Friday, March 30, 2012

Our day in photos

Mom took us (just me and Denny) to the park today and we had such a great time. The park is all green and beautiful again and the sun was shining.

We walked through the shady forest part so it was a little cooler as even though it wasn't terribly hot - with our coats we still get warm really fast. And check out the turtles....not only were they on the log sunning but can you see all the little heads in the water too? You can understand why they don't allow swimming at the lake any more....wouldn't want these guys nibbling at your toes!

Poor Mom felt SOOOOO guilty about leaving the Jackie at home - we didn't care AT ALL ! Jackie is such a pyscho when we take him walking with us - he runs every which way, goes crazy when he sees another dog and gets all the leads tangled up. PoorMom spends all her time untangling us and worrying encase he trips her up (with her brittle bones she can't afford to fall) and trying to keep him under control. We all end up soooo frazzled.

Needless to say when we got home Jackie made Mom feel even more guilty with his big sad eyes and dejected air. He didn't want to look at the camera, didn't want a bone and look at the big baby curled up on the special bed MY Mom made him - is that the image of pityful or what? And don't go feeling bad for him - when his MOM got home she took him to the park for a really long walk and then they went to the pet store!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty as a picture

We just had to share - our azaleas are flowering like CRAZY at the moment and look so pretty and Mom's 50 cent rescue plant from Walmart that was nearly dead when she got it last year - well just look at it now - flowering madly with beautiful pale purple flowers. Mom has no idea what it is as it didn't have an tag but it sure is pretty. Hey MOM - I sure hope these aren't some of the plants I am allergic too? (Mom - not they weren't) Dawn asked if Reilly's fur is growing back - sadly no. If you click on these pictures to see them bigger, you can actually see the bald spots he now has between his eyes and the fur is so thin now you can see his skin. He is still the MOST beautiful boy though.

Zentangle Winners

Yes - we have some winners and the word for this kind of art is indeed Zentangle. It really isn't as complicated or as hard as it looks and the Mom certainly finds it very relaxing. She now carries an artist book with her everywhere as it helps her pass the time while waiting at doctors and such. Now for the winners - we entered everyone's names into and our winners are

OP PACK and Sweet William The Scotty

Please email the photo you want Mom to include in the picture to me at and also please include your address so we can send it to you. It can be a photo of us furbabies or peoples....what ever you want.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This and That - Part 2

Hello every doggie - yes I am still here! On Monday we went back to Memphis to see that nice lady vet - she has changed the dosage of my medicine and the frequency and says hopefully that will help - but she is still not expecting to see any significant difference for at least 6-8 months and of coarse this just happens to be the WORST allergy season EVER around our area with all the trees pollinating all at once and way to early. I also have some new anti-histamines to try. Here I was getting ready for our trip, water bowl - check, bottle of water - check, harness - check and doggie seat cover - check! Yep I am all ready to go - what are we waiting for?

It was a wonderful day for a drive and we got to see this thing Mom called a pyramid. Dad says it is where they play sport and is all glass on the outside. And of coarse we got to cross the Mighty Mississippi River - that is one giant B.A.T.H. The next day Mom even took all of us to the park and it is getting so pretty now that all the trees are getting green leaves again.

I have some more things to share but will do that in a few days - I gotta go check on Mom who hasn't been feeling week this past week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An update to this and that.......

Mom is in a lot of pain today so I will keep this short as she needs me close by to make her feel better. I apologize for not being able to visit everyone's bloggies - I hope you will understand.

Wuzster (Denny) has an infection in BOTH ears - the vet thinks it's probably allergies causing it - that is NOT something Mom wanted to hear. He has some drops Mom has to put in his ears for the next four days and hopefully that will help.

The storm shelter people came by this morning and took away all the stuff they had delivered last week. They said they were so far behind it could be another 1-2 weeks before they could get it installed and Dad had told them if they couldn't install by today he wanted a refund as we had already been waiting over a week, plus we had given 2 weeks advance notice of when we wanted it in - so they had 3 weeks and they clearly stated they would have no problem installing it in the week we had asked for. Mom asked if they they had installed any last week and the guy said they had done 9 so she asked why ours wasn't one of them and the guy couldn't answer. Mom is wondering what the 'preference order' was for doing them because it obviously isn't on a first come first served basis. Sigh - for some reason this attitude is VERY prevalent in the businesses here and both Mom and Dad say they have never had problems getting things built or repaired like this in other places they have lived.

