Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mom is home

My Mom is home and I am soooo happy. Her surgery went really well with no complications and she able to move around pretty well. She is a bit sore of coarse and has about a hundred staples in but other wise is good. It will be a few days before I can blog some more as I have the most important job of looking after her. I have told the Wuzster in my sternest woof that he has to stay out of Mom's way - we don't want him tripping her up. Okay- time for me to go back on the Reilly Watch - thank you for all the good wishes - they helped Mom so much - the power of the paws is amazing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A visit to the Vet and a warning!

Mom being the 'panic person' she is had me off to the VETS today to have my eye checked out. It turns out to be a teeny tiny scratch on the cornea. More than likely 'self' inflicted due to my allergies and my recent scratching like crazy around my nose. He did a stain test on my eye - put some yucky yellow drops in it to see if was deep and is actually already healed so nothing at all to worry about. The best part is we got to go to the park afterwards! Scrunching in all the leaves is soooo much fun!

Now the Wuzster (Denny) - is a different story. After being subjected to the dreaded B.A.T.H this past weekend Mom put on our flea and tick treatment. The Denny started acting quite strangely, he couldn't settle down and his feet kept jumping - like he was trying to shake something of the bottom of his foot and he looked really "worried and stressed" The little guy just wasn't his weird normal self - he was even weirder! Mom thought he was just upset about them moving all the 'junk' from the sunroom into the spare room. Denny HATES change and will bark like crazy even if the broom is not it's usual spot!!! But then she remembered he had the same reaction when she put the flea treatment on once before - she thought then it was just because he wasn't use to it - it was his first time and it probably felt funny.

Mom asked the vet today about it and it turns out Denny was having a neurological reaction to a chemical in the flea treatment. He was on Certifect which is a new treatment from Frontline. - PLEASE NOTE : The original Frontline DOES NOT HAVE this chemical in it. He said certain dog breeds such as Shelties, Collies and Shepard's - can have these neurological reactions and it can vary from just twitches like Denny had - to actual seizures.

Mom in all her wisdom has decided to keep us both on just Frontline now as she KNOWS that doesn't bother us. Thankfully the VET says there will be no long term issues with Denny - it is just a temporary thing when dogs have a reaction. He still SCARED the heck out of Mom when she heard it though and poor Denny has had to suffer through many additional cuddles this morning and much 'poor baby' cooing. Yep! the name Wuzster suits him perfectly! Mom has also learned that we will ONLY see our 'regular' vet now - it was his partner that suggested the Certifect for Denny and we won't be seeing him again!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mom Mom Mom!

Look Mom - something destuffed my BRAND new toy ! Who could of done that and why would they do was brand new. It must be those darn monsters that Weilly is always talking about. Bad little monsters they are!

Mom is taking Weilly to the vets tomorrow, he has a white spot in his eye. Mom is not sure if it is a scratch or something else but it looks like it is in his eye and not on the surface.

Mom also got the all clear for her surgery on Wednesday so if we are not around for a few days - that is why. I don't think I like the idea of my Mom being away for a couple of days - who is going to play with me and give me my treats and tell me everything is okay when I get scared?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This and that - with Denny

Mom - "Denny, Denny, Denny ! Look this way for Mom"

Denny - "No ! Weilly says I should never look at you when you have the flashy beast in your hand and I am tired - I want to take a nap"

Mom - "Denny, Dennnneeeeeee come on babycakes look at Mommy"

Denny - MOM! don't call me that - doggies will hear and gawoof at me"

Reilly in the background "Gawoof gawoof gawoof!"

Mom - Denny, walkies, cookie, ball, toys"

Denny - "Mom, you are not going to trick me into looking at the flashy beast and besides there is a bug over there in the grass that is so much more interesting."

Reilly - "That isn't a bug wuzster - it's a piece of poop !"

Denny - "Is TOO! Weilly - it's a dung beetle!"

Mom - "Denny - just one little picture - Look I have some duck jerky for you"

Denny - Ducky jerky - where! {CLICK} That is soooo not fair Mom!

Reilly - "Gawoof gawoof - he falls for it every time - what a wuzster!

Denny - "I am sorry Weilly - I tried but my tummy wouldn't listen when it heard 'duck' - it just MADE me look "

Weilly says he is sorry he hasn't been to visit you all - Weilly's big computer died. It was making funny clicking noises and then wouldn't turn on anymore. He says it is still under warranty (what ever that means) and he got a new hard drive fed-ex'd too him this morning, so he is busy installing all the software again. Gawoof gawoof - his paws are to big to use Mom's laptop but I can cause I have little paws so today I got to blog!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Babbling away

Mom saw that Mr Chewy had one of these babbling balls over on his and Oreo's blog and thought that would make a great toy for the Wuzster - I mean Denny. You can see the result here - be warned - there is barking !!! Mom filmed this on her new teeny tiny camera a canon powershot elph high defination - so let us know what you think of the quality. We do know it picks up the sound great.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a pawsome morning

