but a dog has to stand for a what a dog has to stand for. Notice how I put on my very best "oh poor me" face. At least I got a nice treat after having to endure this humiliating experience.


  1. Oh! Poor you indeed! We udnerstand, we understand. You'll have to wake up your humans at 2am to go to the bathroom just to get them back for this one. On the morning of a really important meeting. You know. :)

  2. Did you try telling her "a little privacy please". We hope the indignity of the whole thing at least has some good results, Reilly.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Now that's not nice. No photos in the bath!

    Arooo! Stuart

  4. Hope the shampoo helps. I know, Mommy only uses oatmeal shampoo on me. That and my allergy meds keep me from scratching. Hope all these things help you, buddy!!!

    Keep the sad face going! They'll hand over the treats!!!

    Doggy Kisses,

  5. It will be so worth it if your treatment works and you have no more itchies, Reilly.

    Love ya lots,

  6. We think it must be harder to endure a bath when you're a fluffy doggie like you, Reilly. We don't mind a bit, but then we look the same wet or dry. You lose a lot of your pazzaz when you're wet. Hope it helps with your itchys.

    -Bart and Ruby

  7. Oh Reilly, I hope you are feeling better soon,so you can forgo baths.

    But who knows, maybe you will bring back the 80's "wet look"!

  8. I feel your pain, I have to use a de-itching shampoo also and it doesn't even help that much and to make it worse, now Mommy is trying to drug me with something call bennysdrill. I would rather be itchy.

    good luck Sasha

  9. I completely understand your pain, Reilly. In fact, I just had my bath yesterday. I thought my mom was taking me our for a walk as she had dumped me in a boarding house for 10 days, she should have treated me nicer, right?

    Nope. I was so disappointed when I saw she stopped her car right in front of the grooming place. But she said it was good for me as I needed a good bath and grooming so she could give me some Frontline after that.

    Sigh!!! Humans!!! They always do what they like but not what we like.

  10. I know the shampoo will help, but I don't blame you at all. I love the look on your face, oh the indignity of it all!


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