Monday, September 30, 2013

Musing on Monday #35

Do you ever have "just one of those days?" Well we are having one. We were all ready for a nice walk in the park and just as we were about to get out of the car - it started to rain - really rain - heavy rain - the yucky wet stuff.

We waited and waited but the rain kept coming down and in the end Mom said - "looks like we had better go to the pet store instead".

Okay - not as good as the park but better then nothing - so off we went. We arrived at the pet store only to find a sign on the door saying 'closed today'  WHAT THE DOG  - I need my  kibble and treats - how dare they be closed!!!!

By then it had stopped raining so Mom  - after grumbling incoherent words under her breath said "okay - lets try the park again". 

We arrived back at the park - it was still pretty overcast and then just as Mom opened the car door for us to get out - you guessed it - it started raining again. We waited and waited with Mom mumbling more incoherent words but eventually gave up and came home - where it promptly stopped raining !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Order your calendars now

Hey everyone - you can now order you Blogville Doggie Calendars. They cost $21.00 which seems a lot .....but PLEASE remember - this covers ONLY the cost of printing them and the rest of the money raised is  being donated to everyone's little buddy Benny who fighting liver cancer.

Not only that - each month you will get to see some your favorite blogging buddies (pppppppsss you can even draw funny mustaches and little devil horns on them if you want too ...we won't tell :) Here is a link that shows the winners of the calendar contest.

To order the calendar visit here and look on the right hand side. You pay via paypal but YOU DO NOT have to have a paypal account yourself to use it. You can use any of the listed credit cards.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Betrayal !!!!!!!

Both Mom and Dad went out together this morning WITHOUT us......and you know where they went - to be with OTHER doggies - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was Dad's company's annual Volunteer Day and this year they offered to help out at our local humane shelter.

This little girl was the official greeter - she was so cute and just wanted to be cuddled - Mom said she reminded her of Jackson. And you know what - MY Mom cuddled her and what is worse - she came home SMELLING of her and lots of other dogs too! Here they are waiting for some other of the team members to arrive.

Then MY Dad played tug with a dog - MY DAD PLAYED TUG WITH ANOTHER DOG!!!!!!!!!!! What betrayal - he is my Dad and only WE play tug together. They took all the doggies out into the run pens so they could have a romp and frolick while we were at home ABANDONED !!!!!!!!!

Mom couldn't handle the big dogs - they just about knocked her over they were so bouncy and boisterous. Most of the dogs were hunting dogs types and lab mixes... there was 2 pit bull mixes and only 4 small dogs. Mom took care of the little guys like Rascal - a little chihuahua mix who had just arrived the day before. Mom said the big guy was called Seth and was the sweetest dog - very calm and relaxed. He didn't even mind when Rascal tried to beat him up!!!!!

NEEDLESS to say I am going to put on a MAJOR sulk for the rest of the day.....being abandoned and betrayed all on one day - I may never recover. Yeah yeah - Mom said it was for less fortunate doggies who don't have homes and peeps to love and spoil them.....but I need MY peeps to love and spoil me!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Sitting with the doc' on the bay
Watching the waves roll our away
I'm just sitting with the doc' on the bay

Passin the time...

So now, we're just
Sitting by a fire on the bay
Watching the day fade away
Making plans for the next day
Passing time, no better way
Yeah - living the life of Reilly!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Our First - Thank You Gizmo!

Yesterday we received a package from Gizmo and his Mom Beth - they sent us a Geocache Cache (Box) with lots of little goodies in it. Mom had a place in mind for it but we checked the map to see if there was already one there and there wasn't!  So off we went - Me Oh Mio - Down to the Bayou.

Now there isn't a lot to see at the Bayou apart from HUMUNGEOUS sized Mosquito's (as big as eagles Mom said!).  It also appears they are doing some work on the area (you can see the piles of dirt - it looks like they are going to be putting in a boardwalk)  so we didn't want to put it anywhere where it could end up buried or moved.

We looked around and in the end decided to make it REALLY REALLY easy to find. We used heavy duty Velcro and attached to the back of the sign and we even used a curly stretchy thing and attached it to the box and the sign - yeah baby - that thing ain't going no where :)

We got to have a little wander around but even though Mom had sprayed herself with bug spray the mosquito's were diving bombing her like we headed back. Thank you Gizmo and his Mom Beth - we had so much fun placing our first ever cache and we promise to make the next one much harder to find :)  The map at the bottom shows where it is - see that little star - that is it :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

When Scooping the Poop can be cute !!!!!!!!