Okay - Mom needs me, it might be a few days before I can post again but we will still reading about what everyone is up to.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This and that

It's been a funny past week. Mom and Dad decided to have a storm shelter installed as we don't really have any safe room in our house. The shelter is an underground one and goes in the garage. They were supposed to come last Wednesday, no show, said they would be here Thursday, no show, same on Friday and Monday. Dad eventually had to go into the store and demand the cell phone number of the person who was supposed to install it and he said he would do it this Wednesday - of coarse it is supposed to rain for the next three days and even though it is the garage Mom is pretty sure they will use the rain as an excuse not to turn up again. Mom and Dad are NOT at all happy with this company but they are only ones that provide shelters in our area and Mom is watching tornado warnings right at this moment as I paw this post. We will see if anyone turns up tomorrow for me to bark at.

I had to go to the vets on Monday, mom was worried about my limping and Dr W. is worried about me not not being to extend my front legs. He said there was stiffness in both my front shoulders and now I have to see a specialist vet in Memphis for that too. Luckily he is in same place and MY lady dermatologist vet so we will be seeing both of them next week.

Mr Wuzster (Denny) is also off to the vet tomorrow - he has an ear infection in one ear, not that you would know to see him him running, jumping and playing. Mom noticed he seems to the want the one ear scratching all the time which made her looks and there is a gooey buildup in it. He is also on a de-stuffing roll today, so far we now have a de-stuffed moo cow and my favorite bunny!!!

Cousin 'IT' (Jackson) is driving Mom a bit crazy. EVERY day between 4 and 6 pm the Corgi that lives behind us comes out into the yard and Mr Barky spends 2 hours non-stop barking barking and barking - so much he causes himself to wheeze. For some reason he REALLY doesn't the corgi and it not that just barking to say hello barking - this is serious "I'm going to kill you if you come near my fence" type of barking. Mom has been closing the door to stop him but it's like he has a built in alarm clock and dead on 4 o'clock he starts whining to go out.

Mom liver results came back, no apparent reason for being 3 times above normal and the second blood tests showed it even higher - they are sending to her another specialist to see about that but the earliest appointment she could get is May 15th! Hey, at least it is this year Mom:)

I did dogervise the power washing of the deck this past weekend and next weekend I will be dogervising putting the stain on it. (it's only taken a year Dad!!! what would he do without me pestering him the whole time?) I mean its MY deck and a boy has to have a good deck to survey his kingdom from.

So that is my update....don't forget our competition...Mom has been REALLY enjoying this doodling thing (even though she ignores ME while she is doing it) and finds it very calming so she would love to do some for you too.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "What is it?" Competition

The OLD Mom has been struggling a bit of late, she finds it hard to stand for too long and hard to sit for to long, so basically she is up and down like a yoyo - which for me who likes to snooze near her feet can be rather dangerous. Her latest 'fad' is this weird type of art which she can do both sitting and standing. It is all hand drawn - except for the photo of that MOST handsome dog! Make sure you click on the photo to see it BIGGER

Now it has been awhile since we had us a competition so here is what we are going to do. If you can find or know what this type of art form is called (sssshhhh don't tell Mom -but I am going to give you a hint - it begins with the letter 'Z' ) then you can enter.

Everyone who guesses to correct answer - Oh what the heck - anyone who guesses ANYTHING - will be in the running to have your very own one of these "things" done. You can have a picture of your favorite furbaby or even a person included - the choice is yours. You will need to email the Mom a photo so she can print it out to include.

The artwork which will be totally unique is 12" x 12" and Mom will even frame it for you ! Oh, it won't look exactly like mine - Mom doesn't know what patterns she will draw until she starts working on it.

So get those thinking caps on....and give us you best guess or guesses :) PSSSSS depending on how many enter we may even give out two prizes!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Is there anything better

Hello - it's me Jackeeeeeeee ! Ah there is nothing better then a bright blue sky, lots of sunshine and a comfy deck to enjoy it all it. Now there is a fine art to this sun baking business so take note. First you have toast one side so it gets all warm, then you gotta roll over a bit more and get the tummy exposed. When it is nice and pink you roll a little more making sure you get the other side. And when you are all warm and happy - then you smile and show off your pearly white teeth. Hope you got to do some sun baking too.

