Monday, March 5, 2012

Ups and Downs and Spring Time

It has been a rough week for Mom this past week. First she had a lump removed off her hip on Tuesday and we are waiting for the results of what it was - but the Doc is pretty sure it is nothing to worry about. On Wednesday she had her routine blood tests and it showed her liver function is 3 times higher then what it should be. She has to have an ultrasound of her liver and more blood test done. Then she has an attack of the sleepies and spent Friday and Saturday just sleeping, she just couldn't stay awake and slept as much as I do!!! Yesterday she felt a bit better and helped my Dad a little, while he did some repairs to my fence.

Today me and Mom got to spend some quality time together - that is right we left the dweebs at home! First we went to put in our application for a permit to have an underground storm shelter put in - no need to explain why given all the tornado's this past week. Now finding the planning office was no easy task - it was in an old part of town that was a little scary and run down, we drove past it twice because its in an old church and looks ...well ..... like a church. Mom finally spotted a small sign on the wall that said "planning office" and we stopped. I guarded the car while Mom went in through a big heavy iron door. Once inside she said was like a maze but luckily there were arrows that finally guided her to the right place and then a wonderful lady helped her fill out the forms.

Mom finally came back and was so proud I had guarded MY car so well that she decided on the spur of the moment to take me to the park!

Now not to make anyone in the colder areas jealous or anything (smirk smirk) but look what we saw at the park. The dogwoods are blooming like crazy - they are all over the city they are fact and even the Magnolias are flowering. And gosh - look at that handsome chappy sitting under the trees....I wonder who that could be? A doggie under and dogwood tree. Mom was wondering why they are called 'dogwoods' that was until she got close enough to smell the flowers - yep they smell just like a dog in need of a bath!

The rest of our week is looking pretty busy, Mom will be having the scan of her liver on Wednesday as well as having her stitches out and catching up with doctors. She was also grumbling about all this 'housework stuff' and the dogfur bunnies that are hiding in the corners. Mom has been on a cleaning frenzy since we found out about my allergies - sadly no news on them subsiding yet - I am still the itchy scratchy boy. Hope you all have a great week everyone.


  1. We will be saying an extra prayer for your Momma on Wednesday. We hope her tests come back all good. We had no idea about the smell that a dogwood tree puts off. Interesting. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Paws crossed for Mom's tests to come back OK.

    Those trees are so pretty, hard to believe Spring is already bursting forth. That underground shelter sounds like a very good idea with the latest round of storms.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Sorry to hear about all your mom's health problems. You are being a sweet boy taking care of her Reilly. How nice that you got to spend some precious alone time with her.

  4. Your flowering trees are just beautiful, Reilly!
    We are sending your mom lots of positive vibes! We hope her liver checks out okay.

    Love ya lots

  5. Wow, I'm jealous, trees in bloom already. We have tons of snow to melt first.

  6. MOM and I will say a prayer for my mom. But I am glad to read you got a special time with your mom. I love the flowering greenery. I really love spring.

  7. Sorry to hear that your mom has more problems! Really she has had quite enough of those! Hope she gets good news from her doctor!

    You are very handsome under the flowering trees, Reilly!

  8. Your spring is very beautiful mates. We here will send prayers and pawsitive huskerboo vibes for your mum, take good care of her. Good job watch-doggin the car hawooo!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  9. Here's hoping all the doctor appointments for your Mom go smoothly!! Your trees are beautiful. We don't have anything in bloom here yet. It keeps snowing. Sigh.

  10. Hope you feel better soon! Mommy once had a scare and her liver tests were super high. Mommy had headaches galore, probably in part to impacted wisdom teeth, and just a lot of stress at work at the time -- and was taking too much headache medicine. Anyway, all that medicine made mommy's liver results sky high. She had an ultrasound of the liver and the ultrasound turned out ok. I hope yours will be ok too! Oh, and we used to have a Magnolia tree at our old house -- they were always so pretty to look at. You look good posing under the tree in the picture Reilly!

  11. Hey! Hope your mom is doing OK!

    Arooo, Stuart

  12. Hope you figure out your alergies. We love the magnolia trees.


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