Friday, July 31, 2009

Just another video mom made

Mom has been playing with the video camera and we thought we would share some more of my adventures from yesterday.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom had a scare but I had a great day!!!

This morning after my brushing mom said "lets go do something different" so we got in the car and off we went for a drive. We went to little town of Plattsmouth. They actually have cobbled streets which just about rattled mine and moms teeth out as we drove over them. We parked the car on the little main street and got out to have a look. Mom was looking in the window of an antique store when a voice behind us said " mam, excuse me mam" and when mom turned around it was a policeman. The policeman then asked "is that a male or female dog mam" mom gulped a little and thoughts were suddenly flashing through her head "was it illegal to take doggies for a walk down the main street here" Mom quietly replied that I am a male. The policeman suddenly smiled and said"oh wonderful, I have a little female sheltie I am wanting to breed and he is just beautiful and would be perfect" Mom then had to explain that I was neutered but she gave the policeman the information about how to contact my breeder as my doggie dad is a stud dog and he would be able to do what is required. I got lots of pats from the policeman and he kept saying over and over what a beautiful dog I was - but he sure had mom worried for a few moments. Here I am on the main street and then in front of the court house.

After that we went down the Missourri River Park and had a long walk and I did something mom had never seen me do before. Here is a hint ....Bailey (from Martha and Baileys Blog) was my inspiration. Mom was so amazed she made a video of it

After our walk along the river we got back in the car and we drove to my favorite lake - dog oh dog was I having a great day or what!!!! First we stopped by the little dock to see the funny yellow paddle boats. This is a floating dock and it made some strange noises that I didn't like to much. Next we went to sit for a while at mom's favorite bench. This gives you a great view of the lake and it is nice and shady. While mom sat I just enjoyed myself sniffing around.

On the way back we came across this very weird looking thing on the grass. I had to approach it VERY carefully because it could have been some kind of monster. But it turned out to be okay so I felt safe to investigate it some more. Mom said this is a canoe and it is used to go out on the water. Hmmm why would anyone want to go on the water - they could get wet and we all know how bad getting wet is. We walked for nearly 3 hours today and I am very tired now, so I am off to find a cool vent to rest on and dream about my great day out.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A walkies we will go ......

We took Franklin and his mom with us to the leash free park again today and we met some new friends. They are Saidee the chocolate lab, Ripples the black lab and Fogger (not in the picture) also a black lab. All three of them are rescue dogs and our moms all had a good old chat as we walked around the park three times!!!!! Saidee is a ball maniac and has to carry a ball with her the whole time and was always wanting the moms to throw it. It was really amazing, mom could throw the ball into the high grass (it is almost five foot tall) and every time Saidee would find the ball and bring it back. Saidee actually belongs to another mom and dad who are India at the moment so she is actually staying with Ripples and Fogger until they get back next week. We had lots of fun running and barking and chasing each other. Franklin - being of royal blood didn't partake in the fun (actually I think his legs were too short to keep up with us BOL). He had lots of fun sniffing though and had to stop every few feet to check out some blade of grass or another. Phew!!! I was so hot after all that playing I was actually frothing at the mouth!! The moms all sat down at the bench near the lake and we all had a drink (not from the lake - mom had bought a bowl and water with us) and we rested in the shade of the trees. I had so much fun but I was so glad to get back to car and have mom put the air conditioner on high. Franklin and I slept all the way home as we were dog tired!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Helping Mom to paint

Today has been quite a busy day. Mom and I went for a long walk this morning around the neighborhood to check everything was okay and of coarse it was. I did have to give the grass a very thorough sniffing though as I am sure there was something strange that had passed this way. Then we went to to my second favorite pet store and had a good sniff and wander around. We don't recognize any of the staff in there now and mom had to tell them to give me a cookie!!!

