Monday, October 10, 2011

Colors of the Season

We went for a walkies ALL over MY park this morning and it was so perfect. The temperatures were cool and everything had an autumn glow to it - at least that is what Mom said - we were way to busy sniffing to notice such silly things. Here we are checking out some of the smells along one of the wooded trails - hmmm smells like something different - Mom said the footprints looked like a deer had wandered through here recently. Last week all the trees were still mainly green but this week they have turned all yellows and red and lots of the leaves have already fallen. The Wuzster (Denny) was really scared when he first stepped on some scrunchy leaves - I swear that little dude is scared of his own shadow sometimes - EVERYTHING seems to scare him! And you can imagine what happened when he saw and heard the ducks - now a NORMAL dog like me - we just want to get in there and chase those pesky ducks - but not the Wuzster - NO he ran behind Mom and wanted picking up! Mom doesn't fall for that though, she showed him that the ducks were nothing to scared of.

Can you believe Mom dragged us all over the park looking for trees with pretty leaves. She is making something called a "screen saver" and wanted to get pictures for it. I think a screen saver of ME would be much better - she said she would but that for some reason the majority of photo's she has of me are butt shots or with my head stuck in some bush - well doh Mom - that is how we dogs work. After the park we got to go on another adventure - we went to pet store which I coarse LOVED and the Wuzster hated. Doesn't that tell you there is something not quite right with the boy - what dog doesn't like the pet store???? Mom even bought us some Bully sticks and can you believe it - I was so tired when I got home - I didn't even want it but to make sure the Wuzster didn't get it - I fell asleep on it !!!!


  1. Well, that is one way to keep track of your stuff! Too funny!

    Everything here is colorful too. So pretty.

  2. Denny has grown so much! Sounds like he must be going through one of the fear stages, hopefully he grows out of it and gets some more confidence!

  3. You have to watch out for those ducks Reilly. They just might quack you up.

    Essex & Sherman

  4. What pretty trees!! I'm sad your mom is flummoxed, but at least she gets to get out and see the pretty trees. Peoples go crazy for pretty trees. :)

  5. You are too smart to fall asleep on your bully stick, Reilly! haha
    Your autumn pictures are just beautiful!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Looks beautiful!!! Im glad you got to enjoy the day.

  7. Your fall trees are very pretty! Too bad Denny is scared of everything but you can set a good example for him, Reilly!

  8. Your trees are so beautiful and they are more colourful than mine. I only see green plants here.

    Denny has grown so much but he still has plenty of things to learn from you. I'm sure your mom is pleased that you have set such a good example for little Denny.

  9. I, Mango, do not care for the pet store either and see nothing cowardly or unmanly about it. Slippery floors and lots of traffic. He sounds very sensible to me.


  10. Mom likes the changing color, too. Katy is a bit of a scardy cat. She barks at everything.


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