We got up early this morning and Mom said "Come on boys - let's go on an adventure" My dogness, we were in the car and waiting before she could blink! One of the things we have discovered about our park is that there are all these wonderful paths that go winding through the forest. This is the one we took today which actually goes from one park across to another park - so we got a two-fer (we visited TWO parks in one walk!) We started by this sign that said"you are here - well doh, we knew that already! Human signs are so silly sometimes) I was soooo happy that YES I even looked at the Mom when she took a photo - take it in fellow doggies - it doesn't happen often. So off we went, following this pawsome winding paths and Mom was pretty happy, the smells were wonderful - even to her although she kept her nose above ground level - she missed ALL the best stuff I think, but she seemed to love the smell of the trees. The Wuzster of coarse was skittish the whole way, he doesn't like strange noises and a branch across the path just about had him in a frenzy ! Me on the other paw was just LOVING it and yes, look another photo of a happy me - looking at the camera again.
Then we came to this little bridge and the Wuzster refused to cross it - he planted all four paws and refused to move. "Weilly - there is troll hiding under it and it will eat me" he cried. So I had to go and check the bridge out and 'scare' the troll away. Both Mom and me stood on the other and waited and YES eventually the chicken liver Wuzster did cross it. [Interjection from MOM : Reilly be nice about your little brother]

After our walk Mom had another surprise - another two-fer. She took us to Petco and to Hollywood Feed. At Petco she got me a really nice padded harness to wear on our walk (my good one somehow got lost when we moved) And she got ME some yummy treats - I don't think the Wuzster deserves any - he was even more scared in the store then he was at the park - kept crying something about aisle monsters! Mom did buy him a DAP collar though. Then we went to Hollywood which we really like because there is a nice lady there who always has the BEST treats and of coarse she adores me and gives me extra. And of coarse we got my bag of special dog food - "yep let me check the wrapper Mom - that is the one!" The nice lady even carried it out to MY car because Mom isn't allowed to pick up heavy things. What a great morning - but we are dog tired now - so we are going to have a nice long snooze. Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

No walk in the park !

Today Mom though it would be "FUN" to take a walk around the neighborhood and attach me to the Wuzster!!!! Trust me it was NO fun at all! She thought she would try this shorter double walker in the hopes we wouldn't get so tangled - yeah right Mom - you KNEW that wasn't going to happen. Of coarse the Wuzster was scared of EVERYTHING. It started at the end of our driveway when he saw the trash can, then it was the blue bags they use for recycling, a strange car, the city trash truck nearly had him in frenzy and the fire hydrant - well I am sure you can imagine.

Anyway, back to my hour of torment - emmm I mean walk. Needless to say the double walker was not a success - it would of been if the Wuzster wasn't attached to it!!! We still got to check our some interesting things though. Our little neighborhood lake is looking very pretty with it's autumn colors and there is even a duck family that has taken up residence -probably because the people that live around the lake feed them :)

We also found an interesting letterbox - this one had a cherub on it and we saw this cute harvest display. We hope more people do these so we can take pics of them - they look so cute. Do peoples in your neighborhood do these - we would love to see them if they do.

Just as a side note - Mom has been thinking about trying a DAP collar on the Wuzster, she has been scouring the internet for information to help him with his 'fears' and wondered if any other doggies had tried them and did they actually work???

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm bored - what can we do?

Little Mr Denny decided he was bored and wanted to do something different today. I thought for awhile and then noticed some geese - "let's go chase them into the water" Denny the Wuzster just looked at me "they are scary Weilly- you chase them and I will watch from here next to Mommy.

Well look - there is a beach volley ball all set up - we could play in the sand ! The Wuzster "I don't know - that sand looks scary and what about that net thing, it might fall and trap me Weilly. Hmmmm young ones can be so annoying! Okay, look there is a picnic pavilion - we could have a picnic. The Wuzster - "I don't know - it looks like those geese are coming back and they might want to steal our food - those sure are scary geese Weilly !"

Okay Wuzster - lets go check out the playground - all kiddies love the playground. "Oh I don't know about this Weilly - what is that bright shiny thing over there and what are those weird shaped things - and that sheep looks like it is going to spring on me any minute?" Sigh - Okay - lets go look at the castle then - that is just like a house and you like our house don't you? "I don't know Weilly, it's very tall and it looks scary inside - can we go home now - I'm not bored anymore - just scared !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going Educational

Mom said we were going somewhere educational for our walkies this morning - what ever Mom ! So long as there are smells - that is what is REALLY important. So off we went to this place called a 'nature center' where they grow all the local 'native' types of plants. Ha !! Mom thought she could get us to pose by the sign - but we were too busy watching a fat little birdie hopping across the path to look at her. Then we went to check out the butterfly garden - obviously someone forgot to tell the butterflies it was for them - we didn't see a single one! But Mom got some good ideas and wrote down the names of some of the pretty plants.

