Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Showing Max MY Parks

We thought we would take Max to visit one of MY parks this morning and went over to the Arboretum gardens for a look around. I explained to him the importance of being a bark rangers and his Moms say they will take him over the get his bark ranger tag soon. The big fella seemed to enjoy it a lot and we did too - we don't get our so much during summer as it is so hot but today we went early and it was just perfect under all the trees.
Smile Every Doggie
Max - are you drooling on me!
Gian Fungus - size of a dinner plate !
Max and his Mom Elise

Friday, July 21, 2017

Meet Max

Hi Hi - I KNOW - we haven't been around much. Mom has been busy with her little home business (she is saving for Denny's knee surgery) and has also had some sickies to deal with and my jippy foot has got so bad I have trouble walking much now so we don't get out and about as much as we did - but we are still here and now we have an extra buddy to play with. Meet Max - he is a boxer/mastiff mix and belongs to my human sister Elise (dad's daughter) and her Fiancee Tara. They have moved to Florida and are staying with us until they find an apartment. Now as you can see Max or Maxi-Moo-Moo as his Moms call him (gawoof gawoof) is one BIG boy.  The first week he was here we did have some disagreements. I had to tell him I was the oldest dog and therefore the boss - of coarse he thought being bigger made him the boss - but we got it sorted out and now we getting along fine. Denny basically ignores Max and just stays out of his way but he still a little scared of Elise and Tara although the last couple of days he has allowed them them to pat him. We are sorry we haven't been visiting you all - we think of you often and do read your posts we just don't comment much. Hopefully when Denny has his surgery things will be a little easier.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Reilly

Happy 10 Birthday to my most special of special sweet doggies.