Mishmash Monday 3

This is how a whole bunch of photo's turned out - I had the camera sitting on the railing of the deck but had to position it so the lens wasn't in the sun - unfortunately I didn't realize I was also getting the post in all the shots! A bit of creative editing cut the post out but I still kept all the photos that had the post showing :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A contest to have fun with over at Lincoln's Page

Hey friends...Lincoln is having a great contest so pop on over to his blog and check it out - he has extended the deadline until the 25th of March so you still have time.

Mom had her stitches out today and had the Ultra Sound done on her liver - now we just have to wait for the results.


Bonjour my furiends!

Remember last year I ran my first French Craze Contest ? Well, the pawticipants were all SO great and it was so much fun that I have decided to do another one this year!

It is quite simple and everyone can participate, dogs, cats … So if you want to enter my contest, and win the big prize, here's what you'll have to do:
  1. Pick ONE french word in the list below (randomly or just because you like it):
























    (Reilly) We thought we would help you out and add the translations











    the winter





    Sea Food


    food, nourishment; feeding






  1. Find out what is the meaning of the word you picked (you can look on the internet, or in a dictionary for exemple – or maybe ask your human if he knows the translation? )
    Or, you can choose you OWN word/topic that is not on the list, and then go and find the translation in French on the internet !

  2. Think about it, and then take a picture of yourself according to the word/topic you chose. Be creative!

  3. Write the word you're illustrating on the picture - in French! For example, if you chose the word « Lunette », then write the word « Lunette » on the picture (using an image editor for example).

  4. Send me your entry at (and let me know you did by leaving me a comment – so I can check and make sure I've got everyone's picture).

There will be one big winner, but if you tell your friends about it and we get lots of participants than there might be more prizes which means more winners !!
And - every pawticipant will get his own postcard from France !

You have until the 11th of march midnight (French time) to send me your picture ! I'll randomly pick the winner(s) and I'll post all the pictures here on my blog !

I can't wait to see what you will all come up with !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leggless ducks?????

Now we KNOW there are lots of cows and pigs running around with no ears as we have seen those for sale for years.....but now there are legless ducks too. Well they always did look funny waddling - at least they can still fly!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mish Mash Monday # 3

Yes - it is still Monday - just! Darn camera strap again....and of coarse Jackie was much more interested about nibbling on some new tasty grass shoots then he was at looking at the camera. He must of stood there grazing for a good ten minutes ! Adding to the bad shot - is Mr Reilly's fuzzy front legs in the background.

Ups and Downs and Spring Time

It has been a rough week for Mom this past week. First she had a lump removed off her hip on Tuesday and we are waiting for the results of what it was - but the Doc is pretty sure it is nothing to worry about. On Wednesday she had her routine blood tests and it showed her liver function is 3 times higher then what it should be. She has to have an ultrasound of her liver and more blood test done. Then she has an attack of the sleepies and spent Friday and Saturday just sleeping, she just couldn't stay awake and slept as much as I do!!! Yesterday she felt a bit better and helped my Dad a little, while he did some repairs to my fence.

Today me and Mom got to spend some quality time together - that is right we left the dweebs at home! First we went to put in our application for a permit to have an underground storm shelter put in - no need to explain why given all the tornado's this past week. Now finding the planning office was no easy task - it was in an old part of town that was a little scary and run down, we drove past it twice because its in an old church and looks ...well ..... like a church. Mom finally spotted a small sign on the wall that said "planning office" and we stopped. I guarded the car while Mom went in through a big heavy iron door. Once inside she said was like a maze but luckily there were arrows that finally guided her to the right place and then a wonderful lady helped her fill out the forms.

Mom finally came back and was so proud I had guarded MY car so well that she decided on the spur of the moment to take me to the park!

Now not to make anyone in the colder areas jealous or anything (smirk smirk) but look what we saw at the park. The dogwoods are blooming like crazy - they are all over the city they are fact and even the Magnolias are flowering. And gosh - look at that handsome chappy sitting under the trees....I wonder who that could be? A doggie under and dogwood tree. Mom was wondering why they are called 'dogwoods' that was until she got close enough to smell the flowers - yep they smell just like a dog in need of a bath!

The rest of our week is looking pretty busy, Mom will be having the scan of her liver on Wednesday as well as having her stitches out and catching up with doctors. She was also grumbling about all this 'housework stuff' and the dogfur bunnies that are hiding in the corners. Mom has been on a cleaning frenzy since we found out about my allergies - sadly no news on them subsiding yet - I am still the itchy scratchy boy. Hope you all have a great week everyone.