When we got back mom was wondering what to do this afternoon and we decided to paint. Mom has had this old 3 x 4 foot canvas for ages and has painted over about a dozen times now - so today she decided to paint something different. This is not mom's normal style at all and because she wanted to do something odd she stuck smaller canvases on it, to add so dimension to it. I think it looks rather silly - but we won't tell her that. Mom says these are Bird of Paradise flowers and I helped mom a lot by telling her all about the grass across at the bottom. I am an expert at grass as the photo above proves. Personally I think the painting would have looked a lot better had it had a white and black Sheltie in it - perhaps something that looked like me! Mom says there is plenty of me in the painting - bits if my fur that was floating around and got stuck to the paint....hmmm I wondered how that happened? I wonder too how I got green paint on my tail that mom had to wash out.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

So bored

I am soooooo bored!!! It has been so hot and very very humid so we haven't been going anywhere because mom worries I will overheat as I haven't really shed much of my winter coat yet - even though mom brushes me every day. Here I am resting in a shady corner this morning. We have just one big tree in our yard and we found out this summer that it is a mulberry tree. Mom is not very impressed that the birds eat the mulberries and then leave purple poops everywhere that stain everything. They even pooped on my new steps!!! Sigh....isn't it sad that all I have to woof about is purple poop. I wish I could go on adventures that Martha and Bailey or go to the beach like Ludo does or have a beautiful garden to play in like Maggie and Mitch. I will be much happier when it cools down and we can go for walkies again.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Birthday Magazine Cover

Woo hoo - I am a cover model now!! Okay, so the mom made this, but it looks pretty cool. She is going to print this out and have it in my Reilly book. Hmm maybe I can become a full time doggy model and grace the covers the covers of all the top dog magazines. Mom says I would get a big head if I do I guess I will just stay Reilly as big heads hurt. I have run into the door on more then a few occasions and know all to well how ouchie those bumps on the head can be. If you want to make your own doggy cover you can go here - it is free and lots of fun


Some Birthday Pics

I thought I would start with all the good stuff first -THE FOOD. One of my presents was a big bag of my yummy favorite vanilla pretzel cookies. Mom was a bit mean and said I could only have a few - you would think on my birthday that I would be allowed to eat ALL OF THEM. But that is okay because later in the day mom had another surprise for me. She made me my own birthday cake. It was a carrot and carob chip cake with carob melted on top (carob is safe for doggies to have) Below is me eating it. Mom broke pieces off and was giving it to me but I got greedy and grabbed the whole thing to eat. Don't worry - mom took it back and didn't let me eat the whole thing, she said too much of a good thing isn't good for me. I think on my birthday I should be the judge of that mom!!!!! At least when she combed the crumbs out of my fur I got to eat those!!! It was a very good cake and I got to eat the rest of it the next day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll bark if I want to

It's my birthday today and I am two years old!!!! Mom can't believe the time has passed so quickly. She says she has lot of surprises for me today!! We will have lots of photos later. We have the most perfect day for it, we had the coldest summer night on record last night, it went down to 40 degrees and today it is only going up to 71 - which for any dog with so much fur is just wonderful. I have been outside nearly all morning just enjoying the cool.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Reilly and Franklin's Big Adventure

Woofitty woofs - what a great morning I have had. It is nice and cool and mom asked Franklin and his mom if they would like to go to the leash free dog park with us - and they said yes. So we all got in the car and off we went. Franklin has NEVER been to a leash free park before so his mom wasn't sure what he would do - but of coarse with me by his side to protect him, he was just fine. Here we are checking out all the great smells. got even better, for as we were walking we suddenly saw Lady, Red and Scrap. I had met them before so it was cool to see some friends again. We did the sniffing butts greeting and all was well, so off we went, running and barking and having fun. Even Franklin scurried along with us.