Mom noticed it was "Scoop the Poop"  with Sugar and  Dogstar day but figured everyone would be 'pooped' out by all the poop on the bloggies today but when she saw this 'cute' take on scooping the poop - she had to share. She was actually browsing around a flea market for some cowspot cows - which she didn't find :) She didn't buy it but if anyone wants it she would be happy to get it for you :)

He stands about 12" tall and is in excellent condition. He was $7.99

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's a tough life being a dog!

Seriously fellow furbabies - it is a tough life being a dog - ya, sleep, walkies, guarding the homestead, keeping to peeps amused..... it can REALLY take it out of you. A guy deserves a little luxury so I told Mom after seeing Oreo and Chewy relaxing with their Mom in a hammock - that I needed one too. Oh Yeah Baby - I took to it like a duck to water!

Better still - Mom scored MY hammock for FREE.....yep - this is the life - in the shade under MY tree in MY garden!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

We got up early and went to one of MY far away parks today - with MY dad. This is Davidson State Park and is one of MY favorites because it is named after MY Dad. We climbed ALL the steps to the top where the wishing well is and then climbed all the way down again. Dweeb was being his most annoying self as usual and kept trying to whisper me "Weilly it is so scary here".  He didn't like the sound of the waterfall - what a wuz!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Mom has been busy paintings again - actually she hasn't stopped - she just can't show all the ones she has done. Anyhoo - this is Abbey the Sheltie and Mickey the Border Collie. She got bored after those two as she doesn't have any more pups to paint at the moment so she did another one of the Dweeb Cousin Jackie (some of may remember he use to live with us but he and his Mom moved to Wisconsin. Mom painted one of him before which she sent to his Mom - we never heard whether she liked it.

Of coarse we always worry when Mom gets bored because she starts looking for new things to do or paint - we will be snoozin with one eye open because you never know what happen!

If you are wanting any paintings or cards for Christmas or Birthdays - check out her website here

Thursday, September 19, 2013

We got up super early this morning - Mom was all in a rush for some reason. She wanted to see the sunrise AGAIN. We really don't know what the fuss is about - it happens EVERY morning Mom - and there are much better things to do - like check out the pee mail. Mom was a bit disappointed she couldn't capture the real color which was the most beautiful pink today.

And can believe Mom took a whole loaf of bread with us this morning (and NO she didn't give us any!!!!) that she had cut up into cube and fed it to those stupid geese and ducks. Even worse she tied us up to a post so we couldn't get them. "Let me at them LET ME AT THEM" I was barking. Dweeb of coarse was too scared to even look at them.

We ended our walk by checking out MY Fort Cowspotdog - everything looks to be in order. Mom and I had lots of fun climbing all over it but Dweeb just stood there looking scared as usual. Can you believe a squirrel ran right past him - like within a foot and he just stood there and watching it. Not me, I saw it and jumped down from the platform I was on (which scared Mom half to death) and took off after it. I sent that little fuzzball running terrified up a tree - oh yes I did!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I have MY own park!

Denny- We went to a brand new park  today. It took like 87 gazillion hours to reach it and it was 87 gazillion miles away. (Mom - it was really only 20 minutes away in a town called Walnut Ridge)

Denny - We have never been there before and I claimed it - because for the first time  EVER - I 'Denny'  jumped out of the car first all by myself !!!!  IT is MY park....mine mine MINE!  I have MY own park !!!!!

It has a little lake and a bridge over the lake and woods and nice wide foot paths. There was hardly anyone there which is just how I like it because peeps (except for my Mom) are soooo scary and it is all mine !!!! And guess what - there were squirrels there and they were the color of my head. Weilly said red squirrels are CRAZY - just like me :(  He is just jealous cause I have got MY own park now.  He says it can't be my park because I didn't pee there and leave my mark - but I am kind of a shy guy and I won't pee in public - not EVER!  I don't care is MY park and I am going to call it "Denny's Park" and NOT the Dweeb Park like Weilly said. I will tell MY new park peoples to change the sign because it is silly - there where no walnuts or ridge so why call it Walnut Ridge Park - Denny's Park sounds much better don't you think?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Loop de loop

We went on a huge walk and did the loop de loop through both of MY parks. We started off in my big park and followed one of the dirt paths until we came to the paved path that leads to the lookout. Come on MOM - we are tired of 'sitting pretty' lets get moving.

