Friday, January 27, 2012

BIG Post - the results

Sorry this is a a BIG post but I have such a lot to share. First of all we headed off and 6.30 am towards Memphis which is about an hour and a half away. It was VERY misty and rained just about the whole way there and back (actually it was worse coming back). Here we are on the bridge that crosses the Tennessee River between Arkansas and Tennessee. Can you see Memphis up ahead? No, that was how misty it was, you couldn't even see the big tall buildings, heck you couldn't even see the river! Here I am in the back seat secure and safe wearing my awesome lambswool harness (which it turns out was a BAD idea - more about that later)

We were a bit worried about the rush hour traffic, but as it turned out it was quite light and Mom and Dad even had time to go to Starbucks (Mom's love to splurge occasionally of a Vanilla Steamer which is just hot milk and vanilla all whipped up so it is frothy) Mom got me a nice cup of cool water too. I must say I REALLY like this vet's office and the VET - ohhhhh she was sooo sweet to me! Look, they have these pawesome big windows we can look out of while we were waiting. You can see me smiling as I am waiting with my Dad. They also has these pawsome photographs on the wall taken by a local photographer. Doesn't that look like a certain black Labradork (errrrr I mean Labradude) on the wall? One of the hardest things to photograph is a black dog - did you know that? It is because their coloring doesn't show their expressions as easily - but this guy was amazing!

Anyway in came Dr B - and she was just as cute as a button! She also has 2 shelties herself, a border collie an 2 mix breed dogs - all which she adopted. She couldn't believe how beautiful and placid I was and she kept rubbing my ears - how did she know I LOVE that.....I thought only my Mom knew that !

Dr B. carefully explained everything they would be doing and what they would be testing for and how they would do it. She said Mom and Dad could leave me and come back in an hour to get the results. I was more then happy to follow Dr B. and trotted happily down the hall with her. Mom and Dad went to have breakfast at a nearby I-Hop. Mom treated herself to a pancake with butter-pecan syrup. She LOVES I-Hop's butter-pecan syrup!

When they got back I came racing in to see them wagging my tail like crazy. Dr B came in and showed us the area they tested and explained the results. They tested 68 different allergens on me - 68! Do you see the size of that shaved spot! Heck - I am naked and now everyone can see how spotted I am under my coat. You can also see all the irritated areas !

Okay - the results. The rating is '0' for normal and '4' for severe.

I tested 4 on histamine levels, Ragweed (Dr B said I could of been a 6 on that it was so bad) Cocklebur and Goldrod and Black Ants and Cockroaches. Mom was befuddled by the cockroaches as she has never seen in the house or the garden. I am also allergic the Red Cedar and Juniper, sheep wool (hence the problem with my harness which has a sheep wool lining) human dander and dust mites. I am also allergic to Rye Grass and Couch as well as a few other plants. They didn't test for food allergies as we have already have that done and we know I am allergic to grains and any kind of poultry.

So there we have it....We left the Dr B's office over a $1000 lighter in the pocket and with some special serum that is made just for me and my allergies. Dr B. says it will take at least two months to start having any noticeable affect and could be up to a year before we get full results. I also have some special antibiotic shampoo and a spritz spray to use on my fur every day. She found when she shaved me that I have a bad skin infection and she thinks this is why my fur has been falling out. So I have antibiotics I have to take too. She also did a thyroid test and a blood panel as Shelties are prone to thyroid issues and that can also make fur fall out but mine came back normal and my blood panel was fine too except for the inflammation level - which is the allergies at work.

Can you believe Mom insisted I have my harness on for the ride back home even though it was made of sheep's wool. Hey, I just thought of something - how silly is it ...that a sheepdog is allergic to sheep !!!!!! I insisted sitting silly on the seat after she put it on as I wasn't happy about wearing it - but Mom said the road conditions were horrendous and she wasn't taking any chances.

Now luckily Mom is used to injections as she has to give herself one every morning - so this morning we started our new schedule where she gave me my injection first (that is the box at the bottom), and she filled out my record book and then she gave herself her injection. See..... Mom and I share so much in common! Mom says I also the biggest bravest boy - I didn't even wake up when she gave me my injection this morning. It goes between my shoulders and luckily I have quite a bit of 'padding' there so I didn't even feel it.

Of coarse there are lots of other things Mom has to do now to lessen my soon as we got home she went online to identify what this ragweed and other weeds look like - and YES we have heaps in our backyard! So tomorrow she will be going crazy with the hoe to remove as much as she can. She also has a big air purifier going near where I like to sleep and Dad is going to give me a bath this weekend. That is really something I could without is a weekly bath!

Now while Mom was out checking the garden this morning, she noticed all the fences were steaming - yes steaming. We thought it looked so weird we had to take a picture of it to share with you. You can see any of the photos bigger just by clicking on them.

So that was my adventure in Memphis. We didn't really get to see much of it because of the rain but I like spending time with my Mom and Dad - just the three of us. And paws crossed this treatment will help - we will certainly let everyone knows how it goes.


  1. Gosh Reilly - you are allergic to lots and lots of things. Glad you went to this new nice vet though. $1000 is a lot of money but will be so worth it when your special medicine kicks in and you feel much better!

  2. It must feel good to have an answer for things but it is a lot to take in at once for sure. We are hoping you see results in under 2 months!! Try to have a good weekend!

  3. Wow, Reilly,you sure a good patient. Hope your special medicine clears up those allergies. Did they test for food allergies too? A boxer friend of our is allergic to peanuts and our Westie cousin was allergic to chicken.

  4. We think it was worth the trip if the meds will help make you feel better. And also fix your skin so your beautiful furs will stop falling out. Two months is a long time but we will keep our paws crossed you see some good improvement by then. We are very happy you were able to see this wonderful vet.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. We sure hope you get to feeling better, Reilly!! Allergies are no fun!! Too bad you didn't get to have bar-b-que in Memphis.... MMMM bones...

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. Wowzers that's a lot to be allergic to. But you are very brave with the shots. I watch my MOM give herself 4 shots a day and I don't think I would like it.
    I hope you see good results as soon as possible.

  7. Oh Man Reilly. You must be misserable, but at least you know now and hopefully they have given you a syrum that will help.

    We will keep our paws and fingers crossed for you.

  8. Good that you know what you are allergic to. I hope the allergies decreased soon.

  9. Poor Reilly having to get a shot every single day. Well, if the shot and the other treatments work then it'll be worth it, right? Our paws are crossed that it works for you, Reilly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. So glad you got some answers. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

  11. Gee Reilly, what an adventure. Wish you could have just be visiting Memphis for touristy stuff. But hope you're feeling better as early as today! Your Mom will take good care of you!

  12. Oh dear, that's a lot of allergies ! I am allergic to beef.

    I also wanted to say thank you for leaving a comment to help my humans with my behavior when I'm on-leash and meet other doggies! Very kind - and very helpful ! :-)

    Hope the medicines can help you and make you feel better!!!


  13. Wow, I hope you has insurance! BOL. I really hope it helps and the nice vet lady seemed very thorough. My you sure is spotty, all merly like me only without the blue.
    My allergy test comed back with nothing, but it had to be sent away to America so probable wasn't so reliable as yours. Since yours went right on your skin and mine was done on a scrape and blood.


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