My mom and Franklin's mom sat of the bench near the lake to have a rest and although we boys didn't need to rest, we thought we would keep them company and rest in the shade. Franklin's mom had been a little worried that he might get lost in the long grass, but he is smart like me and he stayed on the path. He was in doggie heaven just a sniffing and sniffing all the new things. He wasn't to sure about being able to run free and kept fairly close to his mom for awhile but after eventually he was just enjoying himself so much he didn't notice how far away from his mom he was. Yep - he was one happy little corgi today and he liked it so much he has asked if can come with us again and we said yes!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not a lot happening

It has been a very quiet week so far. On the weekend dad finally finished my deck and put the railing on the steps - now I have to go down all of them and off the bottom step where as before I could just just off the top step - gee thanks dad - it makes me speed chasing of the rabbits all that much slower now! Apart from that it has been hot and humid again this week so not much happening in the way of walks. I was looking through some old photos and I thought I would show you some of my sister Dusty. She was from the same litter as me and she went to live in Connecticut. As you can see she is white with sable and that is what mom was hoping we would get this year.....but we know that didn't happen. These photos were taken when she was about four months old and we wonder what she looks like now. Mom would have loved to got Dusty but someone had phoned just a few minutes before mom and bought her. But she got me and she was very happy about that ! Well back to snoozing on my vent.


Wordless Wednesday

Oh no - I surrender - not the comb again!!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Me Happy

Here I am smiling like a fool because today we went to the leash free park and I got to run and run. Dog oh dog it was so much fun. It was actually sort of coolish this morning - at least not as humid as it has been and that is good weather for me. I sniffed and sniffed and even checked out where a deer had bedded down. That was something I had not smelt before. Of coarse I was enjoying so it much that when I heard something moving in the bushes I suddenly had a flashback of that killer duck again. For a moment I froze on the spot listening and them I ran to my dad as quick as my legs could carry me for protection - ah um......I mean to protect him of coarse!!!! Dad is scared of ducks and needed some reassurance. We had the park all to ourselves again - for some reason not many people take their doggies there which is odd as it so much fun and there is so much room to run and it is very safe as it has big fences all around it. Mom thinks they probably don't know about it as it is a little out of the way and she doesn't mind that not a lot of people and doggies go. I do like to meet other doggies sometimes though, especially if they are nice and want to play and run with me.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It just isn't right!

I decided to take the mom to the pet store this afternoon as she has been feeling very sad about not getting a baby brother or sister for me and we also had to get something to send to Mr Ludo for his entry in the pee-mail competition we had a while back. (His secretary was a bit slow sending his address to us and some giant mouse or monster ate the treats we had got for him so we had to get some new ones !!!!) Anyway.....I was quite excited to visit the pet store and see my friends and guess what - they don't work there any more. After all that effort I put into training them, making sure they know me by name, that they give me only my special cookies and they know just where to tickle my ear....and they go an leave!!!! That just isn't right, especially as the same thing happened at the other pet store I go to visit. Now both my stores are full of strangers and none of them seem very friendly and they didn't even offer me a cookie let alone want to make a fuss of me!!!! Don't they know I am Reilly - the Cowspotdog??? Sigh.

PS - Eukanuba sent me a $5.00 coupon for some of their food but I don't eat that brand so if any dog (here is the USA) likes it and your mom and dad would like the coupon just send us an email and we will pop it in the post for you.

The lonely path I walk

You may not know this but for the last two years we have patiently waiting for a brother or sister of mine to arrive. Mom and dad wanted to get another white sheltie like me and they just love my personality and temperament so much they wanted to get one from my original dog mom and dad who both carry the white recessive gene that creates white shelties. We had paws and fingers crossed last year but it didn't happen and mom was very disappointed. Again we crossed our paws and fingers this year so when we heard that my dog mom and dad were hopefully expecting we got very excited again. Sadly we heard yesterday that it didn't take and again there is not to be any little brother or sister for me. My mom dog (her name is Bailey) unfortunately doesn't have puppies easily she has to have a procedure called artificial insemination done (that is how I also came about) and although she was there on time at the vets, it just didn't work. It will be next February before mom dog Bailey can try again and maybe third time will be lucky. Until then, I shall just walk a lonely path by myself. I know my mom and dad just love me like crazy but it would be nice to have a brother or sister to play chase or bitey face with. Maybe next year.