We climbed all the way to the top of the lookout to see what we could see and what we could see was ALL of MY world spread out before us. Am I one lucky dog to own all of this :) Of coarse being the modest and unassuming dog I am ....I let the peeps live all over it and use it to grow noms to go in my cookies.

Coming down from the lookout we stopped and had a rest half way down - it was a lot of steps. Then we headed off a secret side path that leads into MY little park. It wasn't actually open but it is MY park so I have special privileges. We even decided to check out the work they have been doing on MY game and fisheries building and look what we found. In the court yard is this pawsome painting covering the whole wall. We felt like could jump right in it and chase those deer! Dweeb of coarse kept looking over shoulder - worrying that fox was going to get him.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Musing on Monday - Geocaching Explained

You know - when we first started hearing about geocaching we wondered what it is all about. The Mom started reading about it and lots of it was "gobbly guk".  So what is geocaching - it is basically just a treasure hunt in which MILLIONS of people all over the world have left little boxes, containers or  (caches) hidden around all over the place. You find them by either looking for the directions on a gps, app on a smart phone or you can print out the directions.

When and IF you find them you can leave your own name or a message in the log book/page to say you found it - many people leave a little trinket (we leave little spotted cows). You can also log your finds online if you join one of the many geocaching websites. This is the one we use and they have additional specific country sites too. If you want to find us and add us a friend - just search for "Cowspotdog"

Now even though you may not have heard to much about it - trust us - they are EVERYWHERE! In EVERY country, on the top of the highest mountains to under the sea - and YES even in YOUR local neighborhood.  We were amazed just how many are in MY park  and we have counted 63 just within our city and we live in the middle of no-where!!!!!

The thing we love is that it gives us a reason to just go out and explore. Mom says it is not the destination but the journey getting there. There are lots we haven't found and a few we have but we always have fun looking. Now in all honesty we must admit it can be really hard to find some of the caches - especially the micro caches which can be as small as an inch big. There are some really weird shaped caches you can buy too balls, rocks, logs - one even looks like dog poop!  Yeah - Mom is so NOT going to pick that up and see if it is plastic!

We saw a wonderful sticker on Ebay that explains geocaching best  ..... it is "using million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods" BOL. The Mom thought that was so funny as she just bought a Tupperware box to make our own very first cache :)

So there you have it - it is just a treasure hunt - you can do it as little or often as you want and really for us - it is just an excuse to go out on another adventure.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Park & Geocaching

We have had a pawsome  weekend - yesterday we went to one of MY other far-away parks called Davidson State Park  (I wonder why it isn't called Reilly Park - note to Mom we need to tell them to change it!)  It was the most beautiful day - only 78 degrees and clear blue skies. First we had to get Moms silly geocaching out of the way and this one was at a cemetery in MY park (who said peeps could go and die in MY park?) The GPS said this headstone was where the the cache was - we couldn't find anything near or within 15 feet around it - so we figured the headstone itself must of been the coordinates. Mom was reading that some times landmarks are the cache. Oh - Mom had lots of trouble with the GPS at this park - it kept telling her they was a lot of magnetic interference and we kept loosing the signal.

After all that walking to find it (yay Mom 'accidently'  took the long way) - we had a bit of rest and checked out MY park. My employess have been very busy putting in new walking trails and making it look very pretty.  Tell the government to give them a raise as they have done a pawsome job Mom. Then went to visit MY lake - just look at how beautiful the day was. Mom said the blue sky reminded her of Australia.

Can you tell what a happy boy I was being at MY park!

Then today we went to MY ordinary park and did some more silly geocaching. Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about but if I get to go walkies I am not going to complain.

Mom got the smarty phone out and off we went following that compass thing.

This cache was called "At the overlook" only it wasn't at the overlook at all - it was tucked way way way back in the bushes and buried under branches. Mom being the intrepid explorer dove in looking for it while Dad stayed on the path. Let me tell you I was NOT happy that Dad wouldn't let me follow Mom and barked barked BARKED when I couldn't see her. I mean to say ----she could have been attacked by a tree rat in there. She finally found it - an old ammo box that was full of goodies. She filled out book and left our "calling cow" then placed it back in it's hiding spot. What a great way to spend a weekend - we are happy :)