Thursday, September 19, 2013

We got up super early this morning - Mom was all in a rush for some reason. She wanted to see the sunrise AGAIN. We really don't know what the fuss is about - it happens EVERY morning Mom - and there are much better things to do - like check out the pee mail. Mom was a bit disappointed she couldn't capture the real color which was the most beautiful pink today.

And can believe Mom took a whole loaf of bread with us this morning (and NO she didn't give us any!!!!) that she had cut up into cube and fed it to those stupid geese and ducks. Even worse she tied us up to a post so we couldn't get them. "Let me at them LET ME AT THEM" I was barking. Dweeb of coarse was too scared to even look at them.

We ended our walk by checking out MY Fort Cowspotdog - everything looks to be in order. Mom and I had lots of fun climbing all over it but Dweeb just stood there looking scared as usual. Can you believe a squirrel ran right past him - like within a foot and he just stood there and watching it. Not me, I saw it and jumped down from the platform I was on (which scared Mom half to death) and took off after it. I sent that little fuzzball running terrified up a tree - oh yes I did!


  1. Can't believe you never got any bread, and I would of so been on that squirrels heels..BOL xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Those squirrels have some nerve...hope you chased him into the next county!!


  3. She tied you up to a pole while she fed the ducks?!? WTD?? And WHAT is with the dweebo not chasing squirrels? Great dog. The pink sunrise is beautiful...tell mom she did a good job on those photos!
    Your pal,

  4. Mum giving your bread away is not on. Criminal we say. Yea, go get those pesky little tree rats. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Did you say SQUIRREL??? I'da been right there with you!

  6. What a fun morning! We saw the bright full moon when we woke up this morning.

    Pink sunrises are the best, but they do seem hard to photograph.

    Good job on the squirrel hunt Reilly!

  7. Great reaction! You showed that cheeky squirrel.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. That fort looks like a cool place, too bad it gets infested with those little peoples.

  9. I am crazy for your play fort. I want to come and play with you!! We could play pirate and hide and go peek. Please can I come and play with you.

    loveys Sasha

  10. I can see why your Mom wanted to get up early. The photos are GORGEOUS!

  11. No bread . . . you should eat the birds to make up for it! Lee and Phod

  12. yeah, I don't like bein' tied to anythings either. I just sit and look pathetic, til Ma feels guilty and unties me...
    Nice work on the furry!!
    Ruby ♥

  13. You are it just in time for that sunrise this time. We love that time of day
    Benny & Lily

  14. We had a pink sunset tonight, it was beautiful. We never do early morning walks. You two are so lucky.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William the Scot

  15. Ok, so let us get this straight...your mom wakes you up before the sun is up...ties you to a pole...feeds other animals and you get none!!??

    We have the SPCA on speed dial...just givethe bark and we will call!!

    Have a grrreat weekend you two.
    Wally & Sammy

  16. My mom will have to get a photo of our evil squirrel that torments Nelson!!


  17. We can't believe your mom tied you to that stoopid post!
    Her sunrise pictures are just beautiful!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  18. A squirrel??? Hmmm...kind of like a rat with a tail. Yay Reilly, you show him. We'll have to dig up something to keep your mom's fingers happy - in a good way :)


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