Friday, July 17, 2009

Reilly and Franklin's Big Adventure

Woofitty woofs - what a great morning I have had. It is nice and cool and mom asked Franklin and his mom if they would like to go to the leash free dog park with us - and they said yes. So we all got in the car and off we went. Franklin has NEVER been to a leash free park before so his mom wasn't sure what he would do - but of coarse with me by his side to protect him, he was just fine. Here we are checking out all the great smells. got even better, for as we were walking we suddenly saw Lady, Red and Scrap. I had met them before so it was cool to see some friends again. We did the sniffing butts greeting and all was well, so off we went, running and barking and having fun. Even Franklin scurried along with us.

My mom and Franklin's mom sat of the bench near the lake to have a rest and although we boys didn't need to rest, we thought we would keep them company and rest in the shade. Franklin's mom had been a little worried that he might get lost in the long grass, but he is smart like me and he stayed on the path. He was in doggie heaven just a sniffing and sniffing all the new things. He wasn't to sure about being able to run free and kept fairly close to his mom for awhile but after eventually he was just enjoying himself so much he didn't notice how far away from his mom he was. Yep - he was one happy little corgi today and he liked it so much he has asked if can come with us again and we said yes!



  1. What a nice friend you be to Franklin, there to look out for him. He look so happy in the park and so does you! I casnot believe it be his first time, I has been off lead since I be 15 weeks old!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. That looks like a great day Reilly and so nice to include Franklin. It was especially good that you were able to look out for Franklin and make sure he was safe.
    You know Martha never knew what to do when she got the chance to be off leash but now she runs about sniffing happy as can be.
    What a pity we cannot meet up - sounds like we like the same things.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. What a super fun day for Franklin! We bet he can't wait to go to the park with you again, Reilly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. You are a really great friend to Franklin! I'm glad he got to experience the leash-free walk with you Reilly! There's nothing like the freedom of being off-leash!

  5. What a great picture of Franklin! And of course you. Looks like a really good time! Glad Franklin liked it!


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