We also saw this interesting bush with bright purple berries on it. It was one of the few plants that didn't have a tag - so we have no idea what it is. And then there was this pretty fern like plants with the deep scarlet red flowers. Again, no tag so we don't know what it is (not very educational is what we are thinking!) We got lots of sniffing in and even got to see another frog and a lizard. Mom says it's the first lizard she has seen here and it was too fast to get a photo of. Hope you all had a great day too.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Colors of the Season

We went for a walkies ALL over MY park this morning and it was so perfect. The temperatures were cool and everything had an autumn glow to it - at least that is what Mom said - we were way to busy sniffing to notice such silly things. Here we are checking out some of the smells along one of the wooded trails - hmmm smells like something different - Mom said the footprints looked like a deer had wandered through here recently. Last week all the trees were still mainly green but this week they have turned all yellows and red and lots of the leaves have already fallen. The Wuzster (Denny) was really scared when he first stepped on some scrunchy leaves - I swear that little dude is scared of his own shadow sometimes - EVERYTHING seems to scare him! And you can imagine what happened when he saw and heard the ducks - now a NORMAL dog like me - we just want to get in there and chase those pesky ducks - but not the Wuzster - NO he ran behind Mom and wanted picking up! Mom doesn't fall for that though, she showed him that the ducks were nothing to scared of.

Can you believe Mom dragged us all over the park looking for trees with pretty leaves. She is making something called a "screen saver" and wanted to get pictures for it. I think a screen saver of ME would be much better - she said she would but that for some reason the majority of photo's she has of me are butt shots or with my head stuck in some bush - well doh Mom - that is how we dogs work. After the park we got to go on another adventure - we went to pet store which I coarse LOVED and the Wuzster hated. Doesn't that tell you there is something not quite right with the boy - what dog doesn't like the pet store???? Mom even bought us some Bully sticks and can you believe it - I was so tired when I got home - I didn't even want it but to make sure the Wuzster didn't get it - I fell asleep on it !!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flummoxed !

Last week when Mom when to her pre-op appointment the surgeon noticed a small lump on the old suture site and thought it was maybe fatty tissue, he was going to remove it when they did the surgery - but Mom noticed it has been getting bigger and sorer over the last few days and then yesterday afternoon - it suddenly burst open. This meant a quick trip to emergency care and then off to the see the surgeon again this morning. It was an abscess and there at the bottom of it was a stitch from the surgery over a year ago. It had been irritating her and caused an infection.

So of coarse Mom's big surgery has been cancelled for two weeks and she says she is a bit 'flummoxed' as to why these these things happen. I am happy though, it means Mom is still home and we can go WALKIES more. Mom says not today though as they had to do some 'poking' around the get the stitch out and she is a bit sore now.

Mom and Dad said to tell everyone "thank you" for all your kind thoughts and words - they really do mean a lot and hopefully there will not be any more setbacks in two weeks.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Weekend Adventure

We went to two different parks this weekend and it was pawsome. The first one we went to has a huge lake - but it was the color of mud! Mom wondered how the poor fish even breathed as there was so much silt in the water and it is like this all the time ! We thought it was funny they had these little paddle boats available to rent on such a yucky old lake - but they did. Here we are with MY dad. And then here is the Denny looking all cute. Personally I am renaming him the Wuzster (more about that in a bit) And then here are doing our "yes we will pose but we WON'T look at the camera" routine. I am glad many other doggies are following our lead "way to go Katie!"

After visiting Lake Yucky as we are going to call it - we went to a much better place that also had a very pretty lake. This lake is super clean and they actually allow swimming in it all through summer - why anyone would WANT to jump in a lake is beyond me - but Mom says they do. And of coarse here is the Wuzster looking all cute again. Should I mention the little guy did a 10 point nose dive into the grass when he jumped down - gawoof gawoof - no that would be mean to mention it.

Then as we were walking along look what Mom spotted on the path (actually she nearly stood on the little guy). He's a tiny green tree frog and can you believe she actually picked it up - ewwwww frog cooties. You can see how tiny it is sitting on Mom's finger. She carefully put him back in the bushes so he wouldn't get stepped on - not that the little guy wanted to let go - those sticky little feet of his seemed to like Mom's finger.

And of coarse to round off such a great day Mom TRIED to get some pictures of us together. That is right Wuzster - you look that way and I will look the other. By time we got home the Wuzster was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open. Oh - why the name Wuzster? Well what else do you call a doggy who scared of EVERYTHING !!! This little guy is the total opposite of me - where as I love people and going places and sniffing - he spends all his time fretting and worry and looking around like some monster is suddenly go to pop out and scare him. Okay so I did pop out from behind the bushes a few time and do that. Mom says we going to do lot of work on this as she doesn't want him scared of his own shadow. Yeah ! Good Luck with that one Mom - once a Wuzster always a Wuzster I say. This will be our last post for a little while as the Mom goes in hospital on Wednesday (she is such an airhead - she thought it was Thursday but it's not - it is Wednesday) We will busy helping the Dad to take care of Mom but we will be back real soon.